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  1. I can't believe interest rates will go up anymore, it will be a token gesture at most. This is the new way, ultra low interest rates, if not negative rates and cheap cheap debt, debased currency.
  2. Won't happen, now we have Pfizer's wonder drug which basically prevents deaths and serious illness, together with vaccines. Also explain the rational for -ve interest rates when inflation is going through roof ? Yes, they won't raise interest rates much if it all, unless forced to by external factors beyond their control but -ve interest rates don't seem plausible at the moment.
  3. It's already slowed down by me, up north. 5 semi's on the market in one of best area in town, would have all sold within a week or two a matter of a month ago, only the cheapest by 10-15% has sold after 4 weeks.
  4. " Shameless f****** liars. I thought I was pessimistic ... if they don't or in the very near future then you are correct and house prices trump everything including the ability of people to feed themselves ...
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/oct/18/bank-of-england-inflation-bailey-interest-rates-energy-prices
  6. Chesterfield: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/109137620#/?channel=RES_BUY Offers in Excess of £215,000 Monthly mortgage payments Reduced on 09/09/2021 Price Change History 09/09/2021 Price changed from £230,000 to £215,000 15/07/2021 Price changed from £250,000 to £230,000 19/06/2021 Initial entry found: £250,000
  7. Interesting study announced on news today looking at levels of biodiversity in different countries around the world. Guess which one had the lowest level of biodiversity globally, yep you guessed it the UK, due to the industrial revolution and developments since then, and high population density. It said this has serious negative impact on the ecosystem we rely on. I doubt the situation will improve.
  8. Get it down to £150K and it might be worth looking at 🤣
  9. I've seen a few expensive semi's in good areas, come back on the market this week. Wasn't seeing that before. Assuming its people getting cold feet with the end of furlough and cost of living increasing. Speaking to an EA he reckoned 1/3 of sales are falling through, which seemed a high figure and can't see any evidence for that.
  10. Do the posters who think life will go similar to now, with house prices increasing somewhat in some cases, in the coming year or two, think Roubini's predictions are wrong ( double digit inflation / stagflation or a depression ) ?
  11. I posted his predictions in another thread and was told he was an idiot because of his views on crypto 🤣
  12. Yep lots of tweets saying they were fair game for undercutting and poverty pay, in response to an ex HGV driver who said he quit when his pay was more than halved in recent years.
  13. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/111010529#/?channel=RES_BUY 22/09/2021 Price changed from £250,000 to £230,000 27/08/2021 Price changed from £285,000 to £250,000 27/07/2021 Initial entry found: £285,000 Still about £50k to £75K too much, particularly given buyer scope with occupancy clause and work required.
  14. "The Office for Budget Responsibility calculates that if inflation hit 5 per cent the government would have to pay out an extra £9 billion on index-linked gilts. " https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/the-spectre-of-the-seventies-haunts-the-tories-0vb8cpb03 Didn't realise this, so if they don't put interest rates they are likely to be hit by this.
  15. Correct me if I am wrong but a large proportion of those vacancies are in the care sector with poor pay and conditions, and zero hour contracts.
  16. 20% in 2 years I don't really see it although who knows given frenzy of last few years. It's either rampant inflation meaning cost of living goes through roof or interest rates go up to counter that, neither are conducive to 20% increase in next 2 years unless this really is transitory as they are pushing.
  17. Roubini seems to think a real danger of stagflation long term: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/sep/22/the-global-supply-chain-crisis-could-fuel-a-severe-dose-of-stagflation
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