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  1. I live in the SE - I should'nt really bother to reply - but I had to due to the bolded quote. My very first "hit" on a search for "wages and immigration" is https://fullfact.org/immigration/immigration-and-jobs-labour-market-effects-immigration/ (FullFact is lefty, as well) They state: "In the UK, studies suggest that immigration has a small impact on average wages but more significant impacts along the wage distribution - low-waged workers lose while medium and high-paid workers gain" (Its like shooting fish in a barrel )
  2. I have no interest in your fantasies, sorry. Silly me - of course the vast majority of Poles (and other Eastern Europeans) who come here and work hard, concentrate on middle-class jobs.
  3. Brilliant post. I know of builders hit in exactly the same way. Hourly rates fell to what as paid years ago. Of course, if you are a leftie lawyer or BBC apparatchik; mass immigration simply means your new kitchen fitters are cheaper. The "Poles" you mention do not compete for middle-class jobs. (If they did, The Guardian would be anti-immigrant before you could say "Racist"...)
  4. Agree with your general post, but HTB "essentially" is to prop up house prices, no? To get people to pay more than they could normally afford to buy entry-level properties and stop the house of cards collapsing.
  5. Well, that puts me in my place! Interesting that this - I suppose "story" is the best description - was never recorded. You didnt menion that it was a rumour on the original post, to. "Is a knighthood ennoblement? I think not." Wrong again. https://cilane.eu/index.php/ufaqs/what-is-knighthood/ "Thus, the dubbed knights, and their descendants, came to be distinguished from other mounted soldiers, and conferring knighthood, or eligibility for knighthood (typically with a right to a coat of arms) was an early form of ennoblement. In this way the knightly class became the core of the nobility."
  6. Can you provide evidence for this? Sounds like bullsh*t to me. Gosling was a honorary Captain (charitable services to RN) since 1993. Gosling was a rough diamond - he was ennobled by Harold Wilson - but no mention of your allegation in https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/profile-a-multistorey-monopolist-sir-don-gosling-the-chief-of-national-car-parks-is-not-keen-on-nosy-parkers-as-william-kay-discovers-1412969.html
  7. Hi not sure if this has been posted... A journalists take on Hartlepool.. er.. https://thecritic.co.uk/the-woodfired-brick-wall/ "Five years ago, London was a Conservative city. But the party has written off its chances of winning there this week or in the foreseeable future. How have the Tories lost touch with a place that in in living memory voted for both Boris Johnson and Margaret Thatcher? That’s the question I’m trying to answer in my forthcoming book The Lost City: How London Fell Out Of Love With The Tories (9 Sept., Pundit Press). I’ve spent more than a year living among the “Cockneys”, as Londoners are known, and coming to understand their ways, from their love of flat white coffees and IPA beer to their tiny, expensive housing."
  8. Labour did themselvs no favours with thier choice of candidate for Hartlepool. A committed remainer who lost Stockton in the GE. https://www.spiked-online.com/2021/05/04/why-labour-deserves-to-lose-hartlepool [Paul Williams, Lab candidate] "was elected in 2017 but he was unceremoniously turfed out in 2019, with his vote share falling from 48.5 per cent to 41 per cent. Under his governance, Stockton South went from being part of the Red Wall to being another northern scalp for the Tories. And it isn’t hard to see why: the people of Stockton wanted Brexit whereas Williams, in his apparent superior wisdom, wanted to stop Brexit. Sixty-two per cent of voters in Stockton voted for Brexit in the 2016 referendum. And yet this Stockton MP clearly decided that these ignoramuses had made a catastrophic error and did everything he could to void their votes. ‘No form of Brexit is better than the deal we already have as members of the European Union’, he decreed. He broke the Labour Party whip six times in order to vote for a second referendum. When Nissan hinted that it would not be manufacturing the X-Trail car in its factories in the north-east of England, where Stockton is, Williams sneered that Brexit voters had been given a ‘taste of the new Brexit reality’. It wasn’t surprising at all when the people of Stockton South gave him a taste of their working-class anger by forcing him out of power at the first opportunity. And now Keir Starmer has seen fit to send Williams to Hartlepool – a town where an even higher percentage of people voted for Brexit than in Stockton South: 69.6 per cent. Are these people mad? They’re certainly clueless. Why would voters in Hartlepool trust a politician who so flagrantly ignored the wishes of the people in his previous constituency; who was forever swanning off to Westminster to conspire in the frustration of Brexit and, by extension, the frustration of his own electorate’s wishes?" And Keir gives him the slot in Hartlepool? Madness, or contempt for the electorate?
  9. Both parties are being cautious on the quoted poll - but the Guardian is gloomy: bad internal numbers for Labour. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/may/04/internal-polling-suggests-labour-heading-for-defeat-in-hartlepool-byelection And I thought Labour victory a reasonable bet at 2/1. They are now 8/1 on Betfair...
  10. Thanks for your reply. I noted Tim Worstalls piece on this https://www.continentaltelegraph.com/2021/05/as-ever-the-european-union-is-decades-behind-the-curve/ "Now non-taxation isn’t possible. The Trump reforms meant that some tax had to be paid even if that cash remained offshore. The likely Biden reforms say that it will pay tax at the usual rates even if it remains offshore. So the incentive to shift profits has rather declined. Because such shifting doesn’t lead to non-taxation. That is, the problem is now solved. There’s no reason to beat on Ireland any more. Tax will be paid on profits. And?"
  11. "The Guardian glosses it over with "Issues, such as negative equity, having an interest-only mortgage, missed payments or changes in circumstances,"" In other words the "buyers" couldnt afford the property in the first place. Thank you, to those MPs who voted against the Lords' amendment. A small step for sanity...
  12. Hi thx for reply. I drop in and out of this thread as it moves so fast (and is currently a vaccine bicker-fest). But what production? Certainly Ireland has assets - "skilled workforce, the English language, and access to the European market" - but the tax benefit was huge (thats why HP put its print cartridge factory there - since moved I think). https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/ireland-s-low-tax-miracle-is-over
  13. Meanwhile In Ireland... (@yelims) https://www.irishtimes.com/business/economy/european-commission-to-pressure-ireland-on-tax-in-recovery-fund-plan-1.4552634 Goodbye to the Celtic Tiger? If you cant tempt the multinationals with artificially low corp-tax rates... The EU will enforce the rules, of course! "The European Commission will pressure Ireland to address “aggressive tax planning” in national plans for spending its chunk of the bloc’s €750 billion Covid-19 economic recovery funding, The Irish Times understands. Ireland is due to get hundreds of millions of euro in grants and loans over the next three years as part of the stimulus plan, but must submit a plan for how it will spend the cash that must be signed off by the commission. Member states must commit to using the money for investments that strengthen their economies for the future, particularly in digitalisation and green initiatives, in order to get the nod. But the commission will also insist that governments agree to implement a longstanding list of recommended reforms, known as “country-specific recommendations”, for their spending plans to be signed off on and the cash released. This would include measures to “close loopholes in their tax codes, modernise/digitalise tax administration, and promote a culture of compliance”, according to a commission document. European economy commissioner Paolo Gentiloni has confirmed that tax reforms are on the commission’s wish list when it comes to Ireland’s national recovery plan, in a written answer provided to Sinn Féin MEP Chris MacManus seen by The Irish Times."
  14. Hang on - this is hpc! For hpc to happen someone must "lose". It should have happened in 2003... from wolfstreet: "for example, a one-bedroom flat in Manchester failed to sell last month despite being listed for half the £330,000 its owner had paid in 2017. In another example, a two-bedroom flat at The Decks, an award-winning design with flammable cladding, sold at auction for £52,000 last year, 62% lower than the price its owners had paid (£134,450) in 2008."
  15. Wolfstreet. https://wolfstreet.com/2021/04/30/bank-of-england-frets-about-banks-as-flammable-cladding-crisis-crushes-prices-at-low-end-of-housing-market/ "New data shows that affected properties — and there are up to 1.3 million of these flats — sell for as little as one third of what the owner had paid." [..] "With banks refusing to offer mortgages on apartments in these buildings, and with cash buyers demanding crippling discounts, even selling the unit is not really an option. But of course selling is an option... perhaps this is the HPC?
  16. Didnt realise the original post was January. Guardian piece is a classic "non-news" item really. What is the Guardian's definition of a 'far right' group? Dunno, but the BBC uses "far-right" for anyone who isnt a leader-writer for the Guardian.
  17. "A group of ordinary British people, combined with a few high-profile names, managed to pull us out of a bloated, unaccountable European project designed to protect its own financial interests at the expense of the individual countries involved." No, it was the Super League https://www.spiked-online.com/2021/04/22/why-i-have-finally-stopped-watching-football
  18. +1. Did London care all that much about its various colonised countries in Empire days? As we saw when the Taoisoach was not consulted over the threat to impose article 16 for vaccines, Brussels has the same attitude to the ROI.
  19. ??? are you trolling? The whole issue is that no-one will lend to Greece/italy etc - at low Euro rates - unless they think they will be paid back, which means that Germany will pay them back. Thats the whole Euro nightmare in one sentence.
  20. Hi I tend to dip in and out of this thread - it is busy. The following describes the current EU funding mess. Will Germany agree to fudge the funding? Unfortunately the EU is too scared to ask for a vote on "ever-closer union" as they'd lose the vote? https://capx.co/how-germanys-top-court-could-ruin-the-eus-spending-bonanza "In Germany, much of the political world is in favour of a more powerful EU. You might argue, if a national government wants to give the EU more power, then that’s fine; after all, it represents the nation’s voters. That’s true, but only as long as it happens under the rules and limitations laid out in that country’s constitution. In Germany, the constitution remains the supreme law of the land. Without constitutional revision, the national government is not empowered to slowly convert the EU from an international organisation into a federal state. There can be no legitimate Hamiltonian moment without the consent of the people. And so far in Europe, voters have rejected an EU constitution. European citizens have consistently been promised there will be no gradual, undemocratic slide towards a centralised EU government – now Germany’s Constitutional Court looks like the last institution left standing that can uphold that promise."
  21. You missed out on Bansko. There's simply nothing left at any price. (Oh, hang on.. https://www.aplaceinthesun.com/property/bulgaria/blagoevgrad/bansko/from/0/to/max/currency/gbp/order-by/lowestprice/propperpage/18/page/1 ) I am a keen skier but would avoid Bansko (far too busy, not enough lifts, huge queues at the one gondola). Let alone buy a property there, even fr £10k
  22. Meanwhile in Turkey, the ludicrous number of EU Presidents causes a kerfluffle... https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/ursula-von-der-leyen-s-sexist-sofa-shenanigans "After weeks of unedifying rows over Europe's vaccine procurement disaster, two top Brussels' officials are now embroiled in a new diplomatic incident. On Tuesday, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen and European Council president Charles Michel paid a trip to Ankara to meet with Turkish leader President Erdoğan. Unfortunately the three hour long discussion on issues such as women's rights got off to a bad start when von der Leyen was denied an armchair beside Erdoğan as the discussions began, being instead confined to a sofa opposite Turkish foreign minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu. A visibly annoyed von der Leyen muttered 'Ehm' and gesticulated at the occupied seats, as Michel and Erdoğan made themselves comfortable at the head of the gilded room in the presidential complex. Of course #Sofagate quickly exploded on Twitter, with MEPs lining up to proclaim their indignation at the perceived sidelining of the continent's top female Eurocrat. " [..] "As Jean Quatremer explains in the French newspaper Liberation the so-called 'incident' is really nothing of the sort and merely the result of the Turks sticking to the EU's own bizarre protocol. With four different European presidencies, it is easy to see how such mix ups can occur but according to the 'interinstitutional agreement' of March 1, 2011 the protocol is fixed exactly as it is in the French Republic. This fixes the order of precedence as the President of the European Parliament coming first, followed by the President of the European Council, the rotating Presidency of the Council of Ministers and, finally, the President of the Commission i.e. von der Leyen. This means that when the Presidents of the European Council and of the Commission are on a mission in third countries, the former is officially the head of the delegation, not the latter. Naturally therefore Michel would sit alongside Erdogan as the head of state while von der Leyen and Cavusoglu would sit socially distanced apart in a four way discussion." Thank heavens we are out of this nonsense!
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