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  1. If I could persuade the wife, it wouldn't be EU. It'd be California. Could buy a house at getting close to the bottom of the bubble. You got a hell of a lot more for your money there before the crash anyway.
  2. I can't believe what they spend taxpayers money on in this country. I like football. But if I didn't, and I lived in Oldham, paying tax to keep a professional football team going would make me cross. Not nearly as cross as the government paying householders interest on their 'investment', but quite cross nonetheless.
  3. Yes but if they privatise it, we'll have to waste money paying whoever owns it their 'profit'. And from what we have seen in other privatised entities, that can be rather large. Government should strive to run these places well. Privatisation of Water, Health Care etc, is a joke.
  4. Don't tell that one to the Wilsons. They just wouldn't get it!
  5. Bulldozing houses to keep prices up, err stop them falling as much. W*nkers.
  6. Just been trawling Rightmove again. Hurry up base rate raise is all I can say.
  7. I think the thing is Cable spotted all the problems, and wouldn't have allowed them to happen. Now he is in government, sorting out the problem is what he thinks he should do. Only us on here want to see a full scale housing crash. It would be 'fair', but politicians don't care about that. No politician wants homeowners repossessed on mass, the savers will have to suffer. Printy printy and low interest rates. I'd love to have them flogged. Cable now included.
  8. Isn't that why Barrak Obama is telling people the debt extension is very important and he's doing all he can to get it passed? It will be the Republicans not voting for it. They're going to say his idea of compromise was pitiful if they don't back it. Be funny if they didn't.
  9. Can't they just pay the money from tax receipts and stiff the government employees who like to be paid?
  10. Paying interest on your debt isn't raising the amount you owe, in fact, they would be obliged to make interest payments, otherwise the unpaid interest would accumulated and the debt would be raised over the limit.
  11. It won't be a default. If they don't raise the ceiling, then they don't borrow any more money, and they can't pay wages, keep infrastructure going. Could get interesting if those wanting cuts dig their heels in and play hard ball.
  12. So what's going on with prices then? I have read the last three pages, and it seems to be all about two bedroom flats for 550K? I've been normally looking at East Dulwich. Starting to wonder whether we should really buy in a different area. I looked at Kingston and within .5 of a mile and got back some houses around Norbiton, New Malden. One thing I noted, was the rubbish properties that were on for 200-300 K all had tons of property bee reductions. That doesn't make them cheap. But it did make me wonder why people selling 350 K properties, don't seem as inclined to reduce as much. What I wanted to know is how are the prices in comparison to 2007? Are these discounts or did it drop 15 percent like here, and then bounce back 10 percent? Anyone got any knowledge on average asking to achieved prices?
  13. If you look at crash bubble crash bubble, surely it should teach you to fill your boots at the bottoms?
  14. Also, how much is the 40 acres of agricultural land worth? And is it worth more than up North, because rich Surreyites want some land to ride their horses around, or is it still cheapish? I thought agricultural land went for 60K an acre. That'd make the land worth 2.4 million. What's wrong with my figures?
  15. So what's going to happen in a partial default? 37 Billion was going to be sucked up by banks. So does that mean banks will now make 37 billion pounds less, and so that's some pensions in England and France worth a bit less?
  16. God knows. That's one thing that makes me realise how insane the bubble is. So many people just couldn't afford to buy at todays prices.
  17. Grow your own food. What a dumbass suggestion. To counteract rising food prices, grow your own vegetables. Still means it's going to cost you more to live, as you have to work at producing food. Why don't they suggest getting another job to cover the extra increase in food prices that your stagnant salary isn't going to cover?
  18. Sorry for "bursting the bubble" but the first graph shows a bubble forming and then popping. The other graph shows a house price crash, and then another bubble and then the start of another crash. So where you have "first sell off" on the first graph, you have Great Crash One.
  19. I'd really like to hear a journalist ask Krusty Allslop something along the lines of ... "So Kirsty, at the start of the financial crisis you were adamant that there was nothing wrong with the housing market, do you feel like you were wrong after 4 years of a stagnant market and not much selling?" As for David Smith, what a numpty.
  20. How do they manage to sell any as investments, when it seems obvious that you won't be able to tenant it? Capital appreaciation? That would really tullip-esque.
  21. So are these houses really going to be built? If you can buy agricultural land and turn it into housing, you'd make a fortune.
  22. Prices bubbled. They bubbled in London too, therefore they will slide there as well. If prices are falling in the home counties, it will eventually filter through to London, as Londoners buy places in the home counties because they're cheaper. All we need is some rate rises and everywhere will be toast.
  23. If there is a debt Jubilee, what does that mean? The value of everybodies pension gets halved?
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