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  1. "THE £70-MILLION MANSION: Lakshmi N Mittal, Chairman and CEO, of the LNM Group, has bought a central London house for a stunning price of £70 million ($128.25 million or about Rs 560 crore). The Non-Resident Indian steel magnate's new house has thus walked into the Guinness Book of Records as the world's most expensive house. The previous record for the most expensive house was £62.7 million ($114.89 million) for a 1997 sale in Hong Kong. The 12-bedroom mansion located at the prestigious Kensington Palace Gardens has garage space for 20 cars. Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula One racing boss, who sold the house to Mittal, had bought it for his wife three years ago. The Kensington Palace Gardens houses are dubbed Billionaires' Row. Nearby are Kensington Palace and the London home of the Sultan of Brunei. It is also close to Kensington Palace where Princess Diana lived. Mittal, whose personal wealth is put at £3.5 billion, is the richest Asian in the United Kingdom. He also owns a £9-million mansion on London's Bishop Avenue, and a house on Delhi's Prithviraj Road which is said to have cost him Rs 40 crore. LNM also has a penthouse at Hyde Park and houses in Surabaya, Indonesia, and in Trinidad. " May not be the biggest but has a long way to beat £70 million for the house sold in billionaires Row. Wow Imagine living there "hey i am just popping over to the Sultan of Brunei to borrow some milk"
  2. Bah I editied it out already! Unfortunately at 24 i was never in a position to buy at the time - but i wont miss the fish next time around - I am out for a 10 footer
  3. If we open our eyes, some of us in McJobs could go out and buy a small country in Africa. How do i go about emigrating to cannada then?
  4. Yes what a load of .... This ones loaded with BUY NOW without any substance to whats really going on in the market. How could they say that the market has corrected completly? Vested interest..
  5. Thats a mansion!!!!!!! What a bargain Looks kinda weird though?? Maybe its the light. Some working couples could actually afford that - just shows that we ARE A RICH NATION... so stop moaning!
  6. I couldnt find the Britains biggest house to tie up with Britains Smallest house. But here is the worlds most expensive house. From http://www.rediff.com/money/2004/apr/27mittal.htm Look and weep.
  7. Did i say 2 weeks maybe 3 then. I had something go missing before - so dont buy anything over £100 without it being a international sign for or equivalent.
  8. More on that Cymru house "The Smallest House from Guiness Records: The smallest house in the world is a fisherman's house in Conwy, a village in North Wales. It dates from the nineteenth century. It is 182 cm wide, 309 cm tall and 254 cm deep.. It has two rooms and a staircase. But... don't get caught short... because it has no toilet! " from http://www.in2edu.com/super_thematic_units...small_facts.htm Wonder how much it is worth if it was on the market
  9. True as well - i buy lots of stuff from USA because the you get so much more for your pound. Deliverly takes about 2 week for standard freight. I tend to use evay to sell stuff i dont want now - I am guaranteed that somebody will take it off me which is better than getting nothing if i threw it away. MAybe it is the end of the shops and it will be just supermarkets.
  10. Thats about right i would say?? Terraced houses are about that wide - marginally more so. It would be an ideal starter home - because terraced houses - 2 bedrooms cost about 120K For 144K you get 4 bedrooms and its all new.
  11. I found that house before by typing "Britains smallest house" into google thats in wales isnt it ? and they charge 50p for entry to see it inside
  12. 144K for a 4 bed new property ! Sounds like a bargain even at todays prices.
  13. Could you post the link please for us prospective ahem buyers?
  14. Wow - i didnt get that much out of the passage as you. The last time we disected a passage was a school; doing Lord of the Flies and MAcbeth.
  15. YEs - i think i saw that this morning. But they said internet sales still make up a small amount of the market. Anyway peoeple wouldnt buy online now - it would never get here on time! If its going to pick up it will be a mad rush next week for those who dont have to work and are free to go into town. We have an online store and it is doing well i hear. I think because we have a massive january sale - everything christmassy goes to 50% or higher - people might as wait till january. I dont know if shoppers will spend less overall for the year - unlikely I think. People will splash on the plastic.
  16. We are a national chain - basically one of the biggest retailers in the coutnry. You'll find us on every major highstreet.
  17. MAYBE THE MORAL OF THE STORY WAS THAT WE CAN TALK OURSELVES INTO A RECESSION? One person hears a story cuts back on spending on services and raw materials - this has a knock on effect to other people in the network....
  18. When you come back in 10 YEARS time this site will be relocated to : WWW.Housepricerise.co.uk Better buy the domain now!
  19. So the moral of the hotdog story is not to listen to what you hear.... So he could have continued to sell hotdogs if he remained unchanged......?
  20. Oh and another question WILL I HAVE THE HONOUR TO GET ZZGs 5000th POSTING UNDER ME?????
  21. I dont understand why their HQ and the commanders of the other Estate agents when in their boom time, didnt put aside some of their profits (100 of thousands must be) for a rainy day such as now. They must have had the forsight to see that business such as we ve seen cannot be sustained forever - unless they were cruel enough to think it would be cheaper to lay off workers and start up the business again when the market picks up again. If thats the case that would be very unfair to the 100s of employees. Whats going on?
  22. WELL I VE JUST FINISHED WORK The LAST Saturday before christmas - And sales have been a dispapointing Target today was £135K Today sales finished £77K Nearly 45% short - confirms the news this morning that shoppers are either holding back or shoppers are being more canny. We shall see... PS - Merry Christmas to you all!
  23. PC on the absolete computer scrapheap in 5 years Precious metals and stones remain so, forever
  24. You could be buggered if you ve given a guarantor's name and address.
  25. How about a book about the biggest economic event in modern history? I think the website owners could archive all the threads (or the most interesting ones) and make it into a book say in 5 years time when the crash does happen (or afterwards). A publisher will definietly take it on, and i think we could call it - "the biggest property ladder that collapsed" or "2006; the end of the biggest pyramid scam EVER" or "So who survived the fallout of the 21st century property bubble?" or something. You could also have snippets from the newspaper headlines as well. Then you could have a synopsis of all the regular posters, the bears and the bulls; EAs; STR; BTLs; FTBs; Speculators and the downright jokers(!) and those who were right, and who were utterly utterly wrong. It could start off with a theory as the introduction ; then threads disucssing it; then at the end, a conclusion backed by figures to see if the posters were right or wrong. Or something like that We could split the royalties too... Whatcha think?
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