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  1. 20% in 2 years I don't really see it although who knows given frenzy of last few years. It's either rampant inflation meaning cost of living goes through roof or interest rates go up to counter that, neither are conducive to 20% increase in next 2 years unless this really is transitory as they are pushing.
  2. Roubini seems to think a real danger of stagflation long term: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/sep/22/the-global-supply-chain-crisis-could-fuel-a-severe-dose-of-stagflation
  3. Thanks, I did wonder about dodgy practices etc, and what happened with Neil Woodford doesn't inspire a lot of confidence generally in investing in funds but Fundsmith did look good/legit.
  4. If you feeling depressed and lonely for lack of a sprog, there is always hope, look at Jon Snow or David Dimbleby in their 70's with a young family 🤣🤣
  5. Well it doesn't generally but in the context used in the original comment it does make it more likely to some degree I suppose, if you've got no family left and no kids. Obviously you can have a busy social life/interests outside of immediate family.
  6. There are lots of sad lonely people who have kids, having them doesn't mean they are going to look after you in old age or bother seeing you much or at all, from what I've seen. True not having kids guarantees a lonely old age, assuming you make it to old age in some respects but not everyone can have or want kids for various reasons.
  7. The BoE declined to comment. - no surprise there then .. the thieving *****
  8. Yep I've looked at eToro, seems to be a good platform. I think for many, me included, it requires a change of mindset to get accustomed to the risk.
  9. How many people know how to do that, and do that well ? I for one don't ...
  10. Unfortunately all it will be is vendors reducing a massively over valued house to a slightly less over valued house, as you know ... Those that have missed the boat have missed it forever i think.
  11. So basically one room with a tiny kitchen and bathroom for the bargain price of nearly half million pounds originally and now an absolute bargain of third of a million. Truly a sign of a healthy housing market and economy 🤣
  12. Presumably the owner is somewhat indecisive 😂
  13. I ain't got a problem helping those and their families who helped our troops, fair enough. What I found interesting was the EU has changed tune pretty bloody quick. However, as you say there is much bile on here, and not just in one direction, so give your moral superiority a rest, it's tiresome.
  14. Doesn't surprise me at all, where else has all this money come from for big deposits? People aren't saving that much in 1 year generally.
  15. The EU appears to want Turkey to take them. Meanwhile Austria is accepting none and will carry on deportations of afghans despite the regime change. Germany, Netherlands and others have temporarily suspended them for now.
  16. Why do you think they are genuinely worried ? BJ and Sunak appear to not give two shytes.
  17. 800K to live in Launceston 🤣 Knock £400K off and maybe it's nearer the mark..
  18. It sounds like he's winding you up 🤣 What exactly would be the point in the police paying them to do that ?
  19. Various different evidence for the existence of SARS-Cov-2: https://virologydownunder.com/sigh-yes-the-covid-virus-is-real/ I think the tomography are incredible.
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