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  1. "A couple of the houses have daffodills in bloom (Spring come early perhaps), many have deep blue skies with patio sets outside." What you mean like this? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-364..._t=buy&chnl=buy Flowers and parents pushing their pram in shorts - hmm its a hot day AND... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-389..._t=buy&chnl=buy Flowers as well, must have been sitting around for months waiting to sell - Vacant possession - weeks of VOID periods
  2. PSST......ESTATE AGENTS - You must all start to give much lower prices - or else you'll lose your jobs
  3. "The problem is that in OZ and the UK, property is now unaffordable to first time buyers. The reason behind prices doubling even tripleing in 5 years in both countries is due to the speculative frenzy caused by amateur landlords. The situation has been that first time buyers (FTB)have been competing for the lower end of housing, ie flats small houses with BTL (buy to letters). This has forced house prices up to the ridiculous levels now seen in OZ and the UK. The prices of a house compared to income mulitiples is around 6x in UK, even higher in parts of OZ (esp Sydney). This leaves a whole generation locked out of purchasing their own home and having to rent of a BTL parasite who have destroyed the home owing ethos of both countries. Have you got kids? Have you thought of how the hell they can buy a home if all the baby boomer generation are snapping up their traditional first homes out of pure greed? Only consolation for us FTB is that a crash is looming in both countries and the Johhny come lately BTLers are looking forward to negative equity." You made excellent arguments. I hope their speculative investments get trampelled by a stampede of demented wallabees; ya flammin ga-la!
  4. Somebody must buying and eating the brocoli or it will go mouldy. Who is- it own up.. Shame houses dont go mouldy
  5. What Puzzles me is how many of you post during the day? How many of you guys on the forum are actually working??? How many of you get benefits? Tell me!!!
  6. Respect dude The housing market is sooo slow! Come back in 6 months and we may still be arguing over the same points! Heck we might start getting excited when house prices dip another 2% Keep it real and take care of yourself
  7. I agree. I dont see many of the new flats spouting up in portsmouth are providing any extra parking spaces. E.g a a new block of 5 flats - that could mean up to 6-10 extra cars on the road, which easily fill up the street. It should be compulsory to make developers build under ground car parking if there is no more space on the road. Garages dont make the money as they did to let out now. On Homes under the hammer a guy bought a garage for £3000, if he d decided to rent out for £60 pcm - that would be a return of 20% per annum!! They also said a man owned 11,000 garages and was his full time job buying them; if one owned 3000 garages then serious money could be made. I dont see many garages which are cheap now - the garage game must be exhausted. The bloke also bought a roundabout in Stevenage - god knows what you can do with that...
  8. -8.88 % Is my guess ZZG = -567%? are you saying vendors will be PAYING us to take the houses of their hands????!
  9. Did I say somewhere else this morning that it was nt clever to start buying up the street so that the well meaning folk are locked out?
  10. How long does it take for denial to become acceptance of the TRUTH?
  11. Nope I ve not been. But anybody in their right mind who has a real money making scheme wouldnt share it would they? I bet they charge a fee on the door, and a registration fee. Then in the end you do something else for a fee. A pyramid seminar? Bet these guys a laughing all the way the bank.
  12. One day the teacher asks to pupils in private school "we'll go round the room and each of you in turn tell us all what your parents do for a living" Replies form the eager children: "They buy and Sell Houses" "They buy and paint houses" "House buyer" "Sells houses" "Rents out houses" "Property developer" "Property developer" "Property developer" "Bank manager"
  13. A troll "An outrageous message posted to a newsgroup or mailing list or message board to bait people to answer." In case some of us dont know what that is
  14. Once bitten twice shy - dont think I would consider a loan ever again once already been in debt to be made bankcrupt????
  15. A blunt rusty sword will do - slow and painful!
  16. Doom and Gloom is also when a handful of people think its clever to start buying up the whole street, so the rest of us well meaning folk are locked out. Its not funny at all. :angry: Monolopy is a BOARD GAME, PLEASE DONT TREAT IT AS REAL LIFE. Dont pass go and collect £200.
  17. I must have accidentally turned the Sold STC option by mistake. I didnt noticed before they changed theor website however. I like the analogy you make with going on safari.
  18. Nice one! But from the title I thought you found a way to travel back in time and buy loads of properties as cheap as chips! I bet we all had the day dream of that being possible.
  19. Good one , for a second there, I had doubts of a house crash with all those red banners....
  20. Interesting how Rightmove has included STC / "Sold subject to contract" option in the search engine now - when hits are found with STC in bright red underneath it increases the feeling urgency that properties are selling fast... Anybody else felt like that?
  21. Sorry didnt want to have a go at anyone in particular - just hit a chord. Good luck to your children where ever you send them. At the end of the day its down to themselves what they want to do with their lives all you can do is encourage and provide love and support. Respect.
  22. Thats the kind of attitude which fuels the high of cost of having children. Parents putting pressure on them to do soo well. State run schools produce some of the best workers and this country we have seen, who can stand on their own two feet without resorting to running back to mummy and daddy as soon as life gets a little tougher.
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