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  1. Hmmm... as a long time lurker on this site I must say I think some of the people posting on here are beginning to ruin it for everyone else. No offence intended to Young Goat, who joined 11 Oct 05, but just because you've made 297 posts since then, what makes you able to start a new thread as a "VIP" and for me to remain a newbie as I prefer to only make occasional contribution to a topic ? This "proposal" was suggested yesterday and is already in place ? Why? I'm sure that new people will lose interest if they can't start a topic, shame as I did enjoy reading the forums on this site. Th
  2. Hi again, I have noticed a previous thread about the new build apartments around Chelmsford (after I started this new thread, opps, next time I'll add to the older thread!..) but any info specifly on houses would be great Cheers!
  3. Hello Am interested in hearing if anyone has been following the market in Chelmsford over the last year or so. I have noticed that the 3 bed houses here seem quite reasonably priced compared to other areas i have looked. Does anyone know whether property has been shifting, especially near the station/ old moulsham area? All comments welcome.
  4. I was going to post about something similar yesterday. Several estates agents on Rightmove in N21 keep posting the same properties on, so they keep appearing as new, but they are also already listed as sold or under offer. I guess if you don't tick the box to view these types you won't even notice. Is this a EA cunning way to cheat the figures ??? I can't say I've noticed which EA's are guilty of this. I don't trust the articles using rightmove data now though as I'm sure the EA's are fiddling them! Also on findaproperty I've seen a few sold properties from over a year ago still listed !!
  5. Hey Interesting data. I might be taking a job in Horsham, but I think that I would have to live nearer to London for the SO, and commute there. Been thinking somewhere like ewell might be good, do you follow the prices of this or other surrounding areas as well? I've noticed in ewell there seems to be a lot of houses on the market, but not many recently put on the market, but I suppose it's getting to that time of year as well perhaps. Cheers, Jo
  6. Yesterday received this circular email from an EA I contacted fairly recently, and have never arranged any viewings from, it made me chuckle..... Hello, we're creeping towards Saturday, and my diary is quickly filling up. Please look through any details I have recntly sent you by e-mail, and if any are of interest I will be happy to arrange a viewing for you. There are some great properties, (including recent price reductions, a fall through and some new proerties), and we're reaching the last safe moment if you want to move by Christmas (yes, it can be done!). So, please give me a cal
  7. Hey teddyboy Yes I agree am fed up with this "young prof couple" description as well. I watched abit of property ladder but turned over, i'm not sure where the house was, if it was near london? You might get a shock with solictor wages in london though! In the city, even a newly qualified gets a very decent wage. But if working in a town you might be more on the mark with starting wages I think it depends on what area of law they are practising. i'm not a solictor btw, my bf is thou.
  8. Thanks for the info. I wasn't really aware of all that! Althought there does seem to be more and more houses built everytime I visit my family in this area. I know the stansted expansion is happening, but I still think that they'd be better off building somewhere else (I don't mean nimby either!!) as most people who fly from stansted think it's a pain to get to and get home from, in particular if you live further north, not sure how you get back really in the middle of the night! All important things to consider though, thanks!
  9. Hi all, Although I've been looking at a few areas to buy, one place that has interested me recently is Bishops stortford. I am considering a job in Cambridge, and my partner works in london (city area), so this would i think be an ideal place between the two. It's also close to my family and other stuff. Compared to where I've been looking previously it's very affordable. We would only consider a 3 bed house close to the station, but inital impressions is that these are available, with stock of period props as well as modern. Any one been following the market and could offer advice on pric
  10. We live well within our means and have been saving for years (feels like forever!) my partner and I have >40% of income saved.
  11. Recently I've been focusing my house search on the Twickenham area, and there was the odd 2 bed house I was eyeing up before I went on holiday, just got back from a 2 week break and most of them have been removed from the EA websites and sold ! what is happening, Anyone else noticed the market picking up?
  12. I remember a while ago a thread on the most ridiculous house, does this one qualify? http://www.findaproperty.co.uk/agent.aspx?...3&photo=1#photo
  13. Hey sllabres I'm sorry to hear about your uni course and the promises they made about work prospects afterwards. I'm a freelance 3d artist, and work in film, broadcast and games for about 6 years, although more recent work has been focus on film stuff. I can only really comment on the art side and not so much programming. But It's really tough to get into these industries (as many other industries of course ), when i started there was only a few courses in europe, I went to Bournemouth uni, but these days there is a course at every college/uni/etc promising you a job afterwards. In gener
  14. yes its good advice, but life is too short for me to wait forever as well..... if I can get a deal I'm happy with. Where does surbiton end and tolworth begin thou? I've seen some interesting stuff around fishpools open space area, is this a part to avoid?
  15. Hey FTB1 thanks for the info, better late then never!! I've not even booked any viewing in the SW yet, plenty of time as not in a rush. Very interesting info thou. Particularly about Epsom. It's always risky moving to an area you don't know.. I'm keen at the moment on Twickenham, and the bit thats near the green and strawberry hill. The worse thing is the fact that it's still insultingly expensive to buy a very humble house, with no entrance hall, parking or a proper garden. Sometimes I find it very depressing.. you work so hard but stil can;t afford a modest home Although I will investig
  16. I just popped into Barclays bank to get some cash out, and decided to pick up a leaflet from a rather large display (including those evening standard area guides). Just inside it there's a great quote from Phil Spencer: "My advice to first time buyers is to get out there and buy now before prices start to go up again - which they inevitably will" Any comments?
  17. i'm not familar with the area (have been there once for a wedding!) but you could try looking on www.upmystreet.com, with a postcode you can get crimes figures and 'acorn' profiles of any area. Hope this helps
  18. Thanks for the input. It's always difficult to judge the market, particularly as a newbie to the area.. i must admit to getting cold feet at the moment!! Still i haven't booked any viewing yet. Will watch these latest properties with great interest. You are right that they are still over priced I think, it's not really a great time to be buying a 2 bed really i suppose !! A 3 bed would offer more in terms of resaleability in the next few years. Or an extention i suppose.... Thanks for the post.
  19. a link to the property for anyone interested in having a look... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-613...pa_n=2&tr_t=buy i can't remember the number off hand to do nethouseprices, something 'a'....
  20. Classic! how long ago was that? Outragous...
  21. I'm not sure if this is an illusion created by the EAs. I've recently contacted some in Twickenham, and it seems that alot of the 2 bed houses are getting brought ( I'm not saying completed, but they are going off the market) I got emailed about a house the other morning, and when i replied to ask for more details I was informed it was already sold (unless this is a tactic!) I don't trust the EA scum for one second... but it's alittle concerning.. I'm looking at cottages of around 270-280k, and assuming that I could easily get a place for 250k, as I'm chain free, etc. Perhaps I am wrong?
  22. The "coachouse" on radcliffe road has finally been reduced from 425k to 399k. of course, the EA doesn't mention its reduced they just re advertise at a lower price instead... Still alot for a 2 bed house thou!!!
  23. Hi Wadisgod, Thanks for looking ! None of those houses fit my criteria unfortunately.. but I admit to being fussy. Of those 5 "new" houses in the last 2 weeks.... I think most are just new posts for old houses. Besides, have you seen where those 5 houses are? some will like their locations i suppose... Most are in highlands village, and calling that winchmore hill is alittle tenuous despite the N21 postcode... and useless for the train station unless you want to drive to the station and park nearby annoying the locals and blocking their drives and footpaths .... and the rest are on the wro
  24. i've lived in Winchmore Hill for over 5 years, and for the past year I've been properly looking and viewing property (but not very much lately) around last Oct / Nov time I did most of the viewing. We are looking for a 2 bed place and want a house, we currently rent near the green and are priced out of the local houses by quite a way (250k budget) unless we move to highlands or barrowell (which we wont) so am considering moving away ..... I've noticed that several properties have been sold and then back on again, and I'm still waiting for many "sold" ones to appear on nethouseprices as well
  25. Thanks for the info everyone. A friend I was speaking to last night also reckoned that kingston is chav-central. I might try and get down to the south, maybe as far as epsom on the train tomorrow to have a proper look there as well. thanks again
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