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  1. If inflation starts to get embedded (our debts start inflating away), and we still have a low base rate, won't we have a run on the pound? Government not able to borrow. If they print more money for borrowing, no one will be able to buy petrol, as no one will want our paper? This inflating our debts away sounds great. If it's so easy, why we don't do it all the time?
  2. So what is the market value on this house? Will somebody else pay 560K for it? Are there comparable properties up for sale?
  3. Aren't house prices down 10 percent in the North East, and up a couple of percent YOY in London? And you Northern Monkeys are complaining?
  4. I agree with that. I think we need some more repo's and/or some interest rates rises. Slashing housing benefit would create some mayhem too, but with the government still being able to borrow and seemingly unwilling to take an axe to H.B. that doesn't seem to be an option at present. I wonder whether we will have to wait till the next election before the markets wake up and start punishing us and interest rates have to rise.
  5. We had spring bounce that went on for way too long, then it looked like prices were in for another leg down, but it never really materialised at least for some regions. Some posters believe we don't need interest rate rises for prices to go down. We have inflation and no wages rises. Retail sales down. People's purchasing power going down. But it hasn't seemed to be having much of an effect on repo's which seem to be going down. Rents seem to be rising, BTLer's think it's a buying oportunity. All this with austerity measures and a European debt crisis. Are we going to get back to decent month after month falls again?
  6. Hasn't the rate of net migration gone up? So we now have more than 200K more people than a year ago in this country?
  7. No, I think stagnant would describe them. They're certainly asking more than 2008/09. Having a look on rightmove using property bee there is quite a bit of knocking 20K off, then another twenty, on something that was listed at stupid money in the first place. If you have a large deposit, you aren't being paid much interest and nearly half of what there is is taken by the tax man. If I buy a place and don't take out too much of a mortgage, I can pay a shed load of it off. Certainly more than they're going down in price!
  8. Got word from Land lady today (bitch), rent going up again. Checked rightmove, realised playing hard ball and refusing isn't a wise move. Got home to watch news about London rents going up up and up. During what Swervin Mervin describes as the worst financial crisis ever, London house prices can rally and rents can surge. Is this (surging rents) cos there are now more people claiming housing benefit, and therefore more people with lotsa government cash to afford housing with? Seriously starting to think buying a house might be a good financial decision as have BIG deposit, that isn't gaining any interest. And that interest rates are so low I'd be able to overpay shedloads on the mortgage. A bit annoyed I didn't take advantage of the 2008 'buying opportunity'.
  9. Shelter should be a basic human right. That's a huge deterrant to renting it out.
  10. I agree with the comments about the BofE keeping down interest rates and not worrying about a bit of inflation, it's what King said to Stephanie Flanders. But it does also seem the economy is been hampered by inflation and no wage rises. Worst retail figures for 10 years, etc. This is going to start feeding back as well. If inflation stays high, and our pound starts sliding, won't they get to a point where they will have to hit the 'panic button' and start raising rates and defending our pound?
  11. That comment was great. Not sure if it was real and great bear food, or a good wind up by a HPCer!
  12. Is it? I find that an interesting question. I'm not sure how the last lot 'helped' last time. Was it that the banks actually had some money to lend to people who could actually qualify for a loan, or the banks had some money so they didn't look as insolvent as they otherwise would have done? I don't see how them printing a load more means there can be anymore qualified people for a loan, will banks drop their standards and lend more out? As for it being priced in, the pound dropped quite a lot against the euro when they queased, and now the pound has slowly edged down against the euro. I was thinking that it would drop some more if they quease. I can't see how our Gilts are very expensive at present, when we have the threat of more QE to come. With that threat, how are our gilts seen as a safe haven?
  13. Is this a troll post or what? Things haven't got much cheaper around here, but they're not 33 percent higher.
  14. Doesn't having a debt discharge totally ruin your credit rating? And lot's of people here could do it, but don't?
  15. I thought the Tory's had a "house prices must remain high" mantra, the same as the labour party. The attempt at relaxing the planning laws and upsetting the "don't concrete over the country side brigade" has surprised me a bit. I'm starting to think they could build 300,000 homes this year, and house prices still wouldn't drop much. But it would be nice if they tried
  16. How much does your landlord like you??? You sure she's not coming onto you?! As for the original post, it's quite gobsmacking that BTLers are now 'investing'.
  17. And now we have over target inflation and low GDP growth. Sticking their fingers in the cracks in the dyke has been reasonably successful up until now. Over target inflation and no wage rises means less spending in shops.
  18. If they had done more of it, the pound would have dropped more and 'imported inflation' would be even higher. Which is what will happen if they do another round.
  19. I'm annoyed I listened to the uber bears and didn't buy any in the dip. Doubt the index will see ~4,000 again?
  20. I get bored of seeing "FTSE drops on Bad news" ... excitedly click on it thinking it will have dropped to sub 4800 and it's at ~5100 and then x amount of days later seeing "FTSE drops on Bad news" ... excitedly click on it thinking it will have dropped to sub 4800 and it's at ~5100.
  21. OK. I have savings in a bank. So from a 'HPC told you that things weren't great with the world economy, here's a country about to go bust from too much debt' point of view, Greece defaulting is a bit of a told you so moment. But how will this help UK house prices down? Our gilts are now seen as a safe haven. It seems to me Greece has had big party with our retirees savings. It suppose it will turn off the credit taps even more.
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