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  1. Hey, visit this website http://www.ridingthebeast.com/numbers/ They have a list of numbers and their meanings. E.g. 7 The seven virtues. Three theologicals: faith, hope, love - or charity. Four cardinals: force, justice, prudence and temperance. or ahem 69 Symbol of the couple, the attachment, where links are created. or 666 The number of the Beast of the Revelation, or Apocalypse. Etc.... You could use the number of your house to remind buyers of this extra selling point, if you don't wish to change it to a name. And it also provides property journalists, more material for another cheap article to ramp up property. You could head the article with this buzzclickbait name "House Numbers - One Simple Trick that your Realtor doesn't want you to know about".
  2. It's the property section - everything is deadly serious.
  3. The postman/courier must get annoyed though. I've tried delivering something once to a named house, on a road of named houses, with no numbers. Arghh!
  4. Doh I've already thought of that ages ago, and probably posted this on HPC. Instead of 45 Grim Road. You rename your house to Sea View Mansions, Grim Road. There, instant £100K. Who needs £18 sticks.
  5. Is this a piece to tell the world post Brexit we are not open for business
  6. £18 for a stick......Bahahahahaahahahahaha (EDIT I changed my avatar for this thread)
  7. Just a few weeks ago staff were told the cuts were due to there being not enough people being born 18 years ago. Now they're being told it's because of Brexit. Another example of the (mis)management not having a clue what they're doing! From the comments. There's sustainable growth and then there's a system where you continually need new entrants at the bottom. Sounds familiar?
  8. You can't change the decisions of the captains of capital onboard your ship. You've made your warning.
  9. And this one opposite Gunwharf, Wingfield 300 beds http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/business/another-bid-unveiled-for-high-rise-student-accommodation-in-portsmouth-city-centre-1-7514459
  10. This one too earmarked in 2014 http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/politics/concern-over-loss-of-commercial-space-as-university-of-portsmouth-student-block-is-allowed-1-6717703
  11. And another recent one earmarked in 2014, Portsmouth 800+ beds http://teamlocals.co.uk/42m-unite-student-accommodation-project-approved-for-greetham-street-portsmouth-080914/
  12. It must have been a bubble, and you can only recognise it after the fact. If you visit Portsmouth, you can't recognise it with all the student halls that have sprouted up all over the place. There have been cranes everywhere. They are converting the old Zurich Insurance buildings into yes you've guessed, student halls. It's not even big enough - they are adding an extension. And this is just one complex. Old Zurich Insurance Empty Building - it's not big enough! ^Zurich + Extensions into 1000 bed student accommodation. Under construction. Link http://www.mcaleer-rushe.co.uk/projects/catherine-house-portsmouth/
  13. NOOOO don't gooooo! Formula 1 Racing in the UK will look like this in 2025! And house prices will also go back to the 1960s levels! ^Look Brexiter!
  14. Tenants are probably fed up of being treated like sub humans. Maybe they should abandon the name "landlord", and they should be called Housing Partners to put them at equal social standing to the Tenants. This might make bad tenants more likely to pay the rent? Nah..
  15. As a side note, won't mumsnet have to change their name to parentnet as it could be offensive. Like Dr's having to avoid using the phrase "expectant mother".
  16. HomeOwners Alliance There's a group for everything these days. I'm part of the Picket Fence League.
  17. The moral hazard here comes when you see that average UK disposable income is £201 pcm and the average **********bingoist spends circa $170CAD (or £100) per month gambling on its sites. http://www.shareprophets.com/views/27928/jackpotjoy
  18. I don't speculate in slot online machines, as I don't have an "edge", but came across this Been on the site a fair while.. In the old days, payouts were decent, admittedly you would sometimes win very little but would get the odd nice win.. Well over the past year Ive been foolish enough to squander over 10k on their slots, chasing my losses.. I would plough hundreds into their slots in the hope of getting my money back (I know this is not a good idea..) But I would always find that I could be spinning at £1 a go.. Depositing say £500+ that's at least 500 spins.. And would get zero bonus and biggest wins being under £5.. Something is definitely fishy as I've stupidly done this on many occasions and had the same results every Time. The advertise payout ratio is nowhere near.. These are meant to be trialled and tested by approved adjudicators over a set amount of spins and allocating an 'average' ratio usually around 90%+ how is that people can spin up to 500 times at £1 and get back no more than £20? That's a ratio of 4%!!! Somebody needs to do some digging with these people as I won't be surprised if some fiddling has been done behind the scenes. Just look at all the other reviews! Not just one or two people!! Stay well clear. Let's hope the scammers get their commupence and the robbed players get justice! https://uk.trustpilot.com/reviews/5880057f8a103107fc26af5c
  19. ah I found it. a podcast about the bookmakers, FOBT, and professional gamblers - they will shut down the really profitable ones (but we knew that).
  20. 1. Get your house in order - spend less than you earn 2. Save what you have left. 3. Invest some left over in good investments. 4. Advanced players use the system to create corporations and use leverage with good debt (vs bad debt) ^This is from the channel that mocks Trump! ^advice that dates back to Babylonian times. Free, 5 hours long though I have invested in a mp5 player so I can listen whilst driving. You can use keepvid to download. Investing is not just in money, but also in knowledge.
  21. Maintenance Cost: £125 Per Month Lol good spot. That's probably more than the council tax.
  22. I put in there, the word "most" people. I think most people, having peering into the window aren't using a system of arbing.
  23. I switched to Whole Earth. It's caffeine free, and an alternative to coffee. I haven't gone back to the legal highs of coffee.
  24. As a side note, perhaps we need to pay the banks to keep branches open. It is an important confidence trick - if you see a bank closing which has been there for many years, suddenly shut, there will be a ripple effect.
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