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  1. Been a while since being on here. What is the easiest way to check for price drops on android? Used to use property bee on the pc with Firefox , i think. Thanks for any help Dames
  2. Cldnt find other thread , so https://www.estateagenttoday.co.uk/breaking-news/2017/9/purplebricks-full-text-of-allagents-announcement-about-suspension?source=newsticker
  3. It needs to reach Bury and beyond , then it would be a past Bury ripple. I get my coat. D ?
  4. So they warn against profligacy , then fund it?
  5. The site im currently on dropped there initial prices recently. Tbh tho they were kite flying for the area really. D
  6. Any idea when all this PCP stuff is likely to take effect and flood the 2nd hand car market? Might be looking for a bargain in the future. D ?
  7. Look into my eyes and "Remember that as a seller you no longer have the upper hand" D ?
  8. Tenants in common? Just did this myself , not for care home purposes tho , diffo reasons. Anyways It means each person owns there own bit of the house and as I understand it a council could only come after say your dads part of the asset. You'd have to check it out , I aint no expert but thats how I understood it at the solicitors. D
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