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  1. Thanks. noted the title to you linked article was "Brexit lorry chaos avoided as freight flows 'back to normal'" "Internal figures seen by the BBC show outbound roll-on roll-off lorry traffic for Great Britain for the month so far at 98% of last February's levels. Inbound traffic is at 99% of last year's levels." And it concentrates on Dover: Portsmouth is never mentioned tho I imagine its a much less important port(?). Anyway my original reply was to thank a new poster - it got drowned in the flood IYSWIM
  2. So "Eastenders", "Noels House Party" and "Strictly Come Dancing" are the equivalent of an NHS hospital provision? You know that taxes for the schools, military, NHS are progressive: and Income tax starts at 20% at £12kp.s. (IIRC). Earning less than 10K you dont pay for these vital services. Your fabulous BBC licence fee, however, is a flat, regressive tax on the poorest in our society. Whos the savage right-winger here then? Drivel indeed.
  3. (Bus drivel deleted) If BoJo exempts poor/elderly does he raise taxes to fund it or cut public spending? Exempting them from the telly tax would be better - but that means a serious cut in BBC revenue - and so why not just make the BBC a subscription channel? No-one is forced to buy the press you quote on pain of criminal prosecution.
  4. Can you link to the evidence that 65% of lorries leaving Portsmouth are empty (the pre-Brexit % would help as well for comparison tho I don't know that) edit: Project Fear link from 2019 wrt Pompey docks https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/uk-england-hampshire-49970429
  5. We usually get Guardian/Observer articles plonked here from the Remain side: no-one seems to have posted today's hilarious classic: https://www.theguardian.com/world/commentisfree/2021/feb/14/brexit-britain-eu-covid-vaccination-fiasco TL;DR: The EU was right all along about vaccine procurement - or perhaps its too early to tell. "The EU together set out the demands it wanted met in exchange for financial aid aimed at speeding up production (€2.7bn). These demands included refusing to exempt laboratories from civil liability, insisting that the companies owned production lines on EU territory – an essential precaution at a time of temporary border closures – and, finally, reasonable prices" Wow...
  6. No idea - do you? The Brexit-disaster-lorry-queue seems yet another Project Fear fantasy - that was the point of the article.
  7. Calm down. Sorry the Brexit vote went against the rich London Remainers, but that's democracy! "victims of Grenfell, UC sanction sufferers, and foodbank users?" Please try and stay relevant - or I suppose tjhe Students Union is closed? Grenfell victims have not been compensated? UC claimants and foodbank users are the ones hit hardest by the BBC telly tax.
  8. Thx for this - just dashing out to place a deposit on a 2bed shared-ownership flat in a new block right next to a dismal South London "commuter" station.
  9. Agree. I cancelled my licence last year. No broadcast TV since. Its very unfair that one must pay the BBC if you just want to watch ITV... It hits the poorest un our society the hardest.
  10. Hi I just thought I note your post with thanks. Now back to hairdressers and the celtic fringe...
  11. The BBC is The Guardian with a £4bn budget and legal force to extract £160pa from anyone who reads any newspaper. Make the BBC a subscription channel ASAP (or at least remove licence fee enforcement from the criminal law)
  12. Thx for your reply. I wont continue as this thread has now been hijacked by hairdressers
  13. Its a quiet Sunday so I read the article. Even by Nick Cohen's standards it is weak and rehashed. We even get the "chlorinated chicken" trope. Sheesh
  14. All OK here, considering. How's life in RoI? I noted the taoiseach was not consulted when the EU decided to implement Article 16. Its almost as if Eire has submitted to colonialism. Ruled from an overseas capital: just the flag has changed. (1916? Oh well..) "It is believed the decision was made without consultation with either the UK or Ireland government." https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/jan/29/eu-moves-to-stop-northern-ireland-being-used-as-a-vaccine-backdoor-to-britain
  15. Well it was the Observer, so I dont suppose anyone took it seriously. Ho hum.. https://order-order.com/2021/02/08/dover-port-trade-bounces-back-to-90-of-normal-despite-covid/ Dover Ports have announced that trade has already bounced back to 90% of volumes typical for this time of year. And that is despite the requirement for hauliers to have a negative Covid test. In reality, the 68% drop in January was a combination of Covid restrictions, cautious stockpiling before the 31st in case of No Deal, and learning new systems. The further from January 1st things have moved, the more trade flows have been returning to normal. A statement from Dover Port today announced that: “A month on since the end of the Brexit transition period, the Port of Dover is pleased to already be welcoming over 90% of the freight traffic volumes typical of this time of year following the significant stockpiling experienced before Christmas.” “The message to hauliers is that as long as you come to Kent border ready and with a negative COVID test, then it won’t be long before you are on your way to France on the shortest ferry crossing.” (Now back to Project Fear part 94)
  16. Thanks for this link. I note it has been studiously avoided by the Remainers on here. I agree it makes the FT a much more reliable source of news. They were very pro-Remain, but have the honesty to print news even if against their views. (It makes me think more seriously of their Remain arguments IYSWIM) https://www.ft.com/content/6d86951c-a4af-4d0b-95da-7856d4db8639 "Liverpool, the UK’s fifth-biggest container port, in north-west England, is one of the early winners, gaining traffic from southern rivals as logistics companies try to avoid congestion at the busier Channel crossing points. In recent months three new services into Liverpool have started, following investment of more than £400m. One brings unaccompanied containers from Santander in northern Spain weekly. “That would have driven through France and gone across the Channel before,” said Carr. Another has won transatlantic freight trade, destined for northern England, from the congested southern port of Felixstowe. Rather than risk delays there, shippers load it on to a smaller vessel that stops at Liverpool. The third is Liverpool’s first link with east Asia in decades. Shipping line CMA CGM stops in Dunkirk to offload containers and collect others from northern France and Belgium before heading to Liverpool." Excellent news, and the Tories are delivering on Boris' "Levelling up" promise!
  17. You dont have an answer and - deep down - you know it. Hence the above.
  18. I just said "jumping jack flash". OK, are we back in the EU? I think your post encapsulates the Remainer standard pf argument
  19. Agree. I don't think the CPTPP will charge us £84bn to join, either.
  20. I must stop reading your silly Guardian/Observer links. However its a dull Sunday and i read the above: "The prospect of empty shelves is “shocking” for artisan cheese retailer La Fromagerie. After 30 years sourcing specialist French and Italian cheeses to sell in her London stores and to UK customers online, Brexit has left Patricia Michelson facing added import taxes and duties. “If things don’t improve I can see prices going up in April by 10% to 15%. Transporters put their price up straightaway by 15%,” Michelson said. “We will have to see if it is viable or not going forward, or not get as many cheeses as we used to.” French artisan cheeses may be 10% more expensive! Don't just post here, go round England and show them the downsides of Brexit. (Far more serious than saving £84bn, making our own laws under our own democracy, controlling immigration, oh, and a swift vaccine rollout) Note that, once out of the absurd EU, we can import cheeses and everything else from around the world without the problems that you describe. But the Guardian wont print that
  21. Thx. I know a bit about the ski chalet biz (been a customer for years and relatives have done a season. I wish I had!) The major issue is with local labour laws: a lot of chalet cos have folded well before Brexit (or Covid)
  22. This is the official Contribution Breakdown Table. Eire is on for Eur16Bn, Your Express has more: https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1317940/EU-news-Ireland-European-coronavirus-recovery-fund-budget-latest-update The UK isnt listed as we escaped due to Brexit. Our GDP is roughly 6* Irelands that would be 96bn Euro or @86bn£ This is real money, as opposed to Bloombergs "forecast of less growth", We all know how Project Fear turned out! (Any other questions? :))
  23. Well, we have saved Eu84bn. And we get Covid vaccines quicker. And thats just in the first month of Brexit!
  24. Thanks. I've checked his website and, tho no enthusiast for Brexit, I dont see wholesale condemnation? Poor Yannis (and Greece) got shafted by the EU. Greece (Ireland, Denmark too perhaps?) was too small to resist and was crushed. Tho Greece must take some blame for maxing out the Euro credit card, the EU is at fault for granting them the facility in the first place...
  25. Thanks for your reply,. Still a bit confused: is the £21bn monies returned to the UK (cant believe that) or that earned by EU resorts? If the latter its not really our problem. Did you agree with my points regarding pre-Brexit restrictions on employment?
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