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  1. or "right-sizing", or "near-shoring" - or even "negative hiring"
  2. I thought it was marketing - "sale agreed" is intended to imply that the EA did some work negotiating the sale (?)
  3. could'nt you put it in the cupboard? (er..)
  4. agreed. and i'm sure property in France cannot fall
  5. again "R,bnota". i will "suffer" from an hpc in that I have a house (no mortgage) that will be cheaper that what it was at the peak. but i'd still like to see falls, for the good of the UK. I could (or cd've in 07 ) STR'd and perhaps made money, but so what? We like the house, and so FTW! I hate the british property market with a passion. (is that a sign of rabies? )
  6. This thread - and Nelly's - show the difference between property as somewhere to live and raise a family on the one hand, and a money-grabbing bullsh*t money-scam on the other. It does not matter if you "lose" 20k in percieved value if you're living in the thing, can afford to buy it and have not MEWed the equity. Suggesting that you stay if a poor rental for a possible profit is confusing a home with a financial plan.
  7. Well, he's not out of the woods completely yet... "While he has not yet moved into his new apartment at the Plaza, which he bought for about $26 million this month, people who have spoken with him say he still has plans to do so, as soon as he sells his current residence on Park Avenue." Wonder if he will be able to sell?
  8. some of the comments sounded simply childish sneering. Good luck with your new place! my only worry would be, - you seem to have bought, for a reasonable sum, a pleasant detached property which you can gently improve and that provides a simple, comfortable, affordable home for you and your family. Are you sure this is legal?
  9. Simpsoms, Krusty the Klown? [2F31] A Star is Burns: Jay: How can you vote for Burns' movie? Krusty: Let's just say it moved me...to a bigger house! Oops, I said the quiet part loud and the loud part quiet.
  10. same as spain... and if ireland leaves the euro, does it lose the euro 2k per head subsidy from Brussels? thx 4 advice re thepropertypin - i've skimmed it but am not a registered member, please pass link on. more UK relevance: "Ireland's slump is, in many respects, a microcosm of the challenges facing countries such as the US, Britain, and Spain. It's not just about the global credit crunch, weak banks, or bearish stock markets."
  11. well thats not quite what she said on Oct 07 (see .sig! :0 )
  12. perhaps, but the SO and I - glimpsing the daffodils shyly opening their golden beauty to the the spring sunshine, and new-born lambs cuddling close to proud ewes in the crisp dawn of a new day- have rushed out and bought another 4 BTLs in some town we never even knew existed, let alone visisted... in fact the only lamb involved today in the dryrot household is the one whose roasted scent is drifting upstairs as a I type!
  13. wtf? is this conman trying to remove the cost of borrowing from an investment! we really are at tipping point when they have to push this type of garbage.
  14. There is that. if it all goes TU, then at least I'll have 3k. Nightmare scenario tho...
  15. Hard to see how the flat they live in can be their "retirement pot"?
  16. hi from Der Spiegel, a German view of the mess we are in... http://www.spiegel.de/international/busine...,542364,00.html "The former highflier's troubles began in the housing market, but they predate the global credit crunch by nearly a year. Ireland enjoyed the biggest property boom ever recorded, Ahearne says, with average house prices up more than 300 percent in the past decade, to more than $490,000 at the beginning of last year. Since then, though, both home prices and residential construction have fallen off sharply. The building slump has led many construction firms, which are among the country's biggest employers, to slash jobs. Ireland's housing sector as a percentage of gross domestic product is three times bigger than that of the US, so the downturn, Ahearne says, is having a much bigger impact on the broader economy. "
  17. well, if you pay off the mortgage there's less to pay if you are laid off.tax is a huge issue -- if you are a higher rate taxpayer then any interest outside an isa will have to be at least 40% more than the RoI on your mortgage for it to make sense...
  18. there's no point in a survey provided by the seller, unless you can be 100%, guaranteed independent... and it won't be. the buyer would get the survey
  19. this is a major misery in berkshire, too. the local councils refuse permission to scrotes that want to build 20 flats on their bacjk gardens - but they just appeal to the government and it goes through as "brownfield" development. but, with luck, hpc will stop this trend
  20. If this is parody, its fab! I enjoyed the comment - we have paid $$$ for professional advice which is exactly the same - "good upside potemtial, but be wary of possible losses" (the weather forcast, "dry but wet" )
  21. thx: some choice quotes: The Ipswich apt: "When it was first sold in June 2006, it went for £268,000. " Well, someone made from it. and: "...a lot of dinner party peer pressure to follow suit and get into buy-to-let. Your friends are making a mint - why shouldn't you? " I always make important financial decisions after listening to fellow guests' chat at dinner. I mean, its the only way!
  22. Unless you can sell the unbuilt flats in advance, to idiot would-be flippers, using an "instant equity" scam. (Assetz are behind this new fund, no?)
  23. it would be good to remove the "Trading suspended" line from the thread title. (I had to get a quick change of underwear :0 )
  24. not at all. we have a little house which we like and equity in it. why move? it's possible that we could STR (well, not now, back in 07 perhaps ) but the upheaval would be madness. and we'd only be doing it for base commercial gain, and we like the house! but - learning from my colleagues on hpc - i do not plan to use my savings as deposit on a newbuild BTL in Reading. That's to say, one can learn and be Ok placed without an STR fund expertly spread around commodities and canadian $!
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