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  1. Would he consider a bag of 'magic' beans ?
  2. Exactly. In anycase when the crash gets in fulll swing they'll be plenty of houses available
  3. Well I never: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7068291.stm How inept are this government, intentionally perhaps
  4. Apparently, repossessions sky rocketted as of 2002 !!! What muppets were buying this sort of debt
  5. The way this sh*t tip of a country is going an oil rig/gas platform is looking increasingly attractive. Just need a desalination unit, flog your fuel for an income/food and a big machine gun
  6. Yes, I agree. Unless your a sh*t hot senior software engineer or senior network bod, i.e. the sort Google employ, then I think you'll find it difficult in the medium to long term. I work in IT in the public sector (an easy gig for sure), if I'm lucky I'll hopefully avoid redundancy/outsourcing in the short to medium term, god knows what I'll do if I do get the chop ... May be go and squat in John Prescotts garden
  7. Oh dear, Mr MEW the EA is royally f*cked ... hahaha
  8. So now they're promoting the concept of the BTL brigade becoming "Rackman" type landlords
  9. So should people with savings move them to a foreign bank account in euros or swiss franks ? Anybody recommend a swiss bank where you can open an account and transfer money over the internet ?
  10. I get the impression that you think it reflects badly on new liebour
  11. It looks like the west midlands is being decimated as far the local economy is concerned: cadburys longbridge rover etc plus all the small businesses that supply them. I wonder if the local shepple will still vote liebour, surely not
  12. No surprise here, the first couple were from Walsall "Were you concerned about the fact that your stated income was far greater than it really was ? Err, a bit." Their mortgage was £400 per month and they were unable to pay it, ffs ...
  13. I suppose he can at least save a bit of cash by not having to employ 'heavies' to collect the rent for him
  14. d23, have you got the internet equivalent of a stutter or something
  15. I hope it's not the software for fly-by-wire used by Airbus
  16. No, it's not just you. If you find your job even vaguely interesting and fulfilling, as well as earning enough to live on decently, then count your blessings. I've been thinking about what else I could do should I end up out on my ear and I am bit stumped. I thought about a trade but I'm probably too old to retrain and there are lots of cheap competition. So I'm on the scrap heap in my early 40's. I think it was said in the past that first it was the blue collar workers that got shafted, then the white collar workers and now it's obviously the IT/finance workers turn.
  17. Don't you just love this government, apparently we need highly skilled workers whilst at the same time we are exporting our higher skilled jobs. I'm confused
  18. "So if a British person thats lived here all their life pays tax and NI in to the system for 40 years, and a polish person who has only lived here 2 years and has only paid tax and NI for 2 years, will both be entitled to the same benefits even though one has contributed far more to the system than the other?" Yes, I believe they would, they'd get JSA plus maybe a means tested top up (Income Support) plus HB. Apart from Retirement Pension, even then with the difference would be negligible as most pensioners qualify for means tested top ups, so they'd end up on the same. For Job Seekers Allowance and Incapacity Benefit generally speaking they only look at the last two tax years prior to the year of claim, and if you have paid enough NI in those tax years you qualify, 50 weeks contributions out of 52 weeks. Of course if you haven't paid enough NI you usually qualify for Income Support, which is typically at the same or higher level than JSA anyway. The solution is to have one level of benefit across the EU, indeed just one benefit or income at a fixed rate across the EU. Of course everybody would then emigrate to the med
  19. GB's motto: I came, I saw, I took a big dump
  20. According to Peston NR was looking for a buyer in the last few months but no other bank could finance it due to the lack of liquidity. So it can't be sold due to a lack of liquidity and it can't operate because of a lack liquidity, so it's dead in the water: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/thereporters/robertpeston/
  21. He's changed his tune already: "The money is there, so if people want to withdraw their deposits they can" Erm didn't he say on Friday not to panic and don't withdraw. hahaha, what a stuttering fool. Question: "Is NR a one off ?" Answer: erm, we have a strong economy and we stand by ready to bail out other banks. Oh dear, that means more to come then.
  22. Alistair Darling on Sky News now, should be good for a laugh !
  23. What's the likely outcome if you have a mortgage with these clowns and they go to the wall ? Does the mortgage get sold on as an asset to another astute company ?
  24. Oh dear, GB's miracle debt economy is starting to unwind bit by bit: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6987909.stm As always the BBC fails to join the dots. God knows what's going to happen when the crash does happen.
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