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  1. Oh dear! I can't believe this!! I have seen this many times. When someone does not go along with your views of an inevitable crash, you all jump on them, accusing them of being a troll, an investor, even an estate agent. Why? Why am I not allowed to ask sincere questions and hold a different view to you without being accused or targetted?
  2. I admit I am very unsure what to do. This site does not help too much as you guys obviously want a crash. Other sites says prices will keep rising. You get so many conflicting messages you feel like your standing out in the rain with your pants around your ankles! I am not interested in buying and quickly selling, I want a home for many years. But is it the right time to buy? What if you lot are wrong, like you have been for the past several years?
  3. I heard that too. Was interesting, but I got the idea the guy was talking nonsense. He did in fact appear to be a bit of a nutter, claiming the British scene is similar to Spain. They are nothing alike.
  4. Hi I am new to this chat board, but I have been reading the boards for the past 3 years. I have held out for a crash, saved up a good deposit, but I an getting tired of paying dead money by renting. I am starting to wish I had brought in 2004 and am now thinking it would be a good time to buy because I cannot see a crash happening. Even with all the bad news, economic wise, prices are still going up, rather than crashing. I think its time to stop hoping for a crash, and start making other plans to buy. What do you guys think?
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