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  1. Bucher said: “The backdrop to this is that our customer has changed and we need to change too. Customers are increasingly living their lives on mobile phones.”
  2. Who are the next generation of shoppers? Are they making regular trips to their local Debenhams? Where do people buy their clothes ? Asos, Boohoo?
  3. ^The narrative will be to get behind Brexit - I realised this after Hesseltine was dismissed. The EU has to have something to get it going again, as I have said before that the "BRIC" story has been blown out of the water. The US new presidency has raised expectations, but it is not enough, the Eurozone must shake its recent history of the "Euro Debt Crisis". There maybe war in the future, which will be a push factor, but there also needs to be a pull factor. The Brexit story is now the main focus, and capital will start to move around again. This is what I believe the ultimate objective is, and "saving the financial system".
  4. We can't have everyone doing it - it's reserved for those with the handshakes. I suspect too many common men encroached onto their territory. That's why I mentioned about the drawbridges (did I mention door bridges?).
  5. Good - now the landlords can GO DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE. Start a business, make something, employ people. The Tory government are raising up the door bridge - they want people to create jobs in the economy. GET OUT THERE AND DO IT.
  6. FTSE all share only down by 0.27%. This is more accurate than the FTSE-100. Always look at the NASDAQ (up 0.48%) and the SP500 (up 0.05%) - where the US leads, the UK generally follows. No harm in watching your stops more closely, as the summer months are generally weaker.
  7. No, it would cause capital flight, and London to lose its status as a financial hub. Respecting property rights is one of the few assets the UK has, and that other countries don't have.
  8. These flats WERE built FOR foreign investors. I never received a leaflet, but you can bet rich foreigners were pressed by the brokers over there!
  9. Yep, they are crying all the time at work over small things. And these are males. Mother won't wash their clothes anymore - boohoo. FFS you're a MAN. Do it yourself.
  10. There's no free lunch. Of course it is cheaper to borrow from your house to pay off higher interest rate loans on credit cards, because you are concerting a non-secured loan to a secured loan. The interest rate is the "risk" for the lender.
  11. ^ The safest banks are the one's in jurisdictions that don't have governments that will force you to take part in bails in, and won't confiscate your money. They are also in countries that don't use capital controls, and allow 100% free movement of capital. They also don't ask too difficult questions as to where the money has come from. The banks are backed by the lender of last resort which doesn't flinch at using QE as the last back stop. The answer maybe closer than you think.
  12. There shouldn't be homeless in the 21st Century, in a global city.
  13. shrinkflation Just a buzzword. It's inflation, and it's been around since money was invented.
  14. I think if you are going to buy an airbnb investment, you're going to have to stand out from the crowd. We will see more weird and wacky properties. http://metro.co.uk/2017/04/03/this-has-to-be-the-pinkest-house-on-airbnb-6551713/ A 15 bed mansion, that's ALL Pink on the inside AND outside.
  15. The consolidation of the credit card market is not good for consumers. When it becomes a monopoly, you've got nowhere to go when they start raising interest rates or increasing charges. The CEO of Lloyds knows this, now he commands a sizeable chunk of the market.
  16. We're that close to negative interest rates. The FED must continue under Trumps reign to return to normal interest rates. If we cancel rates to zero on unsecured debt, we're one step closer to negative interest rates. I.e. if you have £25K debt on one credit card, and we go to -0.5% rate, the credit card bank will be paying YOU interest to keep you spending. As the balance of course, tends toward's zero, then the rate can be in a dynamic, and go to zero and back to positive again.
  17. I can't think many Doctors would vote Tory in the next election? *7 day surgery opening (striked over?) *Junior Dr working conditions (striked over) *Time to Raise The Rents
  18. Apart from Trump, and Brexit, more importantly did he happen to blame Putin?
  19. Do the postmen/courier/Taxi Driver/Grocery drivers a favour. Have your door number BIG. Even better, have your bins beside your front door with BIG numbers on it. Even when I had to deliver to a house which is numbered - some houses don't even have a number visible. Argh!
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