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  1. Some news on John Lewis: John Lewis Partnership Obviously this business is not listed on the stock market, because it's a partnership. However, it reports on Xmas trading each year via its website - here is this year's report, which covers the 6 weeks to 2 Jan 2016. Key points; Waitrose LFL sales (excl. fuel) down 1.4% John Lewis stores LFL sales up 5.1% - clearly an excellent result (assuming margins are similar to last year) "Click & collect" important & growing Online is still growing very fast: Online sales were up 21.4%, representing 40% of total sales http://www.stockopedia.com/content/small-cap-value-report-4-jan-2017-nxt-jlewis-bm-staf-acrl-spsy-camb-164796/ Key is online sales
  2. Automated cars, I reckon would shrink the insurance industry by 90%. Much fewer accidents.
  3. Well at least they didn't blame the weather. Await news on Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, Supergrioup, Boohoo, and ASOS.
  4. How to spot a bubble A bubble will be when every company scrambles to change their name to "bit" or "bitcoin" in their name, and when they all start to accept bitcoin. That'll be the blow off top. I bring you back to the dot.com days, when every company scrambled to get .com after their name. Oh, and we'll wait for B0b Geld0f to invest in some blockchain company. Remember he got into deckch4ir.com in the last internet boom. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/1243032.stm
  5. GKP, it was a decent oil play, on the way up, well, until the market turned. They had a share consolidation, it was sub 2p in old money. On the stock bulletin boards, I heard someone lose £1m on this stock. (I don't know if it's true)
  6. I have been around the stock market long enough to know, anything can happen.
  7. The flip side is that "47% Of All Jobs Will Be Automated By 2034", rail commuters may fall at some point, and they have to make hay whilst the sun still shines.
  8. No advice intended at all, no guarantees of anything either, which I added the word "possibly". All ways do your own research people!
  9. The central bankers are at a crossroads. The long time that we've been at near zero rates, and using QE, is the moral hazard. Raise interest rates (to bring down the borrowing), or continue down this path which will ultimately lead to hyperinflation <--Ooooh a word that's not been used in a while.
  10. Don't hold, or intend to, but if it clears $1000, that's a nice area to possibly take a position. Then take $1000 as a base, and see if it can clear $1100, $1200, and so on. No investment advice, just a a casual observer!
  11. Yeah, as Venger states, he was kicked out by his Landlord. Anyway, here he is on Madeira Drive in Brighton doing a video for Nissan (ignore the foreign number plates, I know Brighton when I see it). I have another star that lives close by (relatively) - so that's another claim to fame as well as David Icke! Haha.
  12. Hmm, it could mean a boost to house prices, as everyone would move there, and landlords can get higher rents. Landlords - watch closely! Competing councils would bid higher and higher to attract more people to their areas. Until they run out of money that is. Will they scrap council tax then?
  13. It doesn't make any sense that the energy used in production exceeds that produced over its lifetime. This assumes the replacement cost for the next 25 years is constant or lower. Peak oil?
  14. We have never seen such a time of change, unpredictability and upheaval, even for those that are the 0.01%. Have some, and happy 2017.
  15. Worth doing some more research in this area.
  16. For the robot/automation fans. In 2017, Blue Prism, might hit £10. No guarantees. Watch your risk. Do your own research.
  17. What, there is a shadow government that keeps house prices up? The market is rigged? They print money from thin air? No way - you guys belong to that lizzard shape shifting UFO forum! Maybe the ranking is correct....
  18. Like gold mining booms. I'm still looking at the picks and shovels of this mining boom. Coinsillium might be worth a look later down the line.
  19. I have a hypothesis, that there is a pull of London centric, South Eastern, Cam/oxbridge universities. Hinterland Universities, such as Plymouth numbers might be dropping as a result. Anyone got any data? University buildings and student accommodation blocks have been growing like wildfire in Southampton and Portsmouth (The Old Zurich Insurance building is now all student digs).
  20. Oh tea leaves, showeth the way oh mighty beverage. Look at the solid move from $800 to $900.
  21. Lol, stealing Trumps idea of building a wall.
  22. We have an effective natural defence - called the English Channel.
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