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  1. Also, they coudn't borrow money. Present multiples are based on the market. We are in a different ball game here. Most of our history access to a mortgage was regulated.
  2. Course 3 years of 100% inflation and my mortgage would be toast :-)
  3. I think it is more likely to be a function od disposable income after things other than rents/mortgages. I spend far less as a percentage of my total income the basics of life my parents did when I was there age and they were both professional people.
  4. They already are that is why getting finacne is getting harder. Did I borrow to much money, oh I'll go bankrupt. I have a few friends who own nothing and live the life of riley for years by jsut load up on debt and then going bust. Now they are screwed as no-one will lend to them anymore.
  5. His family are all more wealthy than anyone on this board. I think they would have muddled on through.
  6. He didn't lose all his money. He had a personal fortune (that is after debts) of 9 billion. He lost 400 million on betting against Volkswagen. Even with the drop in the values he had he was still worth in real assets about 4.5 bilion euros and the kids were hardly on the poverty line.
  7. Apparently he was only worth 4.5 billion Euros cause of all the money he had lost. Poor bugger... Wait hold on. 4.5 billion. Heres an idea, pay off your debt, had the business over to the kids and cahs out. I figure he would be able to eek out an existence on a couple of billion euros. I think I could manage for the rest of my life and I am 34. Grrr.... people make me mad.
  8. I know a few "millionaries" like that. 2 million in assets minus 3 million of debt jsut makes you poorer thatn me :-)
  9. Just cause something is bleak doesn't make it realism. You know, there is alright chance (and given the number f times in my life I have been told the end is nigh and it has't!) that it might all sort itself out in a year of two. And if it really is the end what is the point of being prudent and saving money as the system will have collapsed so might as well spunk it all on a huge house with lots of land and a big gun. :-)
  10. It wasn't as bad everyone was expecting. Alot of predictions were for total collapse in sales. So as it wasn't so terrible prices have returned to a level where they actually represent the value of the company. Some of the companies were trading at stupidly cheap pries pre xmas.
  11. We are seeing a pickup in trade in the last few months. It is the trade pattern that has changed we are selling more low end product but as a similar value. as our profits are all %'s this menas revenue is pretty constant. Plus a couple of out weaker competitors have hit the wall. Msot of the employees invloved were abroad anyways so just reduce the cash going out the country.
  12. Most peopl I know couldn't give a shit. They are all slowly buildin up reserves jsut in case. Apart from that and a bit of belt tightening reactions have been muted. Everyone I know who lsot a job got anohter ... granted without the massive bonus structures they were on below and often with a slight reduction in pay and benefits...
  13. 70's were pretty crap by all accounts. rampant inflation, 3 day weeks, UDI, Vietnam still burning on, a couple of Arab Isreali wars, the threat of total nuclear armegeddon,Pol Pot and the Killing Fields, The beatles break up, the Bay City Rollers make it, the Allegro. Glad I was to young to remember most of it. Sound bloody awful!!!! There is alot more.
  14. Go to Bulgaria. Could come back with a ski chalet for the cost of a room in switzerland. Plus the wine is better :-)
  15. Around here the same. Course. Thats probably cause they don't need too. So few house on the amrket around here. Msot are own by families who wil just stay put. few miles up the road where there are more flats and younger people prioces have dived as they want to move on, move out or sell there buy to lets. I think that as it was last time falls will be mushc worse in some palces than others. Just have to look a tthe prices of flats in leeds city centre to see that.
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