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  1. I think you should follow this sound advice from Fraser Houses, snapped from todays Belfast Telegraph homefinder supplement. That's if your definition of living is instant negative equity!
  2. Agree 100%. There is absolutely nothing good about high house prices. It seems most people are beginning to realise that....a little late but better late then never, right?
  3. Lol. Just listened to the show - some of the callers were excellent! I just cant believe its been 3 years!!! Scary stuff indeed...
  4. Oh yeah, JR's cost a wedge of cash and there aren't too many each year but there doesn't need to be as the implications of just one review can be far reaching - I think I can recall one recent case where a tactical JR by a developer stymied the preparation of - I think - 2 developments plans. I think their argument was that that proper environmental assessment of the plans could not be carried out because EHS was not an 'independent' body and therefore incapable of properly scrutinising the plans. Certainly the first developer I ever heard to have the environment at heart!!The point is tactica
  5. I agree that the whole waiting game does start to wear a little thin - especially when you think that this market correction began well over 3 years ago! Thankfully the decision has been made for me as as my deposit is tied up for the next 2 years. Its nice not having to think about buying and its reassuring to know that the market will - probably - be even lower in a couple of years time. I never thought it would take so long, but I think 2012 could be the year we have been waiting for!
  6. I agree prices are looking increasingly more affordable but I'm not in any hurry to rush on in. I think there is more 'fat' there. Anyways, the news is SO bleak at the moment I can see prices rises for several years - plenty of time to keep squirrelling away more dosh for those hefty deposits guys!
  7. I certainly agree that the planning system needs reforming - and Poots has announced some measures that, if implemented should go a long way to helping the matter. But I think the question is more fundamental. We seem to have an unhealthy disrespect for authority here - a kind of frontier mentality that goes "its my land and I ought to be able to do what I like with it". Despite being patent nonsense, it makes the whole planning process deeply adversarial and painfully slow. The process isn't helped by a judicial system that will grant leave for judicial review at the drop of a hat!!
  8. http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/local-national/another-350-jobs-are-axed-in-northern-ireland-civil-service-14881453.html
  9. I was quite interested in these too but the dimensions of the bedrooms put me off. Why are they so small in modern properties? That said I would be still interested in these properties but not at this price. Would be interested to hear whether you make an offer and how you get along. Keep us informed! I would think 140-45 would be getting there!
  10. What's the betting that we see more of these bigger drops? I really do think we are on the next leg down. The new reality seems to be slowly dawning. Most people (including me) are fearful about what's about to happen to public sector jobs.
  11. http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/business/business-news/property-market-at-virtual-standstill-says-new-survey-14765376.html
  12. I had the dubious pleasure of meeting Mr Robinson in a previous life and surprise surprise he acted exactly as he did in that interview. Arrogant and bullying is how I would describe his behaviour. Not a very nice man.
  13. We NEED a massive overhaul of the rules governing openness and accountability. Did anyone hear the Robinson interview on Radio Ulster at teatime? He is one angry man! The sight of him trying to hang on to power by his fingertips is more than just a little unedifying - and certainly not the behaviour of a first minister. It is pathetic.ROBINSON SHOULD GO AND GO NOW
  14. I agree with you 100%.This is symptomatic of the 'I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine' mentality which is, quite frankly, sick-making in elected representatives who are supposed to be working toward the public good. The Robinsons have grown rich by exploiting their privileged position as public representatives. Can anyone tell me how they could possibly be an honest brokers in a Fraser planning application? They simply couldn't! And to think that the power to make planning decisions is being returned to local councillors....i really do despair. I sincerely hope that Robinson and the D
  15. 500 - is it just me or has market sentiment deteriorated in the last number of weeks? The threat of public sector jobs cuts are looming large here now - and no ones immune - including me!
  16. Results up http://www.irishhousehunter.com/reports/report.php?site=propertynewsni&date=2010-02-22
  17. nice wee house in decent area - the hotel thing is a big turn-off though. I can imagine drunk revellers and taxi horns and car doors slamming into the wee small hours!
  18. Beth Robinson was not accurate when she said they have stabilised at 2004 prices. I am actively looking at the moment and both vendors and estate agents are still unrealistic with pricing. the same properties are sitting for months on end with no adjustment in pricing. I do get the impression that some investors builders are buying at the right price. I was recently outbid on a property in East Belfast and the other bidder was a builder/investor. I was deeply suspicious about the estate agent in this case who seemed to be doing everything in his power to put me off....it must be tempting to f
  19. http://www.propertyn...fp=1&sort=h2lIf If its this house then I'm not looking at either for exactly this same reason
  20. Noticed this too! I've made my donation as well. NSN is also planning to make a subscription service. Personally I liked the old name but I can see why its been changed - its a bit more obviously about property. It also kinda implies that its bargain-time. I'm not so sure...
  21. I'm sure the statistics are correct - for the UK as a whole - but I can see no evidence of price rises in the local market. Any of the properties I am interested in are not moving. Every now an again one will drop their price so that they become the most competitively priced house of that type in that area. Then, and perhaps 3-4 weeks later that property will go sale agreed. This suggests to me that you'll only sell your house if the cheapest of its type in any given area - and even then you'll have to wait and you'll probably still sell for less than the asking - perhaps as much as 5%less aga
  22. I agree BB. Things have actually panned out pretty much as you predicted. We are just a kick in the **** away from 50% falls!I must say the last few weeks I have felt a little downbeat about things. I cant shake the feeling that the crash has pretty much run its course and that its all over bar the shouting. I want to be wrong because I don't want to buy right now. House are still expensive and I feel less secure about my own job than before. The news from NSN today just confirms in my mind that this crash has sort-of played itself out. I am not an expert and I want to be wrong.
  23. I am gutted too. Is there anything that can be done to get things back? Does anyone have the IT knowhow to set up an alternative. I'd be willing to give it a whirl!
  24. I have the same experience - all the properties I've been keeping tabs on aren't moving at today's asking prices. I actually went to see one semi last week. It was nice enough order - liveable but requiring work - in a decent location. Priced at 160K the vendors had rejected an offer of 125K. Its still on the market. I explained my limit was 145-150 and I got the distinct impression I could secure for that price. That would be 50% down on 2007 peak. And people aren't falling over themselves to buy at that price. Thats why I'm so sceptical about this survey. BTW financial planner was on t
  25. Exactly. Seriously though - isn't there a danger of a yawning credibility gap opening up between statistics such as these and the experiences of 'real people in the real world' (to use a phrase I detest!) People cant believe this - can they?
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