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  1. They are FKN vultures the lot of them...............
  2. Its a shame that Kilroy is nt on anymore - every so often they show a program with people with XX amount of credit cards and debt. Now its just oceanfinance.co.uk adverts to look forward to.
  3. Go Michael Howard and your weird accent! Boo to ID cards - how could you support those eh please change ur mind mr howard???unless they printed on there how many homes you owned then that would be ok/
  4. Overdrafts are for emergency only e.g getting the car fixed If I spent upto my overdraft then next month i would have no money for food or anything - unless I spend into my overdraft again. Only a fool lives like that.
  5. Sad old single people in bedsits, who are on here christmas day....................................................................
  6. My simple plan Pay off the rest of the credit card Work any overtime hours that come up hope to change my rusty to escort car to a more fuel efficient model (peugeot 106?) Not to buy any frivalous things like er another mobile phone! aim to save 9K by the same time next year oh and meet the woman of my dreams!
  7. Funny sketch on the satire Mortgage advisor on just now = Eager young FTB couple are offered a fantastic 4.91% fixed rate for 5 years with 10K cashback - overly enthusastic (NOT!) advisor punches in details into computer - computer says no! Ner ner ner ner! Do they know that lenders are tightening their belts was true when that script was written??? Coincidence?
  8. Is it too late - Late for what exactly? Whats the reason for selling - paying debts? Emigrating? Wait for the spring bounce ( ) if you want to make more money ( ). Or lower your price by 40% if you want a quick sale thats affordable to people. Easy as that.
  9. They would be better off converting a mixture of flats, sell them for £150K each, covert the garage to a 1 bed flat sell it for £150K also. The chop up the land and build more flats subject to planning. Then make a killing. Lots of a affordable homes sell better than One expensive one
  10. How do we know its not a conspiracy - and houseprices have actually fallen a lot more>? If prices a fell a lot they could just manipulate the maths...
  11. Heres another http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-448..._t=buy&chnl=buy Keep an eye on this one see if it is still around in March
  12. Bah I missed the program I was surfinf ebay - check this out: 25K debts "Calling all rich people!!! You could help a young man and his beautiful girlfriend enormously by "buying" our debt from us! We are moving in together in the new year, and, to be honest, we're struggling with this excess baggage. We both have steady jobs but have dreams too! My girlfriend is an actress and desparetly wants to go to uni, i'm a drummer who just really wants to make it big, or small i just want to play! So, millionaires, famous folk, or simply generous folk, please bid your hearts out for our debt!!! All paperwork will be provided upon request. Get bidding!!!!! " http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...5544003126&rd=1 If someone did pay for his debt - then would he last 5 mins in the real world afterwards??
  13. Thanks for all your comments - I wish you all a peaceful Christmas and A Happy New Year - Its not always easy to look to the future but i am optimistic, and hope to post more quirky comments here on HPC.
  14. Yes it is all true. He didnt take out 50K in one go, it was bit by bit. I am helping to pay of the credit card reduced from 4K to £1600 in a month from savings. It is lucky I am in a ok job If you know anyone who says they can make money from gambling - then THEY ARE LYING.
  15. My "Relative" Remortgaged the house so that he could gamble on the football. Didnt tell anyone until it was far too late Hes £50K in debt now - W**Ker; I hate him and the lenders for letting him do that without asking why properly :angry: He probably believed all the hype from the people at work that you could remortgage the new wealth that the house had increased in value..... £438 a month repayments for the next 12 years, on a wage of £14K a year... to pay off £50K secured on the house....WHY?????????? If there was one thing I could wish for this Christmas; is that this would be sorted out.... Are you listening God, please?
  16. It s a good wake up call. I dont have a pension and unclear of what to do about it... help!
  17. Strangely I couldn't find "a**lnitpickinggafagafagagahogleplunkwalawalawalablingbang" in google either
  18. What a great thread. Even the Jones will have to keep up with somebody else. Take a step back and let them get on with it.
  19. WE dont know if they would have gone under ??? Look at Rumbelows, C&A, and maybe WHSmiths................!
  20. Thanks a lot Dicky for reminding us of the Japan Situation OR Suicide might as well be the next logical step...
  21. That doesnt look like england? I said which county is cannada in.
  22. Hey some of us didnt have the privilage of attending private school. And just which county is Canada in anyway?
  23. This has got to be a bargain of the decade only 1.2 million for your own island and house. If I win 10 million on the lottery this is where its got to be. "Angra dos Reis, with its 365 islands and more than 2000 beaches is a paradise for people who want to be close to nature, breathe fresh air, and can appreciate the natural beauty that lies all around. One of the most ancient cities in Brazil, being 489 years old, Angra has an outstanding history within the context of the social and economical development of the country. The town is located on the southern coast, between the three largest centres in Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais. Angra is characterized by wetlands and rocky coastlines which is considered by many to make Angra dos Reis one of the most beautiful places in the country. The crystal clear water of the bay, in contrast to the Atlântica forest covering its hills and islands, enchant its visitors and contribute to the region’s reputation worldwide. The island includes a private beach, over 13 types of fruit trees, naturally formed pools, pool with sea water and fishery, drinkable water, 2 decks, helipad, and energy supplied by two generators. The main house boasts 6 bedrooms, two reception rooms, dining room, family room, kitchen and breakfast kitchen. Distance from nearest main cities: - Rio de Janeiro: 157 km - Volta Redonda: 106 km - São Paulo: 396 km - Paraty: 71 km - Ubatuba: 158 km - Santos: 363 km " http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-400...y&chnl=overseas
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