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  1. hi all this mega-depressing news about bailouts... banks not "passing on rate reductions" etc. Why can't we all just borrow from the BoE at base rate? It amounts to the same thing as bank bailouts, and cuts out the overpaidbankingcreeps^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^ middlemen? Or is this all too naive?
  2. thz, interesting! http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-margin-call.htm
  3. ah, - the ad campaign McDs "borrowed" from Viz! http://www.mcspotlight.org/media/press/ind_12sep96.html McDs paid damages in the end.
  4. can't see the appeal of Jack Straw, myself. He was respnsible for the relaxation (abolition) of marriage checks on immigrants, he brought in the Human Rights Act and no-win/no-fee legal actions, he tried to make laughing at a religion a criminal offence - man's a prime creep. agree! Gordon (or Darling's) bijou problemette is how to fund d £648bn public sector in a falling economy. we are already borrowing 8% of that, and it will get worse. Can't see stamp duty helping either! (My solution? abolish the scottish parliament, welsh assembly, english regional assemblies. Cut public sector pension entitlements. Legalise and tax all drugs. OK, I'll let myself out )
  5. choice quote... "The problem isn't that their finances are in trouble. It's that the mortgage is too high, and it's taking up too much income," Maddux added." sounds like a quote from Gordon Brown...
  6. ? according to the link it also switched from being a terrace to a semi! Sale Date Price Type Tenure New Build Map Address 1 05/10/2006 £140,000 Semi F No Map 53, Roselands Gardens, Southampton, SO17 1QJ 2 03/05/2006 £220,000 Ter. F No Map 53, Roselands Gardens, Southampton, SO17 1QJ "do it up"? Blew it up perhaps? EDIT: include data
  7. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...c=73376&hl=
  8. well, they are royally screwed now. 1.5% per month is the usual bridging loan charge
  9. please add my thx. these threads are very informative - what is actually happening. I too hope you will convert the valuation into "real" pounds - thx for the updates. BTW: did u see the new South Park last week? "Canada on strike"? Dealt with the problem of converting internet popularity/youtube views into real $$$. they ended up being paid in "internet imaginary $$$" - reminded me strangely of the "!&^*ing UK housing market...
  10. A famous - and innocent - victim has the great Gerry Anderson, of Thunderbirds fame. The early 70s crash, and a bridging loan, wiped him out, after all those years of great 60s TV. IIRC he may have been in marital troubles at the time, but the vicious bridging finance rate and then sales drying up screwed them royally
  11. hi thx to this forum, I read the following: "For example, Chris Miller, from Bedford, bought 31 flats valued by surveyors at £7.5m late last summer for £6.4m. He borrowed £6.4m, much of it from GMAC. But when nearly all were repossessed this year as he could not rent them, he found that many of the loans had been sold on to the likes of Bradford & Bingley and Morgan Stanley. His portfolio is unlikely to fetch more than £3m at auction, a £3.4m loss to lenders... http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2008/apr/0...tolet.mortgages " B&B still have "aspirational-type" adverts for BTL in the local branch. Grr. Well, they can do it without my small savings. I had the interest rolled up and added this year's allowance. Not a fortune, and I'm sure gold is better, but for a small-time punter like me it's nice to see it grow! And to think I could have used it as a lever to but x BTL flats
  12. many thx, u have provided data, which i'll follow (after theGrand National!)
  13. read it after a swim at club. glad i was relaxed as this one is exasperating: "Brown, Gordon Nothing to do with him, but it could cost him his job, too." WTF? Indy garbage. Gordon is to blame, too!
  14. aah - she sounds fun, and enjoys life. Can u pm me her mobile no.? (but I won't lend her money, and am terrified that the bank holiding my savings has done!)
  15. agree. the US still has a the worlds most productive economy, building things - and services - that others want to buy. I think they will pull back from a global policeman role and carry on. they are way better placed than the UK. i wish it were otherwise
  16. thx 4 reply. but private sector jobs are advertised in the times, telegraph, industry magazines. I find it interesting you can't back your 30+ friends who would be insulted by 140k plus pensionable salaries... Browns wall of money into the public sector has gone straight in salaries. And the crash is coming. Will we be like Zimbabwe, where the ruling socialist party has to destroy the economy to keep its payroll funded? 140k+ is a huge salary in the UK
  17. Hi, Your uni friends - age 31/32/33 - all have jobs paying substantially above 140k+ p.a., pensionable? I mean, you said they'd be insulted at the salaries the OP listed... I don't believe it. If so, show us the adverts, please. edit: drunken spelling
  18. are "fake t.its" deflationary? quite the opposite i'd have thought!
  19. I hope they were measured - your thread is valuable, thanks! good luck - wish I had some useful advice - apart from the obvious
  20. Depends, of course, on how much it costs Barrats to build the hutches^H^H^H^H^H^Hluxury-contemporary-apartments. I'd love to know how much the build cost is, equally on the blt-fodder in other towns. I bet there's loads of margin!
  21. Bracknell is Ok I guess - but 215k for a newbuild flat is kite-flying - even if it is off the met office roundabout You can get a 2bed victorian cottage in wokingham for 229k. Bracknell amenities, as per above advert: "The Point provides a ten-screen cinema and 28- lane bowling, while Bracknell's Leisure Centre has everything from squash and swimming pools to a fitness suite, dance studio and all-weather pitch. Whether you are enjoying the 'tropical' Coral Reef Waterworld with its water-slides and Sauna World, or winter sports at the John Nike Leisure Complex with its ski slope and Olympic-scale skating rink, you'll acclimatise to the lifestyle beautiful;y." Even I can't enthuse about the point - but at least the flats are across the roundabout from the local Wetherspoons, so I suppose its cheap to dwo your sorrows!
  22. looks excelllent value - compared to 180k for a newbuild in bracknell... http://www.findanewhome.com/south-east-eng...0a2f034164b.fap
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