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  1. "When the world starts to run out of resources, the most powerful will claim whats left of it and enslave the rest of us to work for them." Thats soo true: This is what wars are for - keeps us in the West rich whilst the rest languish in crippling debt and disorder, and we suck the last bits of oil to run our 4x4 BMW X5s and Easy Jet flights to spain for the 8th time in the year. In the future there will be the very rich who own all the land and the very very very poor.
  2. i thought i dig up this thread(my first and only!) i started when i first joined the forum a week ago. I am 25 and not been around to notice the last house price crash - yes it was there in the 90s but as you might have guess i was barely out of school to think about buying a car let alone a house! My parents didnt say anything at the time - but when I asked them they didnt pay much attention either - this is because they bought the house over 20 years ago for £7K! What would be interesting to know if there was another crash like then - I wonder how much prices would bottom out to? Is there anyway I can find out the price of a 2 bed terraced in the 90s before and after the crash? Unless someone collects newspapers it will be hard to know when crash has bottomed. BTW A munimula is a Kona mountain bike(?)... I had a Koa until it was stolen grr
  3. no i havent - i would hate to work in london! Must have been a local myth then that people are buying at the dell to commute to london whipped up when those for sale signs were removed - clever psychology.
  4. "Robosapiens" the new must have toy in those uppermarket gadget shops. I think christmas matters to retail greatly - why would there be a craze for a new toy each year which is piled full of hype. It is the hype and excitement that drives christmas sales and justifies high prices. Well that is for children - adults true yes they can buy whenever
  5. Lourie turner????? Was it??? Long time ago - i cant remmber the show name where they had to do up a room live on TV on a "shoe-string" There was also two blokes who i am sure are camp and did the interior designer or and also that bloke from Big brother - who used "2 by 2s" to mak a four poster bed Where are they all now????????
  6. I blame ground force - It all started with Ground force garden make over programs! Which led to room make-over-programs then property-doing-up programs....
  7. I was told by some people that they had all been sold because it was a good link to london by train.... "Happens all the time when it becomes clear that only investors have bought into a development and they are all trying to sell their units. This proliferation of sale boards is extremely bad for business, so the developers usually ban "For Sale" signs being displayed anywhere near the development. The units are still for sale, but you can't tell that by looking at it; effectively, they are conning anyone who is looking to buy there into thinking that it is a popular development. " Obviously not then !
  8. More BTL get richer and richer richer and richer? Rest of us live in bedsits for £150 per week Others are subsidised by govement new deal on "1% part buy part rent ownership" on purposely converted garages.
  9. gee thats a shame zzg113, Oh the agent is why***k from the other thread
  10. Christmas in 2010 - we celebrate er... We are putting up decorations 1st of october - the earliest so far - And theres no more santas grotto or nativity displays in shopping centres to be politically correct I just see tinsel and baubles..... no angels, or anything remotely religiousl. It looks like a generic celebration of something.... I guess it must be so that people outside the christian faith can also join in the spending Where is the morals of learning right and wrong anymore from St. Nicholas? BRING BACK SANTA!
  11. A estate agent has just posted a flyer - who i shouldnt name or should i? which has an interesting offer to the like i ve not seen b4 "A present from us this christmas! free DVD player" when you instruct them to sell your house between december 1st adn 23rd WOW or what!!!!!! I am going to tell my parents to sell their house right noW! Cant miss that offer!
  12. Definitely - at least now i know how to spot dry rot and structrual problems in houses. I have learnt some good tips. Great. And that music they play when those suited up estate agents come on the scene - they make out they are like some cool gansters. We're not worthy indeed.
  13. Just wondering if anybody else watches this great(!) program? Its on at 10am everyday Only watch it on my days off - makes me laugh at the beginner property developers who pay far to much and spend too much on doing up rubble in somecases. I think this show must have been filmed a couple a years ago - house prices look so out of place today. - And isnt Lucy alexander a hoot....! Or maybe its just me.
  14. Conservative thinking. I cant really envisige prices falling that low??! But that would be good if it was. (Something major must happen like we completely run out of oil.) But I am going into the market in 2-3 years time whatever the prices are as long as I am happy with the place and is well within in my means. Maybe they may fall low as £90K, before a market upturn - but as they are basically the first rungs on the ladder in the area, prices should be firmer?
  15. Oh yeah! What happened to Ocean Village - somebody made a killing on selling that plot then.
  16. hi Glad to be aboard Situation is renting in a studio flat. So i will be a FTB Started saving - aiming for £20K or so in 2-3 years. Hopefully by then prices will have dropped by 15-20%. Theres no rush to buy now in the portsmouth area- and even if i did it would be silly - prices are falling each month for the last three months over here. I would like to buy a terraced 2 bed for 110K (currently about £125K). Light at the end of the tunnel - now theres a plan
  17. oh did i say it was rough there?
  18. hi I am new - i am so glad to have found this website - i was getting depressed ! There are some realistic prices out there - rightmove.co.uk in gosport hampshire still can pick up a terraced house freehold for £75K 3 bed and flats from £26K Roll on a crash - I ll put a pound on it.
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