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  1. Sometimes I see young adults (20-30) driving really expensive cars. They can't all be footballers, lottery winners or youtubers. I'm guessing they are some of the people that put in $100 into Bitcoin and it turned in to $75m.


    I've seen cars like this - they are like £100K. I'm sure people generally don't get these on PCP.

    Perhaps we don't need a HPC. "Life will find a way."

  2. Credit cards? Who needs those high rates?


    It's never been cheaper to borrow. 5 years ago, I'd be paying 7% odd to borrow up to £25K over 5 years.


    Now I can borrow from 2.9% unsecured up to £40K over 7 years.


    hmm should I treat myself or go all in Bitcoins? 7 years of penury though if it goes poof!

    If £100 invested in Bitcoin turned into £75m in 7 years (odd). Then that's 750,000x return. If the past predicts the future:


    £40,000 x 750,000 = £30bn Woohoo!

  3. 2 hours ago, GTFO said:

    "Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come."

    Victor Hugo

    Two completely unrelated questions.

    Does it seem like Bitcoin is getting less exposure in the press than during the 2013 price rises?

    What would happen in a world with free movement of capital?


    Possible complete and utter chaos in the real world (traditional carry trades would break down) - we haven't seen capital controls yet. Imagine this, it would be like the gulf stream breaking down and causing climate chaos.


    With the push to the free movement of people, and capital - they may wish to do a U-Turn. Ironic. When this happens, people are going to go broke.

  4. On 31/03/2017 at 10:21 AM, 200p said:

    It must have been a bubble, and you can only recognise it after the fact. If you visit Portsmouth, you can't recognise it with all the student halls that have sprouted up all over the place. There have been cranes everywhere.

    They are converting the old Zurich Insurance buildings into yes you've guessed, student halls. It's not even big enough - they are adding an extension. And this is just one complex.


    Old Zurich Insurance Empty Building - it's not big enough!


    Update - latest picture taken recently

    They have redone the outside, and the lights on inside indicate a complete gutting of the inside.







  5. 52 minutes ago, mrtickle said:

    This is the follow up is interesting - I dug a bit deeper

    Ghana incident

    In early October 2012 the vessel was impounded in the port of Tema, Ghana, by a court ruling in favour of NML Capital, a subsidiary of Cayman Islands hedge fund Elliott Management Corporation, which claimed that it was owed US$370m (£233m) as a consequence of Argentina's debt defaults of 2002,[31] and was seeking payment of $20m for release of the vessel.[32] NML was not originally a creditor, but bought the debt for "pennies on the dollar" according to Forbes.[33]Argentina's foreign ministry condemned the move, claiming it as "a stunt" pulled by "vulture funds, who are not subject to the laws of any jurisdiction".[34][35][36]

    On 25 October 2012 most of the ship's crew returned to Argentina, leaving the captain and 43 crew members with the ship in Ghana.[37]

    On 15 December 2012 the UN International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea ruled unanimously that the ship had immunity as a military vessel, and ordered that "Ghana should forthwith and unconditionally release the frigate ARA Libertad", and report to the Tribunal on compliance by 22 December.[31][38] Libertad was released from Tema on 19 December. She arrived on 9 January 2013 to the port of Mar del Plata, where the ship got an enthusiastic homecoming.[39] Following the International Tribunal ruling, the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority sued NML Capital for damages of least US$7.6 million related to the Libertad's impoundment.[40] The Supreme Court of Ghana ruled in June 2013 that the 77-day impoundment was "unjustified, and could have endangered the security of Ghana by triggering a diplomatic conflict."[41]



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