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  1. They are dropping like flies today. Today both Natwest and the Royal Bank of Scotland withdraw their 85% LTV BTL deals, requiring at least 25% deposit from now on. UCB Home Loans, Nationwide's specialist buy-to-let lender, has reduced its LTV to 75 per cent, from 85 per cent. Mortgage Express, the UK’s biggest buy to let lender, has also withdrawn its 90 per cent loan to value deals for buy-to-let investors. The Mortgage Works and UCB will no longer lend to first time landlords. Lehman brothers has announced its UK mortgage lending arms, Preferred Mortgages and SPML, will be suspended. Mortgages plc, the wholly owned subsidiary of Merrill Lynch, is withdrawing all its fixed rate products. The company is also reducing its maximum loan to values on all products to 70% and is reducing the maximum loan size to £300,000. It is withdrawing all self-cert and right to buy criteria and is raising rates on all remaining products by 1%. BM solutions have withdrawn all their current range, replacing them with new deals from tomorrow. Sources: http://business.timesonline.co.uk/to...cle3652742.ece http://www.mortgagesolutions-online....ml?page=758170 http://www.mortgagesolutions-online....ml?page=758173 http://www.mortgagesolutions-online....ml?page=758225 FROM MSE
  2. The Alliance and Leicester won't lend anymore than 70% of the price of new and nearly new flats from the 19th of Nov Sorry if this has all ready been posted. <a href="http://www.moneymarketing.co.uk/cgi-...40&...h=341&f=342" target="_blank">http://www.moneymarketing.co.uk/cgi-...40&...h=341&f=342</a>
  3. Don't worry I doubt Bruno gets out much
  4. I missed it last night. Is it repeated anywere else ?
  5. panamajack Stay no reason to leave.
  6. You are not being stupid at all. I do not think it’s unfair to be concerned by a lower valuation or to reduce your offer accordingly. 5k may not seem like a lot to some on here, but why should anyone have to pay 5k more than it has been valued at. If they decide not to accept the lower offer and stick to the original price it would be quite likely that future prospective buyers will encounter similar lower valuations. Also you did say that the property had been on the market for 12 months. A while back on this thread someone (cannot member who) posted that ES and Sellers will usually accept the lower valuation. So good luck EDIT have just found the post ruggedtoast Oct 22 2007, 04:58 PM Post #36 I can tell you from personal experience once a valuation has come in at below the guide price the EA really will push the vendor to accept the lower offer. This is why its not a good idea to take the highest valuation when youre selling your place. EA's are spivs on the whole who will say whatever it takes to get things moving in their favour
  7. I know someone who has just sold without using an ES. They saved about £4500 and alot of bull..it.
  8. I have watched Bristol prices for many years. An example would be a house I know in Redland. Large 6/7-bedroom house. Very small garden. Bought 1985 £35,000. Buyer single on average income. Admittedly originally stretching themselves financially. 1992 £67,000 1998 £150,000 2006 Valued around £450,000. So what would a single person average income be able to buy 07?
  9. 65 million by 2016? I am not sure we would even have to wait that long. So what are the real present day population figures, as I have no faith in the ones presented by ONS. How could "real" figures be calculated? (I remember reading one council was fighting the government ref its census figures and consequential government funding by estimating its sewage out put? but cannot remember which council)
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