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  1. Some retest, You might need nerves of steel. Will it hold the $800 area? Price now $808.
  2. Intra day spike down to $800, but it seems a significant number.
  3. http://www.johndwood.co.uk/for-sale/properties-for-sale-in-united+kingdom/england/hampshire/so41/4-bedroom-house-in-barrows+lane-so41/lym160118 Great views, an indoor swimming pool and a tennis court. Price on application though!
  4. "I have nothing to lose, my job was automated, I got a zero hours contract job, so I want to get £1m compensation" There's probably ways to fool the "eyes" of the van. Maybe wrap yourself in foil, or hold up a picture of the road to make yourself look invisible. ^The invisible football kit, which was changed over at half time as the players could not see each other. When the first textiles machine were invented, the angry workers who felt their jobs were being taken threw their shoes/clogs (called sabots) into the machine. This was called sabotage.
  5. I think people expect to see and talk to Jamie Oliver when they go to one of his restaurants. You know, take a little peak into the kitchen - oh there he is, I can spot him (snap a picture or maybe a selfie with him!), using his flavour shaker, working his magic! But he isn't there, slaving away in the kitchen, and then the anti-climax.... he isn't there today.
  6. Blame it on Brexit! If we voted remain, people would take on more high interest debt! Oh don't forget Putin too.
  7. ^Disappointing, $800K is less than 1% of his net worth, if we take the low estimate of $100m. Perhaps they haven't found the hidden stuff!
  8. He's moving to a bigger place in Malibu, he's willing to take a small loss to shift it. He has bigger profits from another sale. http://www.mansionglobal.com/articles/50258-leonardo-dicaprio-buys-malibu-beachfront-home-from-one-of-trump-s-cabinet-picks Mr. DiCaprio’s purchase comes amid a flurry of sales and listings by the actor. Last year, he sold his Studio City house for $2.237 million and his condo in Greenwich Village for $8 million. The “Titanic” star is still trying to sell a different Malibu pad for $10.95 million, about seven times what he paid for it.
  9. Example Today it is raining. Now look back at a chart, at a random point when it was exactly the same. Now create headline. "Worst rain since 1985, prepare for floods!" Now Insert stock image of some disaster---> Interview someone from the office: "I've never seen rain this wet" Sit back and watch the clickbait
  10. The Chinese have a saying. It's called "new toilet effect." If you install a new toilet somewhere, you know, with new walls, sinks, toilet, floors, lights, nice toilet paper, the full works etc. People will make a conscious effort to use that one, even it is further away from the old one, which is tired, stained, smelly etc. Even though Bitcoin is cutting edge, at the end of the day, humans must have confidence in it. It could one day fall out of favour of something else, which may be "sold" to us as a better instrument. This is the unknown, unknown.
  11. Hanging out the washing is better for the environment as you don't consume electricity using a tumble drier. Sure it devalues the house, and area, temporarily. Environmental warming scam therefore confirmed.
  12. I wouldn't be catching a falling knife. However previous resistance may provide support at $800.
  13. It's all about the future, and the markets perception. Capital is brutal - if they see a future, then the Market cap (Size of the company) can be 50 times the profit, even it just makes £100m a year. But a company which has falling earnings, the Market cap can be 10 times the profit, and it makes nearly a billion a year.
  14. PCP will actually make sense with electric cars - how much to replace those lithium batteries? I don't see many vintage Prius on the roads.
  15. I suspect it was gold jewellery rather than boring bars.
  16. OK. There could be a business opportunity for people willing to hold bitcoin and loan it out to be shorted, and make some sort of interest from it from fees.
  17. Hmm so how do they short the underlying market to hedge the aggregate short position on their books?
  18. $200 drop. Price now $999. That $1000 area is a key area! It's one of the few markets that trades 24-7, 365 days a year. I don't believe it can be naked shorted, or shorted.
  19. Nothing to do with Brexit. The peak was late 2015 - fashions change? They need to invest more on online.
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