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  1. ^(currently 51m as the worlds most subscribed youtuber)
  2. Pewdiepie will reach 100m subscribers
  3. Numbers do matter, it enables you to control risk, and money, real profits can be made.
  4. uh it's one of those 21st Century book face wall advanced forms of communications. Erm, it's called a meme.
  5. Let's build on flood plains. It's great for the economy. 1. Great news for painters / decorators - repeat business. 2. Great news for people who hire out or sell large fans/blowers and dehumidifiers. 3. Great news for furniture sellers, and Carpet sellers/fitters. 4. Great news for the car industry. Flood damaged cars get replaced well before they get to high mileage. 5. Shops generally get more business as more stuff like food, clothes white goods etc have to be replaced. 6. Great for home builders - they get business of building the homes. 7. Great for letting agencies as they have higher "churn". 8. Great for self storage places as people move more often. 9. Great for investors as they have more properties to buy. 10. Great for banks as they have more loans to make. 11. Great for doctors who have to treat more respiratory conditions and arthritis due to the damp. Can you think of any more? Please comment below! (sorry it sounds like a puff piece)
  6. Hmm we can never blame high prices, and that the bull market in property might be just running out of steam.
  7. They are not really mine, just some image off google. The self storage places must be laughing all the way to the bank.
  8. ^ Ha, whole high streets I reckon will be on the move to escape high rents and business rates. One day. We already have Ice Cream vans, and Burger Vans.
  9. Atic - £20 PCM Garden - £20 PCM Sofa - £100 PCM Space under stairs - £25 PCM Car boot - £10 PCM Corner of room - £10 PCM Space under bed - £10 PCM That's £195 PCM ker ching! Wow all these new income streams, that's boosted yields - and will "boost" house prices
  10. I could rent out my car boot space, as it is half empty mostly - just email me when you want an appointment for access.
  11. 16th Dec 2016 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-38211628 When his girlfriend dumped him, Anthony Paine needed to store his stuff somewhere fast. As he shut the door of their flat for the final time, the irony struck him that there must be lots of people with space to spare nearby, if only he could connect with them. -- Poor Anthony, the beta males will inherit the Earth one day. What next, rent out your garden? Rent out your shed? I have been storing 10,000 VHS tapes for 15 years in the self storage for £100s of pounds/year. I can't let them go!
  12. Flip it on it's head.. --- It's a good thing if you have a hunger to better yourself - there's less competition. Ponzi's only work with greater fools. We need more of them. ----- We talk like babies or like yoda. Goo Gaga. speak like txt lol hugz now lets get rekt
  13. Lacklustre stock performance way before "brexit". It has been a tough market.
  14. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@52.3234301,-0.0730548,3a,75y,33.91h,75.61t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1srK8H-Zuz5ZhNyFQJtHaBBg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  15. Experts at Business School warn it's threatening ‘dangerous’ debt storm Pah, worry warts. Just like those Brexit/Trump supporters they are unintelligent and Luddite unprogressive xenotechs. They should be celebrating the coming new age of ease of spending! The days when you left your front door open, and said hello to the milkman will never come back! Please note this post is satirical. Please don't cause a twitter storm.
  16. Contactless "taps" into our monkey mind - the limbic system. The monkey brain in our heads takes over and wants instant gratification. Control your monkey brain! If you go out with a plan before you to the shop and take the exact money, you are using you human perfrontal cortex. - Not good for the shops!
  17. ^Ah but you have to pay to read it... good on them or they will have to be working for deliveroo for a bit longer.
  18. From http://www.rightmove.co.uk/news/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Rightmove-House-Price-Index-December-2015-FINAL.pdf OK so wake me up when we see a 3% drop. That looks more significant. Someone with more recent use of statistics can see if this is statistically significant.
  19. Yes, you're right. Maybe I'll create something later.
  20. Has anyone created a bid (Rightmove) and ask (Land Registry) spread?
  21. Here's the updated GPM gold miners fund chart, and I wrote about the breakout past 25p, but didn't hold the 50p area, and to sell there. All it was, was a nice trade. Can't be bothered to find the posts about the buy and sell posts on here, maybe later.
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