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  1. bbc link http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7302312.stm but those made redundant should be fine: "Mr Clarke said the news was a "setback" for the regional economy and, in particular, the loyal and dedicated Northern Rock workforce. But he added: "All the evidence shows that there is strong demand in the North East for the skills that many of Northern Rock workers possess and the vacancies are there to retain as many of these skilled workers in our region as possible." hmm...
  2. nice post! I plan to sit in the cupboard under the stairs and chant: "my house is getting richer, richer, richer" until bedtime (someones got to get the country back on it's feet!)
  3. do you have a source for this? That the average male salary in the city was 105k? Seems high to me.
  4. the unions are already pushing for special terms - and Unite is a major donor to Labour... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/main.jhtm...7/cnrock117.xml "Mr Sandler's scheme to cut up to 2,500 of the Newcastle-based lender's 6,000 staff will be highly sensitive politically, as the job losses will come in key Labour constituencies in the North East. Unions have already voiced their concerns, demanding a guarantee of no compulsory redundancies. Derek Simpson, general secretary of Unite, said: "If there are any redundancies we will be seeking redundancy pay rates equivalent to the highest in the EU. In France it can cost up to 10 times more to make worker redundant than in the UK." He is also demanding the shareholdings "held by employees to be treated differently from those of private individuals, the institutions and hedge funds". Mr Simpson added: "As the shareholding was received as part of their remuneration package, it should be treated as deferred wages."
  5. I know, hence my comment in post #64 > - well, I'd never live to get the pension, anyway
  6. Great post! But I think you misquoted the above? Should be: Barclays Global Investors UK Holdings Ltd 4,245,451 3.60 $8,490,902 17-Mar-08
  7. Worth pointing out to the OP - who bought Citi @ $30 - that someone must have bought Bear Stearns as a bargain at $30 on Friday...
  8. From http://finance.google.com/finance?q=NYSE%3ABSC Still showing the $30 Friday close ~ Mkt Cap: 3.54B and 52Wk High: 159.36 - well, I'd never live to get the pension, anyway The Bear Stearns Companies Inc. (Public, NYSE:BSC) - Add to Portfolio - Discuss BSC Find more results for BSC 30.00 -27.00 (-47.37%) Mar 14 - Close Open: 54.24 Mkt Cap: 3.54B P/E: 50.26 Dividend: 0.32 High: 54.79 52Wk High: 159.36 F P/E: 10.48 Yield: 4.27 Low: 26.85 52Wk Low: 26.85 Beta: 1.24 Shares: 118.09M Vol: 186.99M Avg Vol: 11.94M EPS: 0.60 Inst. Own: 77%
  9. OK, I've given him a thought. It's "I wish you had been completely wiped out, you and your bonus-corrupted asleep-at-the-wheel ********-top-management colleagues". Many far poorer and far less culpable people will suffer, and this bozo gets off with $20m. (edited for spelling. also did no realise the term "bullsh*t" was not allowed here. would "bearsh*t" be OK? ) Mind you, if his $20m is in JPM stock, he'd better unload that PDQ before JPM crashes...
  10. and I wonder who lent them the mortage money... i bet it was NR, which mean we all pay in the end
  11. of course, but "blaming regulators" is too easy. it was a chief superintendent of the fraud squad who said his cases were the only ones that were pre-advertised (i.e. offering $1 for 50c). This "instant profit" come-on is the same. Hard to legislate for those stupid enough to try and take advantage. (Assetz, are you listening?)
  12. She should have smelled a rat at the "instant profit" aspect...
  13. I enjoy the tentative toe-in-the-water-type VI statements. Hence my .sig
  14. "Only in the rarest cases, should you show the clients' faces" Old advertising industry saying
  15. great link, thx. check out the other developments at the "Please Select The Development You Are Interested In?" drop-down box. Lots of 'em...
  16. thanks for your concern. what a friendly crowd we are on hpc! In fact, we're just doing the insurance forms now. Will be expensive as - i'm sure you can see - these are no ordinary garden chairs, but designer-upwardly-mobile ornamental seats that all aspiring homeowners will covet. As with the wooden floors/magnolia walls, they add >£30k to the house value! (or at least they did, in 2006 )
  17. "Its not often I send these types of things out but with the earthquake two nights ago and the storms today it really makes you think... We shouldn't forget that the UK has its share of devastating natural disasters too. Attached is a photo illustrating the damage caused to my friends' home from todays violent storms. It really makes you cherish what you have, and reminds us not to take things for granted.
  18. hi, US leads the way... http://www.usatoday.com/money/economy/hous...eclosures_N.htm "WASHINGTON (AP) — Three reports out Thursday demonstrated the depth of the housing industry's weakness and pointed to more trouble ahead. In a troubling report, the Federal Reserve said Americans' equity in their homes has fallen below 50% for the first time since 1945. Home equity is the percentage of a home's market value minus mortgage-related debt. The Fed's flow of funds report shows home equity slipped to a revised 49.6% in the second quarter 2007 and fell further, to 47.9%, in the fourth quarter. It marks the first time homeowners' debt on their houses exceeds their equity since the Fed started tracking the data in 1945. The total value of equity also fell for a third straight quarter to $9.65 trillion from a downwardly revised $9.93 trillion in the third quarter. Home equity has steadily declined even as home prices jumped earlier this decade due to a surge in cash-out refinances, home equity loans, lines of credit and an increase in 100% or more home financing. Economists expect equity to drop even further as declining home prices eat into the value of most Americans' largest asset..."
  19. speak for yourself personally, I'm saving it for marriage. (Not to generalise, but internet-forum community members are not renowned for sexual success. or even person-to-person social encounters ()
  20. I'm confused here. As I see it, the vendor is trying to sell vastly overpriced propoerty. One way of doing this is to provide mortage help for a few years, or, in this case, guaranteed rents. The vendor doesn't care who gets the rent - the purchaser will have paid it upfront anyway as part of the excessive price. (anything to avoid cutting the price ) this "guaranteed rental" come-on is common in Florida newbuilds IIRC
  21. 4 years! Ive seen the 2-years rent guarantee scam for holiday property. But 6% for 4yrs - that means the properties are at least 24% overvalued(?)
  22. I would wait until the price appears on the land registry. If it appears at 240k then report it. if it appears at £185k then there should not be much of a problem - buyer should check the LR?
  23. Not quite relevant, but perhaps we could take advice fro propertypin "non-glee" policy? http://www.thepropertypin.com/viewtopic.php?t=1047
  24. you mean, Grape Flav-or-aid laced with cyanide and valium. for the first time, my avatar is relevant!
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