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  1. JP Morgan basement was on fire. The funny thing was that is where their 'customers' metals were (and also of the Fed's). Only one source is reporting this story (ustreamtv) so not confirmed as yet. Is this finally the moment the metal prices go to zero? The fun and games begins later with the Asian markets open. Squeaky-bum time, FOR REAL. https://www.kitcomm.com/showthread.php?t=122183 http://www.silverdoctors.com/breaking-massive-fire-reported-in-basement-of-1-chase-manhattan-plaza-force-majeure/
  2. http://www.silverdoctors.com/srsrocco-gold-silver-technical-analysis/
  3. Within 7 days, the "price" of gold (and probably silver) will go to zero. Then just watch what will happen next...
  4. Should have been done 20 years ago. To get the solar panels and transportation constructed requires energy, mainly crude oil. Presumably the costs would be enormous. So in effect, you would be chasing the oil price up to get oil out of the ground. The sweet spot (EROI) has come and gone. Sorry, it's too late.
  5. Well, I'm a subscriber to Peak Oil and I think we passed it in 2005. It never was a question of human civilsation running out of oil but rather a question of how much would it cost to get it out of the ground. Shale oil has about an Energy Return on Investment (EROI) of about 5 to 1 (5 units of energy obtained from 1 unit of expended energy). Just to keep things as they are we need an EROI of about 10 to 1. And to maintain human civilisation at a minimal existence we need at least 3 to 1. So shale oil is woefully not enough. Have a gander at the oil drum for the whole concept of EROI: http://netenergy.theoildrum.com/node/6284 Add to that the death throes of fiat currency worldwide and we have a serious problem that cannot be kicked away into the future as usual. So again, to put it in a nutshell, we are screwed.
  6. It's too late. There isn't enough time to get it out of the ground. And there is neither enough capital nor energy to make it happen. My guess is that oil prices would have to double from here to make it economically worthwhile. And what will that do to the worldwide economy? Demand destruction. So we are back to square one. We are so totally screwed.
  7. We launch in 7 days, staring from now. Watch silver. This is moment we have been waiting for all these years. It's now here. Bring it.
  8. Real wealth of course (such as forestry, agricultural land, energy etc). Never again will I be hoodwinked into believing that paper is a form of wealth. The Rothschilds and Rockerfellers of this world don't believe it, so why should I? However, there is a possibility that capitalism itself won't make it past the 2020's. In that case, all bets are off - ALL forms of money (real or imagined) will be useless. Zeitgeist resource-based economic utopia? Perhaps. Or maybe our so-called 'leaders' will just press the reset button? In any case, I don't think it's worth worry about that. Let's hope there is a world still hanging together for us to realise the gains. Actually, I've been waiting for over a year for the PTB to break the back of silver sentiment and crush the paper price so I can exchange all my gold for silver (physical, by the way). This will be my last gamble. After that, I will ride the silver train to the bitter end.
  9. The period of 2015-2016 is when I'm betting the price of gold goes vertical. And the mother of 'reversion to the means' will push silver to a 1:1 ratio with gold around 2017-2019. Yep, I'm not joking. It is going to happen. Literally hundreds of years of manipulation will go up in smoke. So I'm not selling any silver until we are at least 5:1 with gold (my guess in 2016).
  10. Not sure if I have seen this before, but I think it's worthy of a post. 100 year log chart of gold by Dutch physicist Armand Koolen. Obviously, we haven't had that big of a rise yet. However, the chart gives you an idea about what to expect through the exponential function: http://www.silverdoctors.com/does-golds-120-year-price-chart-predict-dollar-hyperinflation-in-2014/
  11. The evil empireā„¢ is in big trouble (again). I'd say most of the shorts that were piled on over the last week are now seriously underwater. The latest COT shows the PTB went seriously short from around 34.5 dollars (silver) and they couldn't smash it under 34 so they can cover at a profit. The question is: do they have to cover at all with an INFINITE line of credit from the US Fed? Borrow 200 billion at 0.25% is something I'm sure we would all love to do. Look for the [email protected] to throw a wobbly over the next few days.
  12. One for the silverbugs (like me): http://www.silverdoctors.com/wynter-benton-returns-predicts-silver-will-trade-above-50-by-dec-31-2012/
  13. Rumour has it that the Vatican's gold has almost been 'cleaned out' by certain parties. And they thought they were at the top of the pile. Well, we will soon see about that.
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