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  1. Cheers, thanks for the good wishes guys, really appreciate it. As a long term bear, I've been quite nervous about taking the step, but when the life circumstances change, sometimes you've just got to go for it. And would we be as lucky with a landlord next time? Possibly unlikely. I think it's all about trying to stop thinking of it as a cash cow and more as a home, if I (and all in the UK) can do that, I think we'll all be in a much better place! I nearly bought in 1998 - 3 bed semi in Branksome (Bmth) for £80k. chain kept falling through, and in the end I pulled out and went travelling. Most expensive decision of my life! So it's been a long journey to ownership!
  2. Yeah it's a mile or 2 from Boscombe, just strangely borrows the name, god knows why! Quite a nice quiet family road. Needs a fair bit of work, but think I was lucky - all the market hype now and don't reckon I would have got such a good deal
  3. Well I locked in on a cheeky 5 year fix @ 2.59% so alright for a while! Pay down 1/3rd of the mortgage in that time is the plan...
  4. Well after 6 years on this site, life circumstances have got the better of me and I've bought, completing today. Similar story to many others I'm sure. Nearly bought in 07, found this site, went uber-bear, and spent the next 6 years renting a beautiful flat in a Bournemouth suburb with a decent landlord - the rent didn't go up for 5 years! Landlord is now trying to sell the flat, and started looking around at the start of the year, and finally found a decent 3 bed with south facing garden that needs doing up. Got them down a reasonable amount, (was £330k 6 months ago, finally settled on £265k), so a reasonable price for the area. www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-25015206.html Impending interest rate shock and tin hat scenario? More government time and money plundered into keeping the market pumped up? Who knows?! But I've finally bought. A house for many a year I hope, so I'm trying to put the thought of the HPC and the "value" of house prices away from the front of my mind if I possibly can and try and enjoy it as a lovely home. Best of luck to my fellow bears.
  5. I'm buying at the moment and am applying for the N&P 2.74% fix for 5 years, with virtually no fees. As mortgages go, seems pretty good
  6. Since the lows of a few p a few years ago it's been a long and bumpy ride but the last few months they have really shot up and done nearly 10% this week. Market expectations of the effect of the lovely cheap money I suppose
  7. £320k originally, I believe overpriced. Currently at £280k, needing £20k work, next door (looks fairly similar) went for 267k 2 years ago Cash & mortgage, 1st time buyer Offered £230k - waiting to hear!
  8. BTW Nationwide mortgage advisor said that their avg lending at present was 3.5x salary multiples
  9. Yes, offer in principle. Obviously I am not a total madman and am interested in just 25% of what they are offering
  10. Nationwide just offered me x5 joint salary
  11. That's as may be, and we do need more buildin, but I was focused on HTB, etc being wrong and I want them to know my opinion
  12. Yes absolutely. Sure the "priced out" group would welcome any help. I thought of it from the point of view that at least if my MP knows, it may help him raise a voter's opinion when the time comes if he hears that opinion spoken enough. Anything any of us can do to raise awareness on a wider scale I think would be worth it
  13. Yes I saw that, couldn't believe the timing with my MP email earlier! It's so disheartening. All I can suggest is at least email your MP or generate other feedback / PR - what they are interested in is votes. The more anger against the policies is demonstrated, the more likely they are to change.
  14. After getting wound up by these policies for quite a while I suddenly thought - less frustration, more action! For every voice making itself heard, at least the sentiment is being demonstrated. I strongly encourage others to do it too!
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