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  1. It is explicit EU policy that wage suppression and reduction is a vital component of their strategic objective to improve the competitiveness of the EU by reducing labour costs, --- “I see more trouble ahead,” Cameron said. “It is not working as it was intended. Some countries have seen decades of lost growth. Those countries have a single currency, but they don’t have a single fiscal system, a fiscal tax system. It creates bigger differences. 9th Dec 2016 https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/dec/09/david-cameron-brexit-vote-trump-movement-of-unhappiness-us-speech A policy that has a finite lifespan.
  2. More may follow suit. EU / US relations aren't the best with what happened with VW and banking fines. We have our issue with the BP. spill, but that appears to be less significant.
  3. Technically chart wise, it doesn't look too good. No one is going to get "rich" next week in gold. I think that is why people get unhappy when the price falls. Even I was fairly excited at the potential rise past $1300, but I think the powers that be also knew speculative money would flow into the metal once that level was broken significantly. They had to kill it fast. Dollar? Don't be disheartened goldbugs. Gold is just another horse to bet on. I probably don't want that horse to come in, as it would not be a very nice world for my friends and family. You might be invested right, but you can't "save" everyone. How would you feel if you heard that one of your relatives committed suicide because they lost £100K of their life savings because of a banking crisis? Well did this happen a few months ago in Italy. --- There's plenty of horses to bet on - and the good news we're at some bottom of the cycle. Mining (AAL, FXPO), Oil (TLW?)etc. Just some ideas, but not investment advice. If you don't like commodities, there's the new innovative disruptive IPOs, Purple Bricks (PURP)? You just have to calculate the amount you are willing to risk if you are wrong. -- I think if gold doesn't do anything now, then Gold may go up towards the end of Trumps first or second term - and probably massively. Anything can happen!
  4. IT'S believed to be the biggest restaurant and leisure complex in the UK and one of the biggest in Europe and parts of it will be open to the public today. Restaurants in the first phase of Southampton's £85m Watermark will be open for business 48 hours before a massive celebration event on Saturday, involving a lantern parade and light show. Eateries opening in this first phase include CAU, The Real Greek, Saloon, Franco Manca, Thaikhun and Byron. COSMO, Cabana and Red Dog were due to open today, but it has been confirmed they will now open in the next few days, instead. http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/14955198.PHOTOS__Get_a_glimpse_inside_Southampton_s_newly_opened___85million_leisure_centre/# --- I was driving back from work, and the traffic was heaving. Normally the flow is out of Southampton, tonight, it's all been going "IN". It took me 1/2 hour extra to get home. I hope people managed to find parking, and get a table! This is the new economy, where customer service can't be automated, and you get a slap up meal. Go EAT and stick the picture of your meals on Instagram! Great news, as it will probably "boost" house prices
  5. Reports coming through of a 10% CNY devaluation. Lol - maybe it was a Freudian, forexslip not meant for public consumption yet. Wink. Wink.
  6. hmm That's where PURP might come in. I'm not saying now is the right timing, but in new bull markets, there will be new leaders. RMV was the last one, in this sector. PURP is different to ZPLA and RMV, as it is an agency rather than a network. If online agency is the new disruptive innovation, there will be losers and there will be winners. If I come back to this thread in 10 years, we'll know. Maybe I should tuck away some PURP for that time.
  7. CEO has appeared. So today he is congratulating a pal who had just won medals at the Greek windsurfing championships. Earlier chatter on facebook suggested he was planning to go along as a spectator. http://www.shareprophets.com/views/23525/photo-story-crime-does-pay-if-you-are-an-aim-ceo-check-out-where-costis-papadimitrakopoulos-from-globo-is-hanging-out
  8. Purple bricks market cap is around £300m I can't find the HPC thread on the Rightmove ( RMV ) Initial Public Offering ( IPO ), but this link will do http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/2933978/Rightmove-valued-at-425m.html The Market cap at IPO was £425m, 335p stock price. I remember the IPO thread, we didn't think it would do well, but it went on to £6, and well, the rest is history. From about 2009 to 2014, it was a 10 bagger. The current marketcap is £3.4bn. I shall insert a obscure word into this thread, so I can find it easier in 10 years time. That word will be PurpleBrickIPO. History to repeat or rhyme? --- Here's some old cobweb ridden RMV IPO threads, but not the ones I was thinking about; 1. 2. 3. 4. Out of interest where are these forum posters now?
  9. ^Right, on a long enough time frame, bubble markets come and go. The rigged markets just stick out like a sore thumb.
  10. Well, before Trump gets in, it'll be rude not to. If you had the power, you'd probably make it the biggest devaluation one yet, as it'll be the last "easy"chance to. New Zealand's Prime minster has already resigned (in anticipation of scrapping trade agreements with the US, he's cashing in his chips) , everyone is making their move.
  11. LOL. Renzi delays resignation --- It looks like, perhaps the market knew. But maybe time has been bought.
  12. Ah ha, just re watching the video: Jim Mellon 12:50 "The first one to leave the EURO has the advantage"
  13. This is the Italy 40 for the record: Does anyone know what happened in 2003 - a new way of calculating the index?
  14. The Italian 40 index is up by 1.4%.... -- Italy leaves EU, the can devalue. Ah ha.
  15. For the historical record of this thread - gold is down by 1% and is trading at around $1164. The Italian votes are in, and the President resigns. This is a strange anomaly that will probably be explained later. The German DAX is nearly up by 2% and the FTSE 0.5%+. The Italian 40 index is up by 1.4%
  16. Major stock market crashes do happen in years ending in 7. --- However the markets seem to have ignored the vote. Gold down, and the German Dax is up by 1%? We'll see by the end of the day. I don't think many people have realised this could be the end of the EURO. The news might sink in a few weeks. Do look at this video - if anyone is new to this thread. It explains what has happened. He was on the money with this one! I do believe many might be behind the curve on this one.
  17. Major stock market crashes do happen in years ending in 7. --- However the markets seem to have ignored the vote. Gold down, and the German Dax is up by 1%? We'll see by the end of the day. I don't think many people have realised this could be the end of the EURO. The news might sink in a few weeks.
  18. Make a date with the 4th Dec 2016. Scroll to 11:20
  19. It's a custom door handle. It was designed by a person with longer sleeves than his jacket. Painstakingly hand crafted, using extremely expensive "rare earth" metals, it is a signature piece of our time. Timeless.
  20. I don't think you can "time" the economic cycle and just get rich off it. If you look at the rich list, these people are working towards building their asset base through the up and down cycles. It's not a binary bet to try and time the top and bottom of the cycle. They chip at it all the way through. However, they might keep some powder dry and seize on the opportunity when it comes along. When it is difficult to borrow, you might come along and slam down a 25% deposit, and beat off the competition with wads of cold hard cash.
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