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  1. The people who deal with these things for me tell me ~£75k is the annual cost for my childrens' ponies.
  2. My sympathy. I can only hope the new buyers are awkward. Mind you, 75k on 1.5m is only 5% I'm not sure I'd upset a vendor for that.
  3. https://metro.co.uk/2017/08/23/mp-shares-tweet-saying-abuse-victims-should-shut-their-mouths-for-good-of-diversity-6872181/ Hey, so it was an accident. Will Ms Shah sue The Metro?" Ms Shah’s comments come just days after she attacked fellow Labour MP Sarah Champion for speaking out about the Rotherham sex scandal in article. In the letter, published in The Sun, Ms Shah accused Ms Champion’s comments of being ‘blanket, racialised loaded statements’ which stigmatised the Pakistani community. She added that the article was ‘irresponsible’ and set a ‘dangerous precedent’. A spokeswoman for Naz Shah told the paper: ‘This was a genuine accident eight days ago that was rectified within minutes. To suggest otherwise is absolute nonsense'"
  4. Sorry to hear that - can you clarify? The vendors had sold to your friends and then someone else offered an extra £75k? (what was the original price and whereabouts? w/o breaking confidence of course)
  5. I don't think the tweet was the issue. She "liked" it, you can quote it. You just cant call her an "apologist for grooming gangs" in a leaflet.
  6. NZ can't be short of land? It's the size of the UK with a population of 5million...
  7. I'm dealing with a fanatic... Would you dispute the following? "A German government source briefed Handelsblatt – at the time a well-respected financial paper – that the AstraZeneca vaccines were just six per cent effective at preventing disease among the elderly (ie, the very cohort most in need of protection from Covid). This was nonsense. But it led French president Emmanuel Macron to claim that the jab was ‘quasi-ineffective’. Then, von der Leyen accused the UK of compromising safety by authorising the AstraZeneca vaccine too quickly – even though the EMA had also approved it days before. French, German and Italian regulators refused to allow the elderly to be given the jab – though this groundless decision has since been reversed. The effect of this has been to cast suspicion on the vaccine, leading Europeans to refuse it in large number." The EU Prez (cant remember which one , theres about a dozen of 'em) said the UK had banned vaccine exports. That was a blatant lie. Its the EU which has banned vaccine exports (even of the astra-zeneca, which they erroneously criticise anyway)
  8. You cant argue with them. France had a run-off presidential election in 2002 with Jean-Marie Le Pen's NF. Greece had Golden Dawn - they were strengthened by the evil Euro policy. Brussels Must Prevail - that supports local extremism. Luckily the UK have elections.
  9. As a Brexiteer, even I could not have foreseen how catastrophic the EU has been. https://www.spiked-online.com/2021/03/18/the-eu-is-behaving-like-a-psychopath/ "The EU’s vaccine programme is a disaster of its own making. It was bad enough when it seemed that only European citizens would pay for Brussels’ incompetence with their lives. Now the EU’s malicious lies and lashing out are going to get a lot more people killed."
  10. But at least we will be Covid-Vaccinated.. https://unherd.com/2021/03/has-the-eu-lost-its-mind/ "Not much more than a month ago, Covid cases in the EU were at roughly the same level as in the UK and the US. Now, they’re roughly twice the American level, and between three and four times the British level. That’s not just because cases are coming down in the UK and US, but also because they’re heading up in several European countries — and across the EU overall."
  11. Not quite: she said "Only little people pay taxes" (not rules). (Unpleasant tho she was, she had a point ).
  12. They call it "CurtisLand". Every crappy Richard Curtis film has a secretary-type living alone in a 3-bed mansion flat.
  13. The EU is certainly has a new drive since we left: https://www.politico.eu/article/at-signing-ceremony-eu-presidents-seal-deal-on-future-of-the-conference-on-the-future-of-europe (Well, they need to pick one of the eleven presidents first) "So far, no one is predicting any concrete outcomes from the Conference on the Future of Europe, a roughly 15-month-long, Continent-wide self-scrutiny tour that is the brainchild — some would say devil-spawn — of French President Emmanuel Macron. But if the EU wants to avoid making itself the butt of (more) jokes, one goal might be to rewrite the EU treaties to cut the number of officials that it calls “president.” Or put another way, the conference might ask: how many EU presidents does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Well, that requires figuring out how many presidents the EU has in the first place, which, depending on the institutions included, might be 10. Does the European Economic and Social Committee count? Then make it 11. The overabundance of presidents was on full display Wednesday as European Parliament President David Sassoli, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, and Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa, representing the presidency of the Council of the EU, gathered for a ceremony to formally initiate the conference and finally put to rest a year-long battle over who would be its president." Thank heavens we are out! (and not paying for this nonsense)
  14. Much the same in the company I worked for. But hanging on for a redundancy payment when you could have retired at 60 has its drawbacks. Depends on the Reaper...
  15. Hilaire Belloc covered this decades ago: Lord Finchley tried to mend the Electric Light Himself. It struck him dead: And serve him right! It is the business of the wealthy man To give employment to the artisan
  16. Skiing cancelled ☹️ Switched to this December. (It has to be OK by then...?) We have a few days with friends in Devon (booked hotel before last Monday's announcement.)
  17. Thank you for that image. I will now go and get drunk. Bild has been called the "Blod-Zeitung" but its an interesting Schlagzeile, nevertheless.
  18. Interesting point. After the jab I did feel a semi-conscious prompt to place a deposit on a £300k 2-bed HTB newbuild flat in Luton. Perhaps that is TPTB's secret ingredient?
  19. I find this thread a bit exhausting, and wish you all well... Dont think this has been posted? https://order-order.com/2021/02/24/germanys-largest-paper-dear-britain-we-envy-you/ "The front page of Bild, Germany’s best read newspaper, this morning was emblazoned with a large Union Jack and the words “Dear Britain, we envy you” written across it. Accompanying text read that “the English have announced their return to normality on June 21… and here there’s no hope”. The paper noted that a total of 17.7 million Brits have been jabbed, compared to just 3.4 million in Germany. Bild went on to say that as Boris announced the UK’s great relaxation plan to get things normal by June, Angela Merkel told the Bundestag “We cannot define away the fact that we now have a third wave.” Her Chancellery chief Helge Braun went on to add that in Germany “March, April and May” would be “difficult months”. (Wait till Germany get the next Brussels contribution bill!)
  20. Nice post. I too feel house prices are insane but not sorry I bought. <emph> y neigbours opposite had exactly that issue: Two adults working from home and a family needs space..
  21. Can you elaborate? No-one is forced to pay owt for ITV. You can even skip the ads if you like. Or choose to buy products that ar'nt advertsised. Sky Sports and Netfic may be more than the BBC but you can always cancel and not pay? Tim Davie, the new BBC DG stated that a subscription model would be £400 p.a. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/02/03/bbc-would-cost-400-per-year-turned-subscription-service-says/ Thats fine, if those who dont want to use it are not charged!
  22. 1) and 2) You wont admit the BBC licence fee hurts poor families: do you benefit from the licence fee or are you just uncaring? All from wikipedia, with references:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Television_licensing_in_the_United_Kingdom "According to a National Audit Office report from 2002: "Areas with high evasion rates are most likely to have, for example, a higher than average proportion of younger people, low income households, and students and single parent families, and a level of County Court judgments 50 per cent above the national average Around 70% of TV licence evaders are female TV Licensing is managed as a sales operation[172] and its officers are motivated by commission payments The Magistrates' Association has been calling for the decriminalisation of TV licence evasion for nearly twenty years, concerned that evaders are punished disproportionately" 3) You posted "Try to frame your argument using an ounce of sense rather than the standard right wing drivel." This is my final post on the subject. By all means reply and say you "won" the argument if you need the satisfaction.
  23. Thanks. noted the title to you linked article was "Brexit lorry chaos avoided as freight flows 'back to normal'" "Internal figures seen by the BBC show outbound roll-on roll-off lorry traffic for Great Britain for the month so far at 98% of last February's levels. Inbound traffic is at 99% of last year's levels." And it concentrates on Dover: Portsmouth is never mentioned tho I imagine its a much less important port(?). Anyway my original reply was to thank a new poster - it got drowned in the flood IYSWIM
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