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  1. Well considering the £600,000k you apparently have accrued from somewhere (presumably not winning spelling contests) that's sitting in the bank, maybe you could help them out with a few quid. I despair of this site. Realistbear, one of the site's most respected and feted crash predictors, gives up waiting for any further price drops and buys a house with only a few grand off the asking price; and his thread is promptly banished to the shameful oblivion of anecdotals. Yet this drags on for page after page of pointless deliberative mastication over which individuals no one has met might have
  2. By covering their entire country in ugly grey concrete usually.
  3. You can offer what you like, but outside of hpc.co.uk world, most people offering on a house in a decent area which is priced accordingly with neighbouring properties, arent going to see a discount in excess of five to ten percent of list price. You would if there were a house price crash going on, but there isn't. Most people who offer on a place want to buy it and are looking forward to the day they get the keys. This has become a very bitter and disconnected place over the years, buying a property isn't meant to be a war.
  4. You might, but you're better off just being honest with the agent about your budget, they will soon let you know which vendors are likely to take a hit on the asking price. Many people on this site seem to think property buying is a zero sum game where the buyer has to get an enormous discount, and the sellers have to leave penniless, crying bankrupt and in tatters as they stagger off to live in the local park. The fact is that most people on here, if they do buy, will get the usual 5% average agreed off the asking price and then spend the next ten weeks praying the deal doesnt fall apart
  5. Six houses you feel entitled to but you can't afford any of them apparently. How disappointing for you. I'm afraid the agents phone call would just have gone "Mr Chancer who viewed last week put in a silly offer of x pounds which we turned down but have to pass on to you." I doubt the vendor would have cared much either way apart from the inconvenience of having to offer a viewing to someone who wasn't able to proceed. Why even bother to view places so far outside your budget? You're just wasting your own time and annoying agents who you may need onside if you ever do need to buy somewhe
  6. I know its not a popular view on here, but some people who are renting actually arent on the breadline, are saving, and do plan to use those savings to fund a house purchase. This will create extra demand, how much we dont know, very possibly not enough to stop prices from falling; but you cant just ignore a whole strata of the facts and assume that all renters cant and wont be able to afford to buy. History shows us that people, particularly British people, will prioritise house ownership above most other expenses.
  7. OK, £50 a month on the average mortgage is going to push the country into financial oblivion. It defies common sense and you have absolutely no empirical evidence whatsoever to support it, but to make you happy I will agree.
  8. Just looking at this objectively, even if a £50-£100 rise in monthly outgoings would push significant numbers outside the point where they could pay their mortgage in full, I think its more probable most banks would rather come to a payment arrangement. Extending the term of a distressed borrowers mortgage makes more economic sense than repossessing over a £50 per month shortfall. The last four years has demonstrated that banks are reluctant to repossess in the first instance, and will usually allow a fair amount of arrears to build before taking action.
  9. I keep reading that a 1.5% increase in rates will precipitate a crash. A one percent rise on the average mortgage is about £50. Certainly painful to have to find but I think most people could manage several percentage points.
  10. Thats interesting because I have found some of your posts over the last few years wishing other people out of work and re-possessed so you can buy a cheaper house to be pretty offensive , shallow and immature. I guess that goes to show you cant judge people from the internet.
  11. Which is what most people think and one of the things propping up prices. The fact is most people would rather not have to contend with the UK's miserable tenancy system. You seem to have had a decent landlord for a while, if you'd had two years of 6 month ASTs, Section 21s issued at the same time as the tenancies, hundreds of pounds in agent set up fees and idiot BTL slumlords mucking you around, you wouldnt even care about 25% depreciation. If you're settled and you can afford it I would go with the buying option.
  12. Believing everything on this site has cost some people a lot of money.
  13. Dont know how that happened, I definitely only submitted one.
  14. Is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I joined this site prior to the 2007 crash as I found it a refreshing change from the mainstream media's one way slant on house prices and the economy. It was surprising to read people's predictions of a crash, specifically relating to individual organisations like Bradford and Bingley and Northern Rock, and see those people be proved right and make money themselves short selling. However, do you ever feel like the chairs have been put up on the tables, the waiter is standing by the door tutting at you and all th
  15. It doesn't matter how nice it looks on the inside, the resale value well be next to nothing.
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