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  1. I suppose if you're a politician or a goverment body, you'd have to talk the market up. If you say it's going to be all doom and gloom, then it'll be even worse than it's going to be. Everybody will be stuffed. And a small percentage of us on here will be laughing our socks off! I work for a law firm. My employment agent bangs on about law firms being recession proof. I hope not to find out. Can we have a house price crash and not have a recession?
  2. So this is how they manage to offer below the base rate (for below base rate trackers as well). By charging a decent sized arrangement fee?
  3. Farout. Shouldn't we all have voted for a small crash or a crash? Every little bit counts when you're trying to help induce the crash.
  4. Ha, I said I was going to buy a house soon. Though I'm still confident of a crash, soonish. But if it's sticky downwards, sod it, I can't wait.
  5. Well can't talk for Schmalex, but yeah can't wait all you life. And even though I didn't want one before, thanks to this site, I won't be buying a flat in docklands. Actually I thought I'd buy a house so the market can finally fall. GC2 will officially be called, in the month I buy a house.
  6. Yeah, people who buy houses are losers. I'm beggining to like Beck more and more!
  7. Want a house, buy a house. Simple as that.
  8. Show some balls and carry on renting Actually it's gilfriend says no, not wife. Yeah, I have cracked. But you also learn about 'sticky down' on this site. So do I really want to wait three years for a decently priced house? Probably yes if I didn't have a girlfriend who is about to become my wife! Though, i think you are still a bear, if you buy a place knowing you might have to wait ten years for it to be the same price again.
  9. You can think that the market is going to go down soon, and still want to buy now. I think it is (going to go down), and just put in an offer on a house, and then upped it when they turned down my first offer. They rejected that one too.
  10. Sorry, I'm not that bright, but wouldn't mortgage costs heighten inflation? If they have to put up interest rates to fight inflation, then mortgage costs will go up, adding to inflation?
  11. Sorry, the very thought of someone moving their partner in got my back up. Next time, I'd bite the bullet and tell them exactly how the land lies. And we're all in agreement, Landlord is stupid.
  12. And in very simple terms ... You state that... 'What im saying is that there won't be a crash' and then say that Know (sic) body can predict the future. So nobody can predict the future, yet your prediction is there isn't going to be HPC. Stuuuuupid.
  13. Sorry, I shouldn't have been so rude in my last post. However, what I'm trying to say, 12 months back rent, going to landlord ridiculous. But taking a room for one person then having your boyfriend around four nights a week is taking the piss. I lived in a four bedroom house with one bathroom, and this happened. What would have happened if everyone did it? Could you imagine eight people living in a four bed house with one bathroom?
  14. As clearly stated before, if I'd managed to get away with that for a year, I'd go tell the landlord to jump too. Idiot.
  15. So you don't see the problem with it. I had it happen to me four or five years ago, and it still makes my blood boil. There is a telling part in that article, they hate both of them. Freeloading twits. Has it ever happened to you? No.
  16. Well yeah, as stated before, if he's going to contribute anything, then it should go to the others in the house. Girlfriend has assertiveness problems? She rents out a room for a single person and brings he boyfriend around 3 or 4 nights a week? ******ing bare faced cheek of it. What a bitch. And she knows it. They all hate her, and rightly so. Honestly you and Henry Weston. If you were one of the other tenants, you'd just be cool with that? What a pair of mugs.
  17. You've got to be joking don't you? If you were in shared accomodation and another 'house mate' starts sub letting out so people are sleeping in shifts, you'd be happy with that? You pay for your room and and share of the communal areas. If I got up and stood outside the bathroom, going I'm going to be late for work, and then fifteen minutes later someone who didn't live there walked out, I'd be spitting tacks.
  18. December. Don't know about ten percent, but at least by then I think you might save face by it going down nationally. Though I've had a four pints, aren't an economist and are just going on sentiment and hope the raging bull of London is silent by then.
  19. That'd annoy me, if he was living there for 3 or 4 nights a week, and not paying anything. No wonder they 'can't go to the kitchen'. There wasn't any mention of her going to his for the other nights. However, you either tell him to stump up some cash, or not come round. But what the hell is the landlord saying anything for? Surely if he's staying over and is going to contribute, all the tenants have to put up with him in the bathroom and communal areas, and so his contribution should take their rent down. I'd expect to pay less the more people there are.
  20. I'm no economist, and have been wanting to ask for a while., if they up the Interest Rates, then people on mortgages have less disposable income, and are more careful with their money. Therefore businesses are less likely to rise prices, so inflation falls. This is the tied and tested theory? We all know that interest rates two years ago were at a historic low (approx). So why would the BOE have to increase IRs A LOT to stop inflation? We've heard that there's going to be lots of pain soon as fixed rate people come off their fixed rate and onto a higher one, and those on SVR are starting to feel the pain. So wouldn't 5.75 produce the desired effect? Is this because there are only a reasonable number who bought in the last four years, and the majority of people with mortgages have taken them out previously and still think 5.75 is a cheap deal on a mortgage. So they're all party party party, spend spend spend?
  21. It amuses me how if you think house prices won't fall nationally until next year, you are a 'bull'. I'm starting to think that when house prices crash, they'll crash back to the price they are today. Except for new build flats which they will give away to anyone who promises to live in it.
  22. BTL is taxed like a business. This relief on interest payments is what all businesses get. If you stopped BTL getting relief on their interest payments it'd be like telling Sainsbury's it has to pay corporation tax on all the money it TAKES from the customers. What they come in and buy 10 pounds of groceries and we have to pay corporation tax on the ten pounds BEFORE deducting the £9 it cost to buy them and sell them?
  23. What? Brown is Chancellor of the exchequer for ten years, becomes Prime Minister, then tells the encumbent in his old position to tax BTL. Why didn't he do it while Chancellor ? Because Tony wouldn't let him? Suppose that means, even if Darlin' objects, he should 'jump to it'. PM says so.
  24. Ha ha ha. They were bullying them! They had two couples who'd been looking at the market for a while, but unfortunately, prices had 'got away from them!' They had to 'realign their expectations', and now show them the even smaller dog box they could afford.
  25. If Gordon Brown speaks about "housing housing housing" and goes on about creating 'affordable' housing, surely this must worry BLTers's? You are a newcomer to the BTL market and decided to subsidise a tennant or two. At present you've seen all the interest rate rises. It's either hit you in the pocket or will do when your mortgages reset. You've seen all the bearish media sentiment. Heard people start to call for extra taxation on BTL. And now, even if you think Brown is incompetent and will only be in office for two years max, there he is talking about increasing supply, and creating 'affordable housing'. Another weight on your mind, 'cause you're in it for the 'long term'!
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