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  1. Well if they've taken any notice, the BTL in Nottingham is on the market now, reduced for 'quick sale', Ole !
  2. I wonder how many houses that chick owns... 'IT'S NOT GOING TO EXPLODE, IT'S NOT GOING TO EXPLODE!!!!' You can hear the fear in her voice. Bet she also has them in a region she thinks 'safe'.
  3. Surely they should be thinking about inflation, not house prices. Their job is mainly to deal with inflation. OK they're not supposed to kill the economy either. I'm slightly optimistic they'll have a spine and put it up 25 basis points. Given that the inflation figure went back up to 2.9 and that other rate rise seemed to do stuff all.
  4. The next base rate hike will be 'fun'! Hope it's at the next meeting.
  5. Someone else on there said there was going to be a housing crash, but added that they thought, "London might be immune". My girlfriend and I want to buy in London. Me, later, her now. She's not really that happy waiting six months to see if there is a crash, especially as if there is we'd have to wait around for it to bring houses down in price. I know people can only ever offer a guess (some people saying no crash). But what's the guesstimate for London? We want to buy a house in Honor Oak Park as FTB'ers. Here we can actually afford a three bed house with garden and not be stretched and could easily cope with 12 % interest rates (if I don't lose my job!). Not the most salubrious of neighbourhoods. But I don't have a million for one in Camden.
  6. Do you think the BOE takes any notice of these articles (about possible HPC) and figures (house price rises, slowing) coming out? It seemed like it was possible for another rise in interest rates at the next MPC meeting. Especially as inflation has gone back up, (3.1 to 2.8 now it's 2.9) again and them banging on about inflationary pressures being on the upward side, and suggestions they nearly voted for a 50 basis points rise. But my question is, could they decide not to put rates up again next meeting, even though they want to, because they worry it'd panic the (already worried) housing market too much?
  7. Plus they'd rather 'rule' a sinking ship, than sit around in opposition.
  8. I'd like to be a first time buyer, but hell, buy now at high prices when I think there is a fall coming. Wouldn't want to be paying off a big mortgage when prices crash. However, how can you blame Estate Agents and BTLer's ? That's like going down to Macdonalds and blaming the people behind the counter for making you fat. Greed is a human characteristic, and in hindsight would have liked to have bought in 1998. Banks and the Chancellor of the exchequer (1997, I won't let house prices get away from young buyers(not accurately quoted,too many beers)).
  9. Won't HPI take care of the BTL market? If house prices keep going up and up and rents don't, then BTLer's won't be able buy a place and rent it out at a profit. Already some BTLers are people are 'covering mortgage shortfalls' with their own money, happy with their capital gains. Not many people here think that a great investment strategy, and they'll have to sell to realise any profit.
  10. Maybe, there has been a lot of houses built, but hasn't there also been a greater increase in people wanting them? With net immigration?
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