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  1. I'm now convinced that trying to avoid a full blown HPC is their number one priority. They've got there fingers crossed it's one off shocks. I think they know if the banks start losing money hand over fist in a domestic HPC where there are lots of repos, it's GAME OVER. That's why there probably won't be any interest rate rise until 2013 or even later, if they can avoid it.
  2. Either that or wages go up Interest rates staying low for years, I can see that happening. But with all this talk of strike action, maybe they will try and curb inflation. I was hoping the 'markets' would make them do it.
  3. My wife likes getting it for the crosswords. After a while I found that it basically said very little. Lots of in-depth articles about nothing. I had to ask myself could I really consider myself left wing or not when I find the left wing broadsheet vacuous.
  4. I think most things in that report are true. We aren't getting wage inflation. A decent rate rise would knock the economy back and house prices would fall. Even thought that sounds good to us, the last thing they want is falling house prices because then they'd have to bail out the banks because of domestic reasons, and the state owned banks losses will be ours. So they aren't going to do it. They might even be right about inflation dropping back. Be interesting to see if they are right or not. On the one hand they reckon austerity and dropping oil prices will do it. On the other hand, aren't oil prices high because it's priced in dollars and both the pound and the dollar have dropped in value? So why will oil prices come down? And why will stuff cost less because people have less money? If it's overseas stuff, supermarkets etc will still have to make a profit. They aren't going to trade at a loss. I see all this talk of deflation in money supply and big ticket items. But with the CPI where it is, surely we're just going to get stagflation in terms of CPI and economic growth?
  5. I reckon the VI's prediction will be correct for London. Up North property prices will be going south!
  6. It's getting quite interesting now. We had the crash, the prop up job ... and now we have the complaints about the effects, higher than average inflation. How did we get sharpest falls in jobless figures since 2000 then? Figure fiddling? A bit of misplaced optimism by the private sector?
  7. It does sound a little bit like Osbourne is asking, instead of telling. It's a joke that the tax payers had to bail out the banks, because they were too big to fail with our money, and yet they can still use depositors money for any investment malarky they see fit. No wonder bubbles form and burst over and over. We haven't even learnt from this one.
  8. What? There seems to be a small increase in the percentage of prime London property sold to foreigners. What is that going to do? You aren't able to rent out much in this country and get a decent yield. And I'm guessing that's the same for Prime London. So I guess those people are buying them to live in. Why would you want to come here and buy badly performing assets? The idea that foreigners will be able to prop up the London market is a bit absurd.
  9. Property bee has the bad lawn at August 2010 and the good lawn in September of that year. So it must of just rained a heap, as there are still some scuff marks on the second lawn?
  10. At the start of 2007, 99 percent of the public thought house prices would increase by 15-25 percent every year. How wrong they were!
  11. Why is the original poster nervous? Because they think the market might drop again and they'll be left feeling like they've over paid? How can foreigners keep the market afloat? Surely there cannot be too many of them that will want to buy a property that you can't rent out and cover your costs. Especially in a flat or falling market?
  12. We should make our own society, "the Savers of Britain Society". Ring up the BBC and tell them we have just voted in our inaugural annual awards poll, and that Mervin King has hands down won the "Biggest asshole of the year" title. For his dis-service to savers. Maybe if we were mortgage holders we would think he deserves his high honour. Saving the british housing market from a full on fast crash was quite an amazing feat.
  13. What good is a real crash? A crash only in real terms means you might as well buy now. That indicates that it can happen. Not that it will. We've had a credit crunch for 3years and our prices fell and then rallied. But it's hardly been the dramatic falls like the states. We don't seem to have a massive overhang of housing stock like they do. However our bubble was bigger (wasn't it? In terms of salary multiples being given out). I thought house prices were coming down nominally, everywhere apart from London where I am. :angry: :angry: If they manage to keep base rates low I'm expecting a very long, slow unwind in prices.
  14. Yes, that's how we'll stay rich, by borrowing and giving it to poor nations. That way, they won't bother to borrow and will stay poor. We'll stay rich, hurrah!
  15. Why on earth is it up for rent if they are selling it? Surely, if they rent it and someone does want to buy it, they aren't really going to want to wait for six months.
  16. As 'new entrants' to the market in 2003-2007 borrowed such high multiples a base rate of 5% percent, plus austerity would be a major kick in the nuts to house prices. RE Artificially low... Yeah but how long can they keep them low? CPI at 4.5%. They're going to keep it down till things get out of hand. Then what will happen? Also, I think if rates do go back up as well as austerity kicking in, the base rate won't really matter that much. Once we have a forced seller landslide, it'll be hang onto your hats! (Ok, I can dream).
  17. EXACTLY. This is house price crash, everybody expects house prices to crash. That doesn't mean we have deflation (in anything other than big ticket items). Do they stick those 'in the basket' and report that we have deflation? No. Inflation, CPI index up to 4.5 percent. Someone else said with the state of the economy how it is they don't know how they can put prices up. It's simple, goods from overseas cost more, they have to make a profit, they put the prices up. They're mainly staples, people are going to buy them anyway or, if they can't, tough luck, we just won't buy them in for you. Posters should really decide whether inflation/deflation means prices of stuff in the basket going up or down, or something different, like changes in money supply , asset values increasing/tanking etc.
  18. From all indicators the economy is toast. Except rents are rising and house prices are reasonably stagnant (in London).
  19. I think it had a bit to do with the 200 extra billion they printed as well. Fck the over indebted, raise the godamn rate!
  20. I saw that rents were up, which was put down to people using the extra bank holiday to go out there and fight with other potential renters over the price. House prices down you say? Woohoo!
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