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  1. A straw in the wind... https://www.msn.com/en-xl/news/other/germany-calls-for-abolition-of-eu-foreign-policy-vetos/ar-AAKNvvG "The European Union cannot allow itself to be "held hostage" in its foreign policy by single nations exercising their veto rights, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said on Monday. His remarks are being widely seen as a rebuke directed at Hungary, which in recent months has blocked several foreign policy measures agreed on by almost all other member states". Its not our problem thank heavens as we are out: more proof that the EU is centralising and countries will be assimilated...
  2. Another Guardian/Observer piece. The wierd Remainer wish for Eastern European workers living 12-to-a-room in some dodgy rental and lowering UK wages is thankfully over. I enjoyed the final paragraph of the piece tho (no wonder rhe subeditor left it to the end! :)) "Lussmann laments the way hospitality as a profession is rarely respected in the UK, in the way it is in the US and Europe. And even if the staff shortage leads to a short-term squeeze, the restaurateur believes it may be beneficial to the economy – and to employees – in the long run. “I think in the end it will drive the industry to train better, develop more and look after staff more,” he said. “In the long term it is not a bad thing. It will mean better employers will do well and those who are not so good will eventually struggle to survive.”" Brexit -winning and delivering yet again!
  3. Barnier has already made a strong start... https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/may/16/michel-barnier-marine-le-pen-france-presidential-candidate
  4. Interesting article (for the Metro, anyway). "In the city centre of Leeds, they’ve dropped by around £6,000 since the start of the year – now a two-bed flat with a balcony is achievable on a £160,000 budget. While, over in Sheffield, a typical one or two-bed flat will now set you back around £125,00 – down more than £4,000 since the start of 2021. In central Nottingham prices dropped by 3% in the same period, while Cardiff saw a 2% dip" So any Leeds buyers have lost £6k. On official figures... Can they even sell these inner-city highrise flats? (Hint: cladding)
  5. In fact, alcohol consumption has been falling for the last few years... https://www.ibisworld.com/uk/bed/alcohol-consumption-per-capita/44222/#:~:text=Overall%2C alcohol consumption is forecast,reach 9.0 grams per day.
  6. Thanks for your reply (I miss them sometimes as this thread goes so quick) You hav'nt really addressed the issue - arrogant EU president patronising Greece, a country the EU.Euro smashed. https://www.spiked-online.com/2021/06/01/the-eu-destroyed-greece/ "Few would think of the past 40 years as especially good for Greece. Particularly the past 10 years, which have been marred by the Euro crisis, austerity and economic collapse. It’s worth recalling the scale of this disaster. This was no ordinary recession. The austerity measures imposed by the Troika of the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund made our own austerity chancellor, George Osborne, look like Mother Theresa. Public-sector employment was slashed by 30 per cent. At the worst point, Greece lost more than a quarter of its entire GDP. Unemployment climbed by 16 percentage points and youth unemployment peaked at around 56 per cent. What’s more, the scars remain. Greek GDP per capita has never recovered to the levels it enjoyed in the year 2000 – even before the pandemic struck. The best years of Greek history, really?" EDIT: add that i accept the Greeks bear some responsibility for borrowing so much - but that was also the fault of the disastrous Euro, which made Greek debt seemingly backed by Germany (another EU failure)
  7. Went to the Ealing one yesterday. Great stuff - pint of Punk IPA and a tuna jacket for ~£6. Double-expresso coffee for 99p. We love you Tim Martin!
  8. I cant remember which of the 12 or so EU Presidents Mr Michel is, but anyway this is a classic! Wow! So the EU-austerity-savagery is "the best years in [Greece's] history" Thank heavens we are out of the EU. This sort of speech would wind me up when we were part of it (and paying for the Eurocrats salaries).
  9. Hi More excellent progress - of crse we can deal with our European partners without a choking layer of EU bureaucacy! https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/may/31/france-italy-germany-brexit-deals-uk EDIT: kudos to the Guardian for reporting it.
  10. It's hilarious! This VAT imposition is yet another example if how bureaucratic and hopeless the EU is - and then they try and spin it for Remain 😀
  11. ??? You seem confused. We will trade with our neighbours AND Australia/restoftheworld. We just wont be part of the EU and penalise free trade with the rest of the world. "White Man Woke" - no, Europhiles want to shut out trade with non-Europeans. Brexiteers dont!
  12. I would restrict immigration. 3million new households means 3million extra houses. Having said that. even in the SE there is cartloads of space. Between J12 and14 of the M4 - you could fit 20 new towns with adequate distancing. Its not just a UK thing, rho: https://www.city-journal.org/inflated-housing-costs-impose-hidden-costs-on-hubs-of-american-innovation
  13. Well, it was an easy target, and nice to return the jibes. "Michel Barnier has called on France to halt migration from outside the EU" - You emphasised "outside the EU" But in the single EU with freedom of movement, how can France stop immigrants to other EU countries travelling to France? Maybe Barnier will lead a "Frexit" party?
  14. Oooh... Getting a little touchy? Its hilarious that, after all the "racist/anti-immigrant" smearing of Brexiteers, the wonderful EU - and its chief negotiator! - now rant on like Enoch Powell. (Thank heavens we are out of the EU - and dont hav eto contribute to this racism )
  15. And France is catching up... EU Negotiator Michel Barnier, no less! https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/michel-barnier-says-france-should-halt-non-eu-migration-for-five-years/ar-BB1gC1R7 "Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has called on France to halt migration from outside the EU for up to five years, saying terrorists have infiltrated migration routes. The 70-year-old, who is being tipped to run against President Macron in next year's election, said the pause is necessary so France can 'verify, evaluate and if necessary change' its immigration policies." You have to laugh...
  16. I prefer NODAM (No Development After Mine) to NIMBY. The green outlook that no-one wants to lose - the now established estates once spoiled someone else's view... development a "necessary evil"? Bit harsh "plans to minimise demand" Agree
  17. Your title UK Interest rates... where will it go within 12 months? I suspect 2-4% the "2" was a typo surely? "UK Interest rates... where will it go within 12 months? I suspect -4% Sounds more likely
  18. Agree. I liked this from CapX. https://capx.co/stop-listening-to-nimbys-its-time-for-all-out-war NIMBYism is a nasty business. NIMBYism is when well-housed, well-off people, who were lucky enough to get on the property ladder in time, use their political muscle and rhetorical skill to deny the same opportunities to other people. The solution is not to “listen” to them, it is not to try to “bring them on board”, or to search for a “consensus”. It is to declare an all-out war on them.
  19. As we are on the tab now for failed loans... https://wolfstreet.com/2021/05/10/mortgage-applications-spike-to-record-in-the-uk-after-boe-government-stoke-housing-fire/
  20. I rather liked this one! https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/78015153#/ Maybe mosey up there? (I'm in the SE, and £260k doesnt get you much in Berkshire...) (But I know thats not the point you were making :))
  21. It made some impact (supply and demand) but you make a very fair point! Conceded EDIT: I'll add an anecdote - which does not counter the quoted survey, of course. I was canvassing for a parish council election in the SE 10+ years ago. The lady who anwsered a door stated her hubby was working in Portsmouth (builder) - his day rate had not increased for years, due to EE immigration. She knew I could do nowt about that as a local cllr, but it was straight, despairing feedback and I havnt forgotten it
  22. Do you think ppl are scared of inflation? (I am). That might explain the desperate drive for real estate of any kind.
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