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  1. Pete, I've been here longer than 2 months but have a low post count. You'd better put me on your "Troll Watch" list, I think I might be one. Anyway back to the relevant topic at hand.... It's an interesting take on things; I'd like to be sure your figures that make up the graph are all kosher though. In many ways it does make sense, everything is about affordability/means/value is it not? If we all earned $150k a year then current prices would not seem high. Similarly if the cost of the loan is "low" then again prices do not seem as high. Of course you have to factor in possible future circumstances and be prudent which unfortunately has been severely lacking in the past few years as we all know. I wonder what the graph would like like today if the IR was at the same value as the 90's.
  2. Completely irresponsible nonsense as usual. Why the hell does anyone listen to this privileged gasbag?
  3. Obviously this site tends to attract the more bearish sort of person to it (like myself) so when positive news or opinion is released we don't necessarily get to see it on here. I'm all for knowing the negative indicators of where the housing and general market is going so I'm happy with what we have here. However I would also like to balance out my information with the positive indicators, to try and fathom when we we will hit the bottom. So with that being said what sites are there out there that are more the bull drawing type? I know of singing pig but are there any more? Thanks.
  4. I've looked, it all looks very convincing until you see the other side. http://www.911myths.com http://www.debunking911.com/ This one covers your fireman claim for eg: http://www.debunking911.com/quotes.htm
  5. He never said anything of the sort. Even if Mr.Brown et al are as you purport completely disinterested in actually governing, then that in itself makes them incompetent governors does it not? That is all he said - they are incompetent at governance. That they care not about that (as you seem to suggest) is not to be dismissed as it proves the very point of the thread, they are only interested in winning the next election and do not have a grand plan. If it is the case that they do not care of the outcomes of their decisions (other than to stay in power) than how can that fit in with the whole "for hundreds of years they've been planning enslave the human populace " conspiracy theory that is peddled on here? To be fair they are doing a cracking job of getting themselves ousted at the next election anyway so I wouldn't give them that much credit for the getting/staying in power part either. Cluster******s.
  6. Apologies and no it's not shocking, I don't understand why you needed to qualify that.
  7. Well it's not all government fault is it? That's the easy option. All of the above would be the appropriate answer. I would sway toward regulators if I was pushed though. Eric Pebble might be a color swabbing lunatic but he's not wrong about liar loans and the encouragement of it by the middle men between the creditors and debtors for a slice of the hefty pie.
  8. Very true. Like I said, in this game there are winners and losers. I think you knew what I meant though. If you lost everything tomorrow you'd still be an educated, principled man who isn't afraid to work hard. That does count for something. One thing the past few weeks has made me realize is that if I lost all of my possessions tomorrow, it wouldn't be the end of the world. I'm 100% sure I'd survive ans it's a great comfort to know that.
  9. Ok so now we are getting somewhere, thanks for answering. You're plan of action for us all is: 1. Revoke Citizenship 2. Live under English Common Law. Is this everything or is this just the first couple of steps? A few more questions (I'm sorry if I'm getting excited but this new chapter in our lives sounds very intriguing!). Have you started the plan yourself? If so, what obstacles should we expect to meet along our journey? What are the benefits you've seen so far, would you recommend to others? If you've not seen any benefits yet what do you expect to see happen in the future? Will people not kill themselves in Bridgend anymore? Thanks again.
  10. If monetary gain is the only qualitative measure you can put against educating yourself, working and 'doing the right thing' then I can understand why you might feel aggrieved.
  11. I want specifics not broad strokes. What exactly would be different about how the world "works" and how would we go about a) getting to that point and living this new dynamic day to day? From what I can gather we have it pretty much alright now in the confines of how human's think and behave given the alternatives we CAN see in action right now in various dictatorships. It narks me all this talk of "don't give into them, resist the power!". Who are we resisting against? What's the plan of action? Once we've won what are we to do next? It's all paranoid delusion with no pragmatism, forethought or benefit as far as I can tell. It seems to me most of these NWO crackpots seem to want anarchy for anarchy's sake and total and complete "freedom". Isn't the basis of social contract that we have our particular safety nets and comforts zones on the premise that we give up some of our freedoms (i.e. I can't just kill someone or rob something because I'm free to do so). That's what civilization and society is all part of. One of the downsides of this is that yes you'll have a slightly skewed system in that the Beta Males can actually be higher up the chain than the Alphas and we'll have various winners and losers up and down the social ladder. The complete alternative to what we've got is a more anarchistic view and at that point I think most people on this forum would be ******ed anyway. You'd be getting faced stomped by bikers until you gave up your tins of beans and your wife's decency.
  12. Answer the question, alternatives please. What do you want and what are the practical steps to obtain it? In addition to the above, people kill themselves it's human nature - why is this Gordon Brown's/George Bush's/Dweezlebum the Architect's or anyone's fault?
  13. Piss off mate, you're neither use nor ornament with crap like that. Cheers
  14. Let's get practical here then. What would you have us do? What's the alternative and why is what we have right now so bad that it needs binning anyway?* *yes I know I'm indoctrinated in the matrix, what a poor soul I am.
  15. Btw the ultimate goal of a politician is not power it's belief. They want to make you believe that they can do what they say they can even if they can't. It's what they learn at uni and it's what they practice every day. Now getting this belief can ultimately lead to a power (i.e. getting elected to whatever level of office they are aiming for) but once the populace no longer believes in them they are gone. *tin foil on* Of course they are all the same and answer to the one true Lizard God so it doesn't matter who gets elected anyway. I'm like a fair few others on here. I've been reading for a few years now and it's been a great education but these ridiculous conspiracy threads have got to stop. There are plenty of other websites where you can swap these ideas with each other, I'd rather this site be back to where it was and a little more grounded in educated thought and fact.
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