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  1. Fortunately I never went through with buying any crypto as I came to the conclusion that I would be buying at the top end. Well to my surprise I was right for once (at the moment). I still maybe some low price crypto (algorand or something similar) for a pure speculation at some point, but no way would ever fork out real money for any of it, just too volatile and speculative for my liking. Plus now governments definitely have it their sights.
  2. I like your optimism but if there is a way around it you can be sure the government will use it. As someone said they will just fudge the inflation figures as it's by design and given the amount of backslash they will get if interests go up significantly they will move heaven and earth to stop it or soften the effects somehow.
  3. 10 to 15% over asking price seems to be quite common in the areas i watch. Houses that were going for 250k - 270K in 2019 are now going for around 350K, late last year and early this year it was 330K. Radio rental, but I dont see them dropping this year, stagnation at best later this year.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5u1XKYLDpkU - last 10 mins, thinks there is going to be a permanent increase in house prices in US due to institutions / foreign investors buying up your typical suburban home which will be a long term investment as they see it as one of the few good returns on investment available at the moment. Given this appears to be happening in the UK too, e.g. Lloyds Bank buying houses to rent, does the same apply in the UK ?
  5. Well I am confused, it's either hyperinflation or someone saying get out of property and stocks now and buy government bonds or save cash.
  6. 😆😂🤣 Brilliant, unfortunately I think you are right.
  7. What impact will this have on the UK ? All the talk I've seen is interest rates being held or going negative here. Of course there has been plenty of printy printy in various forms here, so would it be safe to assume same here as regards interest rates ?
  8. Ignoring the fact that HPI has made the stamp duty holiday somewhat of a mute point ... If you bought a house now presumably contracts would have to exchange by June 30 in order to get the full stamp duty discount, and by end of September to get the discount up to 250K ? Given the reported backlog of conveyancing it would seem unlikely anyone buying now is going to get the full stamp duty discount, but might get the one on the first 250K ?
  9. Not bad if you want to live on the land version of a submarine, even has submarine type doors and portholes in some places.
  10. Thanks, so only 4 registered with FCA and others who have temporary registration including eToro, in saying that FCA page says the following, so doesn't appear FCA registration gives any protection apart from fact they are complying with anti-laundering regulations: "As most cryptoassets are not specified investments under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA), it is unlikely that you will be protected by the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. This is the same for both registered firms or firms with temporary registration. The firm should provide you with information about the potential risks and whether their products and services are covered by these protections. Please visit our webpages on cryptoassets AML/CTF regime. opens in a new window and cryptoasset registration. opens in a new window for more information. "
  11. Thanks for the tip, do you know why it is put on hold if it is the same deposit amount ? Anyone have views on algorand, seems to be the next hot crypto and at current price it seems worth a punt.
  12. Yeah I've been doing some background reading and Binance seem to have a bit of chequered history which put me off them. Anyone used bitpanda ? Based in the the Austria/EU, seems to have very good reviews on trustpilot, for what that's worth.
  13. Thanks, I did wonder about some of the reviews as language used etc was erm suspect.
  14. Any recommendations on a secure (as can be) crypto currency exchange or point in the direction of such info ? A lot of trust pilot reviews for them are full of people complaining they've been ripped off which doesn't engender confidence.
  15. Same up north, anything decent gone with in 5 days. Seen a few houses and all have sold 30K or more above asking, which is 10% to 15% of total value. Then there are the ones which are overpriced or not desirable that have been on for months but generally anything half decent is going very quick.
  16. "In total, more than 4.6 million people have been granted the right to remain in the UK after Brexit under the EU settlement scheme, which closes for applications at the end of June. This is far higher than the 3.1 million EU citizens who were estimated to be living in the UK before Brexit. The data also shows the extent to which the migrant population is concentrated in London, with 1.6 million EU citizens applying for settled status in London — four in ten of all those granted settled status. By the end of last month 5.1 million applications had been submitted. Some 4.6 million of them have been concluded, with over half — 2.5 million — granted permanent leave to remain and 2 million granted pre-settled status." https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/areas-where-eu-citizens-are-six-times-higher-than-estimated-hdm87glf8
  17. The blow to the City comes as US tech giant Apple said Wednesday it planned to invest more than one billion euros in Germany to open Europe's biggest research facility on mobile wireless semiconductors and software. Apple said it would make Munich its "European Silicon Design Centre", creating hundreds of new jobs at a facility for 5G and wireless technologies. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2021/03/10/british-payments-pioneer-considers-15bn-us-listing-blow-london/
  18. Who would have thought that the first pandemic in a 100 years would lead to a big hike in house prices, so I can see it continuing unabated unfortunately, too many VI for it not to.
  19. A separate issue to furlough but hasn't a lot of the business grants, for companies of a dubious history, been ploughed into property, would explain the bubble on bubble..
  20. I did hear something on the radio today but missed the explanation/argument, were one 'expert' was saying inflation is a thing of the past due to the BoE ability to use QE, another expert basically said he was talking out of his proverbial. Presumably because in theory the way QE has been used doesn't actually affect the amount of money circulation in the strictest sense.
  21. Ah ok, thanks. So they may let inflation rip, to reduce debt and interest rates stay near zero. To my financially naive mind that seems more likely than big interest rises. Everyone pays more for day to day living but mortgage payments stay the same, and savers get hit.
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