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  1. I think it's great that they are staying put. After all that taxpayer cash, it's great that the landlords will have to give them x amount of months free rent before being able to evict them!
  2. My take on it is they don't have restrictive planning laws and rows of houses sitting empty. We have a "Housing shortage" slowing down this crash. You don't have to have people out on the streets to have a housing shortage, just kids living at home who want to move out, but can't because private rents are too high, and loads of people in small accomodation who want something bigger.
  3. I did it for myself in my part of London and it doesn't give you much. Have these been reduced lately?
  4. I think it's funny how there are tight sanctions for countries overspending, and yet there is a permanent bailout mechanism going to be set up. Is this mechanism to deal with problems with currently overindebted nations, as the tight sanctions will stop a repeat of the debt crisis happening again won't it ?
  5. What gets me is that from £2000 to £400 is a massive amount. And you think £400 is measly. Then you realise it's per week not per month and that's still over £1700 a month. Fck me. Does that mean people in cheaper to rent cities like say Manchester(?) will still be able to get a rental much better than "average hard working people"? I was surprised at the number he reckoned were in his kids school who he reckoned were affected by it.
  6. Every time I hear of BTL scum buying more houses to rent out, the more I itch for a rate rise. M*therf*cking Bank of England, fight inflation now!
  7. Just imagine if Krusty predicted that! You know there'll be blood on the floor if she ever predicts flat or god forbid, falls.
  8. So am I reading this right, there are now people who get over the cap who are already in a place and they will soon be limited to only receiving the capped amount?
  9. Farout, decent sized house for sale with garden, in good order (well was) and only asking 375K? Are they nuts???? Some twigs in a vase if attached to the right house in London are worth 375K.
  10. Down but not by much. London, static or maybe down a very small tad (optimism creeping in), everywhere else down a little, or a lot. Be interesting whether a Euro catastrophe causes another 2008 price slide. Credit crunch part two. Though it seems like the banking geniuses at the bank of England will be prepared with a round of Queasing if that occurs.
  11. I want to buy a place in London. I appreciate the fact that parts of the country are going down nicely, but here, prices are staying about the same. The base rate seems to be able to stay at current levels for the foreseeable future. Repossessions are low. I don't believe in rich foreigners buying in outer suburbs of London. But somehow prices stay up. I used to believe that if northern towns had a HPC then people would move back there and buy a place where although wages weren't as high, property would be downright cheap. I don't think this is going to happen if there aren't any jobs up North. House prices aren't too over valued when you look at where the base rate is. The fact that rents are surging during an economic crisis, shows that we have a bit of a housing shortage in the South East. I can see small nominal falls in the future as gravity and realism take their toll. But without loads of repo's or a base rate rise, can't see falls being very big in size. I could be wrong, but I've watched as austerity measures and the like have been introduced, and prices have stayed where they are in the South East. Why is time going to change that? The euro zone and the debt crisis in general keeps on grinding on. But it seems to be keeping the price of debt low, at least to our mortgage borrowers.
  12. How so? Government is doing everything they can to avoid nominal crash. And in some parts of the country seem to be succeeding.
  13. Wage inflation in at present tiny. Though I have a sad feeling everything you say is right. Do you expect wages to suddenly start inflating? Wouldn't this force interest rate rises and nominal falls?
  14. So foreigners are taking up the reigns of BTLers. Buying property that you won't get much return on. But hey at least they could get capital appreciation and the pound might strengthen.
  15. Yep, looks much better when I look where I can afford! But still not down as I was hoping for.
  16. Anyone with the foresight to see house prices rising with the back drop of austerity measures, mortgage rationing and a global economic crisis is normally called Krusty Allslop. I don't know reporting house prices down 0.2 percent YOY can actually have much meaning when London goes up 5.5 percent and Northern Ireland down shed loads.
  17. Fcking hell. We have this everywhere. Problem, housing shortage, solutions.... anything but build more houses. Does my nut in every time I see it.
  18. And apparently less than 2 percent away from peak. The Mexican standoff not going well for HPCer's. Sort of wish I'd bought in 2008 now. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  19. Where are these people? Are they, living in a purpose built shed in someones back yard, paying a good whack rent for the priviledge. At home with mum and dad. Renting part of a house that a developer chopped into two or three flats and sold to BTL slumlords, when really they wanted to buy a whole house? Or are they generally renting something smaller than they'd like because it's all they can afford? Rents are at high levels, if we had spare capacity in housing then this wouldn't be able to happen. The idea that we need people out on the street to be having a housing crisis is absurd. They have people out on the street sleeping in cars in america, and they have no shortage of housing. They have a glut. Oh and nicely falling prices after the bursting of the credit bubble, whereas we have places with rising prices. And they seem to be all the areas where these silly people believe there to be a housing shortage. Funny that.
  20. I don't see why it's strange. Four years into a financial crisis and house prices are proving stubbornly resilient in some parts of the country. And although I thought a second leg down was imminent after the extended spring bounce, this hasn't proved the case.
  21. House prices in London down a whopping 3 percent over the year.
  22. I always thought your were a cheerleader for house prices starting to fall very soon. With wee Georgie Osborne now talking six years of and gloom and the euro zone crisis getting worse everyday, I can see why the O.P. calls the phoney war over. However, boomers and young people still do see property as a money maker. The base rate is going nowhere. Repo's have been falling. All the props the government have put in place are still there. Do people really think sentiment is going to start a slide? The euro zone crisis affecting mortgage lending in the coming months might get some falls started.
  23. Everybody needs some cheap debt! Where all this money is coming from I don't know. (apart from printy printy). How come the germans don't want to borrow a Trillion so they can prop up Greece and Italy and who would lend it to them?
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