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  1. It's the LARGEST MONTHLY DECLINE EVER! Or at least since this index began in 1983.
  2. The number is correct. I have access to Bloomberg and it's released on there. Sterling starting to get hit hard! Watch out belowwwwwwwww....
  3. My retort as follows: "If you cannot see the possibility that interest rates in the UK can go up to 8% in the very near future you have absolutely no right to be commenting on the state of the housing market. Interest rates are ultimately set by the markets, not by the BoE, and 8% (yes 300% higher than current levels but why this is relevent I do not know) is not even that big a figure in historical terms. This article, although extreme, highlights the likely impact of the continued, not-on-my-watch, attitude that dominates financial management in this day and age. Now of course no-one WANTS rates to be up here, in the same way no-one WANTS to sell their house 50% lower than what they paid for it but if we have overly borrowed, and cannot afford to repay, the inevitable result of this is higher rates in the future. Long-term failure of the BoE to match rates to the fiscal position of the country will see the currency collapse, global debt markets become closed to UK PLC and rampant inflation as the cost of imported goods soars due to Sterlings collapse. Do you really think then the BoE would keep rates low just so your credit-induced property boom can be continued? You sir are believing your own hype and are sadly disillusioned!" Yet to get a reply, must be Drew Wotherspoons day off! ;-)
  4. http://www.charcol.co.uk/knowledge-resources/ray-boulgers-blog/article/thank-you/my-thoughts-on-the-policy-exchange-forecast-of-bank-rate-at-8-in-2012-4635/ I have commented on his blog but it's yet to be posted! I await a response with baited breath
  5. Check out http://www.charcol.co.uk/knowledge-resources/ray-boulgers-blog/article/after-the-credit-crunch-now-the-fsa-threatens-the-economic-recovery-4631/#comments let's get the great man himself to justify his position! a few of the HPCers have already broken the ice (and it was ice, I think we're the first people to ever use/notice his blog) ;-)
  6. I've joined the party! Time to make the guy justify his position. And there's plenty of ammo there as all his VI posts have been very kindly archived for the HPC family to peruse and disprove.
  7. Haha, indeed! I especially like some of the archived pieces! Head back to 2007,. I think it's on pg9. where the "guru" sees Northern Rocks 12% sell-off in July to take the stock sub 8 quid as being overdone!! Genius.
  8. Ha, was just reading through his blog archive! Guess who was saying the sell-off in Northern Rock was overdone when it was trading at 800p in July 07!
  9. Having got my goat with those earlier comments I'd though I'd do a little more digging on the self-confessed property "guru" Check this out from the John Charcol website: "Ray Boulger is widely renowned as the guru of the mortgage industry and expert on the housing market. Ray is constantly called upon by the media to provide informed comment on all areas of the market, and is a regular on the BBC, Sky and ITV. Last year, Ray was voted guru of the year at the Headlinemoney awards by all of the nation’s money and property journalists. As such, we thought it was high time that you had direct access to him. Ray’s blog will be updated most days so the knowledge just keeps on coming" I for one will be looking forward to all that "knowledge" and will definitely be sharing my lack thereof with him on his blog! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. First time I've logged back into this website in a couple of years, mainly because so much of what we said came true and it's no fun unless you're fighting concensus, but this muppet has forced me out of hibernation. It staggers me how he is still allowed to commentate on the state of play in the housing market, or actually how he has the front to continually reappear spouting such claptrap. I guess if any parent however is stupid enough to lend their child 30-40% of a value of a house so they "get on the ladder" it will work out for the benefit of the HPCers as there will eventually be two houses repossessed instead of one!
  11. I think the Verve had it right "Cos the cuts won't work, they'll just make things worse, and you'll never see your house again!"
  12. http://www.realtor.com/search/searchresult...5fb03b&pg=1
  13. "if it wasn't for the credit crunch and a reduction in availability of mortgages for sub prime borrowers we would again see substantial growth due to the basic supply demand imbalance but we have moderated the projection due to the uncertainty level over the level of access to credit" And this is precisely why we're all bearish!! That's like saying if my aunt had B*ll*cks she'd be my uncle! The reason that houses will go down is because people simply cannot afford them and as has been said many times on this site the supply/demand theory is a joke. The demand for Ferraris is much greater than supply but it don't mean they go up in price indefinitely. These part-time economists need to turn over to page 2 where price-elasticity is explained!!!
  14. The bank is but the underlying assets (the houses) aren't. By the same token as the expect to reprivatise when conditions improve what's the plan WHEN conditions deterioate further. I suspect the unsuspecting public think the current outlay is all that they'll have to stump up. My guess is there will be a lot more balance-sheet stabilisation done before this business is remotely saleable!! Still the nice thing is now it's nationalised they won't have to tell anyone!!! Bstards!!!
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