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  1. BBC report on this morning about how it will affect mortgage holders and FTB. Had an EA interviewed who said there is no slow down, and people are rushing to buy before interest rates rise further. Seems nothing will slow down house buying frenzy.
  2. David Blanchflower saying they should have cut rates on Ch4, that clown never changes ...
  3. Yep, strangely no mention of Switzerland's 3% inflation.
  4. Clearly you don't think the UK and the earth in general has infinite resources, like some do 😉
  5. Well if you could migrate to them, any of these, plus the 9 others above the UK which is ranked at stunning position of 20 🤣 Quality of life rankings top 20: Switzerland - 188.36 Denmark - 186.25 Netherlands - 180.27 Finland - 178.95 Australia - 178.41 Iceland - 177.64 Austria - 176.36 Germany - 175.24 New Zealand - 173.60 Luxembourg - 171.81 Many western countries look after their citizens far better than UK by the looks of it.
  6. I doubt those stress tests count for much tbh.
  7. There is further footage apparently, where the Ukraine soldier once castrated, is shot in the head and thrown in a pit. The shelling of the Ukraine prisoners in Donbass penal colony which the Russians are blaming the Ukrainians for is pretty obvious a false flag operation by the Russians, who did it. No guards at all were injured, clearly forewarned.
  8. If this isn't an incentive for Ukrainian troops to not surrender i don't know what is. https://twitter.com/GeoliticsWorld/status/1552739847206588418
  9. There was an interesting piece on BBC news in Birmingham about how many have left their accommodation due to differences with hosts, due to cultural clashes. A woman with kids was housed with a gay couple and she said it was inappropriate to raise kids in such an environment, BBC report described it as a class of cultures and somewhat implied she needed "educating". It was entertaining tv if nothing else.
  10. Saw a report in Bloomberg last week, loads of US citizens are moving to Spain, Italy and France, due to the cost of housing in the US and the crime there.
  11. Is there anything to indicate BOE and Bailey pay any attention to what the FED do based on current evidence ? I see none unfortunately.
  12. As far as I am concerned he's corrupt and in Sunak's/governments pocket. He/they will do anything to stop house prices reducing.
  13. Not in the UK. I looked at semi with needing a lot of work last week and made an offer over asking despite amount of remedial work required. There were 8 offers over asking price and it finally went over asking by 33% of original asking price ..
  14. As far as Bailey is concerned I hope you are right but I don't see it happening, where are the calls for his head and pressure to remove him. There is nothing in the press/media suggesting he gets the boot. Of course they are complicit in this shyte show.
  15. https://twitter.com/FirstSquawk/status/1550092418955214848?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  16. I am afraid you're right. I looked at house recently, a fairly modern semi in an area in demand. There are 30 viewings at least and already had one offer over asking price range. It had it looked like it issues with the floorboards as there were no carpets and lots of board covering some of it, boards sawed in half and most creaking under foot like mad. I wondered if it had dry root or wood worm and this was a poor attempt to fix it.
  17. It's not only the Yanks, a nice Russian family renting near me have bought a house in a very sought after area recently. Given what's going on I found it rather ironic ...
  18. "Interest rates could have to rise to 2% or higher in the next year to rein in inflation, according to a Bank of England rate setter. Outgoing Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) member Michael Saunders - who has been recently outvoted in calling for a bigger hike in rates - said increases 'still have some way to go' in order to get inflation under control while saying that the bank should act sooner to tackle inflation." https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11024507/Interest-rates-2-Bank-England-warns-inflation-bites-Brits.html Oh no not as high as 2%. God help anyone with savings..
  19. Automation which will concentrate wealth even further over the next decades.
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