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  1. Let me guess, is it people who think the base rate is going to stay low for as far as into the future as they can think, and also think house prices are going to sort themselves out and we'll get back to three percent pay rises and 15 to 25 percent increases in houses, pretty soon?
  2. Half their listings would have to be excluded as erroneous! As for those trying to add percentages together , shame on you.
  3. Estate agent baiting. Did you ask how the market having stalled affects their monthly take home pay? And then suggest they could benefit from cohabitation?
  4. I've often wondered about street lights being on during the night. Flying into britain during the night, vast swathes of towns are lit up and it seems really pointless to me. I've often thought that if you want to reduce emissions, there is a great big saving to be had by turning the street lights off. I did realise though that the reason why they didn't turn them off is because when the crime rate goes up, it'll be blamed on the lack of light.
  5. For all the Euro zones problems, sterling has fallen against the Euro, and so has the dollar. Inflation is lower in the euro zone, and the ECB has recently put rates up. So maybe Trichet's statement that they have problems but not too big, is quite correct. I'm not standing for any Trichet bashing after that rate rise. In fact, Hurrah for Trichet!
  6. Well, yeah, and they even tell you they are doing it. They say "the economy is too weak at the moment, there won't be any interest rates rises, but the good news is, inflation will fall back to target by itself".
  7. That sounds about right. But what happens after that? Serious hiking and a decent crash or low rates and high inflation?
  8. Can the BofE not get itself in a situation where after having ignored inflation, this starts causing problems they can't ignore. Then they decide they need to raise rates, raising rates a bit doesn't seem to work, they hike again. I notice the pound keeps on sliding against the euro. Not much, but the trend is definitely down. Euro base rate raised recently. I feel sometimes that they will be able to keep rates down low for ages. I think this because they somehow are managing to get away with it with CPI at 4.5 percent and they keep on banging on about this inflation being temporary. On the other hand, our pound is still low, IMF saying low base rates unsustainable etc etc. If we ever get to the stage where the government and BofE say screw the over indebted, our economy is going down the toilet and we have chunky rate rises, you will have to factor in some big house price falls into those equations. Fingers crossed!
  9. So basically we get low interest rates to support the housing market, unless something "blows up". Terrific.
  10. Let's hope they sell then! There seems to be a ratchet mechanism with house prices. It doesn't matter if your house doubles in value in five years, whatever you could have potentially got at the top of the market is what it's 'worth'.
  11. It's quite interesting having high inflation and low wage rises. If you look at what you actually need from the basket, i.e. the highly inflationary items, they are the ones you need. So inflation is over 4.5 percent on nescessities and yet wages aren't rising. What happens next? Is it the long awaited deflation, or is it wage rises?
  12. They do indeed. But don't tell the bank of England that. When Sentance left, I had the feeling that a dove would be recruited for the position and lo and behold, we have Posen who makes Blanchflower look like a hawk.
  13. Yeah, they've got to fall. There isn't that much selling. I guess there aren't that many qualified buyers to buy.
  14. Sorry, But aren't there a group of people called "developers" that take a decent four bed house, chop it into two flats and then try and sell them both separately for as near as they can to the price of the house in the first place? And don't house building companies, because of the cost of land, try and squeeze as many small units as they can onto a site? 4 bed houses round here are like hens teeth.
  15. Christ. I'm thirty eight in three months time! I don't really want to go on 'Carousel' !!!
  16. I've been trawling through my 'area' again on Rightmove. Lots of kite flyers out there. So many of the properties now have reductions it's not funny. (Ok it is funny). I quite like the amount of houses that have twenty or thirty thousand knocked off them in the first two weeks. What? No viewers? Shit, let's knock twenty grand off.
  17. Yeah, but all the bad news, inflation being high, repos are on the rise is with the base rate at 0.5. They've slammed the base rate down to historical lows, it's allowed the housing market to rally, and now it looks like the cure is going to kill us. With sterling going down again against a basket of currencies, I think we're in for a period in time where they have to start hiking rates up and fast, because they realise they have to defend the pound.
  18. It's very slow isn't it? We need some rate rises for some full on HPC action.
  19. Why do people reckon London prices have managed to defy gravity for so long? I'm sure it's not 'overseas buyers'. There doesn't seem to be many forced sales. Most people seem to be able to become accidental landlords or something. I wish this austerity would start to kick in.
  20. P.S. There wouldn't be any on here arguing that Slum Lords should be allowed to rip renters off whilst renter saves his/ her deposit and waits for the 'crash'/ bottom.
  21. That sounds wrong on all levels. If you rip people off, you change your trading name and rip another bunch of people off. You shouldn't be able to rip people off in the first place.
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