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  1. Yep they are idiots - 75,000 is the value from http://www.visionofbritain.org.uk/GBH_matc...jsp?ons=Gosport The town planners would rather spend 10 million on a millenium tower, and inner city devlopment (e.g. gunwharf) than build a more useful monorail to connet fareham to gosport, and to portsmouth to sort out the traffic problems which blight the city. I could go on - but then we should start a new thread for portsmuff!
  2. True - Getting in/out of gosport is a nightmare - just the the ONE road servicing a population of 75,000!
  3. I was reading in another forum - sorry HPC guys, that this person got into 400K debt - escalating from 20K; from here: http://www.debtquestions.co.uk/forum/messa...?messageID=3347 the gist is to never ever get into debt - after about 10K i say you are at the mercy of the lawyers and creditors who cand f**kyou over if the post is true then its, sad sad sad "I was declared bankrupt 2 and a half years ago for the first time.I was trying to pay off a debt of 20k and had arranged and sent payment of 19k because the other party's solicitors had agreed to accet this. However this was then rejected by the solicitor.There was a supporting petiitioner of 69k and the two worked closely together because they wanted to bankrupt me. At the previous hearing before the petition was entered, the registrar told me to go away and get specialist help. I did this and the company helping me were confident that they would get an extension of time in order to put together an IVA.I did not go to the hearing because they went and used a solicitor. Unfortunately the same registrar did not grant any more time and said if an IVA was going to be drawn up then the bankruptcy would be anulled that way anyway. So I was made bankrupt for a total of 70k. The trustee that was appointed had already bee working with the main creditor and so my relationship with the trustee has been very acrimonious. I lost my home which always had enough equity in it to pay for the 70k. However the debts in the bankruptcy apparently escaleted to around 400k according to the trustee.The sale of my home produced 175k but accordinf to the trustee this was 118k after "expenses". Worse than that was that a local estate agent informed me that a week after the sale it was sold again for 75k more. This was confirmed by the Land Registry.There was a meeting of creditors by the trustee in order to vote that the trustee could take his expenses of a further 95k "off the top" and thus be paid immediately. Noone turned up except for my former solicitor who put in a new claim for 95k for work he had apparently done for me although I had never seen an invoice for this and would dispute it. However, he declared that he was in fact the controlling creditor but the trustee adjourned the meeting for a month. When it reconvened, the trustee had introduced a new debt for 25k form a creditor that he had contacted and sought their proxy. The solicitors debt was thrown out and the meeting passed the motion to pay him even though there was still noone there. The new debt of 25k is definately suspect. I know the person who the trustee said put it in and they were never owed a penny!Indeed this debt only appeared when the trustee sought it.I have no idea of wher I stand in the bankruptcy. I have requested an upto date account of what claims have been admitted and which ones rejected and what the costs are but have only ever recieved vague figures because he says that matters are still being looked into. I think that ther have been a lot of things going on which are not right. I should in my opinion nevr have been made bankrupt in the first place, as I always had enough equity in my home. In any case the equity from my home should have cleared any genuine debts but these have apparently escalated to 400k. The only amounts I have ever been legally obliged to repay were the ones I was made bankrupt for. I am deeply concerned that I have been kept in bankruptcy by the trustee who has done everyhting possible to ruin me and make this an absolute nightmare. The fact that my home sold for 75k more makes me belive that it is he who sold an asset at undervalue. The whole thing stinks and I know there are shady deals going on right left and centre but I'm seemingly powerless to do anything about it because I have no money.I know anyone reading this will feel this can't be right, but I'm afraid this is a true story, and sadly there is much much more as well.Could you advise me on what I can do. I know about reoprting him to his governing body etc but I feel that this would just be a waste of time as most of these "govering bodies" usually are. "
  4. There re not condemed - just neglected by the freeholder. Its sad. Bucklands a gr8 place these days. Sommerstown, Rowner, Leigh Park, and paulsgrove need more local investment for sure to help them out.
  5. 2B FlyB 3G How about 36DD, feel em, that ll get your attention
  6. You guys crack me up! Ok One more - various flats from the SAME building: Looks like a hospital http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-370..._t=buy&chnl=buy FEATURES "whole building shown" well thank you MR EA for telling me doh! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-370..._t=buy&chnl=buy http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-366..._t=buy&chnl=buy
  7. Bah I just missed it! But i can guess it just goes to show how our ancestors worked hard for this great country to scrimp and save for the future, and todays generation just fritter it away. sad.
  8. Looks nice - but i would wait a bit. It looks liikes it only just come on the market with further detail to follow. Heres another *last one i promise* frankinstein deformed house; yes even this ones out of my budget: (so dont laugh!) http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-422..._t=buy&chnl=buy When Del-boy referred to the council's Lego set - i think this is what he meant. Still alot of money.
  9. I eagerly wait for BBB's inteligent reply to this one
  10. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-361..._t=buy&chnl=buy Deformed?
  11. The new type of on suite bathroom
  12. shall i keep this thread going? Classed as a house: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-356..._t=buy&chnl=buy I guess it will be the only property to remain bouyant in a houseprice crash.
  13. I firmly believe house prices will continually rise at an ever inrceasing exponential rate at infinitium. I thorougly encourage you all to buy and get on the propety ladder at whatever cost before every single last propety is sold. As YAZZ said "the only way is up"
  14. A new show about how people could save for their dream in 1 month - I ve watched a few of these in the series: Cant believe there are so many people on the show are on benefits......(whole families) And they eventually all find work once kicked up the backside - instead of toddling off to the shops spending money on more must-have junk. So this is britain today - benefits, mounting big debts - the BBCs new topic to replace doing-up houses.
  15. Heres another park home http://www.rightmove.co.uk/rm/template/pub...pa_n=1&tr_t=buy If you d blindfolded me and drove me to it, i might have considered buying it as i didnt see the other carvaans. Over 55s mind you
  16. Time to buy then was slightly more attractive then now. Sorry i am not explaining myself.... Buy now and you will crash and burn.........
  17. LOL it was written back in september!
  18. http://money.msn.co.uk/MyMoney/Insight/Mon...now/default.asp I thought this article may be of use to convince you to buy now under - "2) Property IS a good long-term investment"
  19. Yes it would sell - but it would take longer, and only at a lower price. (is it average it took 9 weeks to sell, now a month ago it took 13 weeks, cant remember which newspaper) And in that time you can lose money on paying stuff like council tax mortage, maintenance charges etc.
  20. If I had 80K to spare i would wait Meantime I would pick up the the property papers and have a look whats happening, FTB are not in the buying in the market - most national papers are agreeing with this for various reasons - listed in the FAQ of this website. So prices will fall. BTL are not getting the yeilds and show signs of bailing - do the maths for the properties in your area. My area Cheapest - Boscombe studio - £70K. If I invested in that the repayment would be somewhere 425 per month. Currently rent wouldnt cover that or be very slim. Thats my ancetodal view.
  21. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/rm/template/pub...pa_n=1&tr_t=buy I saw a thread somewhere about a mobile home for £180K Well i ve managed to see this one for £185K Is it a really good buy?
  22. ash bash Seems you made the money, so now you are an expert in your own right in properly trading. But to be a true property trader you re going to have to have youre fingers burnt some time or another- bear that in mind Thats life.
  23. It might be useful to keep this in your wallets: 1. DO I ABSOLUTELY NEED THIS? 2. CAN I DO WITHOUT THIS? 3. AND HOW CAN I SUBSTANTIALLY REDUCE THE COST? And then I leave my wallet at home most days!
  24. "If I have £1.2m to invest, should I put it in a deposit account and live off the £60,000 per year doing nothing all day" I think the seller of that portfolio exactly wants to do that! hehe
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