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  1. I MEW'd a little bit and even though I knew better I did it anyway. I needed to do the Central Heating and Double Glazing but was still seduced into a few extra grand of silly car and some nice kit I stuck to 40% LTV and 3X Salary so at least I never got geared to the gunnels but I still regret the silly extra bit If I'd taken the sensible option and halved the term rather than taken a load of cash for the same monthly payment I'd be way better off, but I knew this and did it anyway, I still kick myself, it was just too tempting and too easy. Hey ho, I'm paying for it now, month by month for longer than necessary, I can see why people did it silly and how some of them have been caught out.
  2. Oh it really is transparent isn't it. Also the stuff that's going out like cig machines and a four pack of lager, especially as if they introduce the 50p per unit rule a four pack of Special Brew will go up from £4.50 if I buy 2 at my local corner shop to £9.00. How heavily weighted are these things?
  3. Sadly that's the way I figured it would be hence when all the neithers were challenged to go one way or the other I went Bull, and sadly, relative to many predictions on here I was right. I can see this whole correction being a horribly long drawn out affair which IMO helps no one really. I'm encouraged by the FSA's intentions though I think the'll struggle. The sooner all the cards are on the table and everyone knows where they stand the better.
  4. I just got another £100 fine for not sending in my self assessment despite having done so and having been PAYE for the last 4 years and having a letter saying that I don't have to.
  5. Of course it should be legalised and taxed, and coke, that's where the money would be, and legalising heroin would solve many of the issues currently f*cking us over in Afghanistan. It's a no brainer unless you're a moral zealot and don't agree with alcohol or coffee either.
  6. I wouldn't just let it go if you like it but I'd certainly get the pressure on. I feel sorry for people who get into the mindset that they will turn down the opportunity to get on with their lives for £2500. Idiots.
  7. Does the house fall into the cachement area for Hemel Hempstaed School? If so and the FTBs are family minded this could make all the difference. I know the area and as said above it's worth what ever the buyer in the room at the time will offer, I'd pay nothing to live there but affordable near either of the two decent schools in Hemel it tricky.
  8. BBC haven't worked out how best to spin it yet. http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/industry_sectors/construction_and_property/article7022929.ece
  9. I'll accept that regarding WalesOnline but could you explain how it applies to the BBC?
  10. Yet another example of how this government really doesn't understand how important a competitive tax environment is for business.
  11. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/kent/8181899.stm This could change the game significantly, is there already any sort of precedent in place or is there is simply no case to answer? Chains have been falling apart all over the place it's the first time I've heard of it going to legal action.
  12. It's a bit wayward round my way showing places between 124 and 238K, OK there may be a slight variation due to proximity to main road and outlook but essentially they're all identical.
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