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  1. Hi, I am looking for a high interest rate ISA that isn't a dodgy company lolol. I prefer to get paid my interest on a monthly basis. Does anyone have any suggestions? Which ISA are you using? Also does anyone know how quickly you can withdraw your money from an ISA? Many thanks Humpilina
  2. Hello my housecrash friends In relation to the above exchange, I received today a letter dated 5 July (the court date was 4 July) from the solicitor working on behalf of the bank. The letter says 'we confirm that we have today sent a letter to the Court asking that the possession proceedings in relation to the above property be adjourned generally with liberty to restore.' Does this mean the bank is no longer seeking repossession and I will not be thrown out? If so, I will be running wildly through the streets. Many thanks Humpie
  3. Thank you for such a quick response! That helps me a great deal. -Humps
  4. Hi, It says in my tenancy contract that 'it is agreed that the tenants may give one months and the landlord give two months prior written notice to terminate this agreement PROVIDED that such notice does not expire sooner than six months from the start of the tenancy.' I want to move out exactly six months from the start of my contract, and wonder if this is permitted under this clause? In other words, can I give one months notice at the start of the 5th month of my contract to move out exactly 6 months from its start? Any advice much appreciated. many thanks Humpie
  5. Thanks John, that is a very helpful suggestion. I told the solicitor working on behalf of the bank reposessing that there are tenants living in the flat, and she said she would make a note of it. However, the day after I told her, her company sent to the landlady a witness statement that would be relied upon on the hearing, which contained information about the original mortgage agreement, but made no mention of the fact that tenants were living there. The witness statement was dated the day after I told her this. Does anyone know whether the solicitor is obliged to tell the court that there are tenants living in the flat? If not, is there anyway we can ensure that the court knows (e.g. attending the hearing and blurting it out??? lolol). Given that the landlady has not told her bank that there are tenants living there, I would not reply on her! Just a bit concerned as I figure if the court knows tenants are living there, they might grant us more time to move out. Extremely grateful for any help. Humpie
  6. Many thanks John, that is very helpful. I suspect the bank is not aware that the landlord is renting the flat out as we still get his mail and I seem to remember it saying on the court document something along the lines that the bank is not aware of anyone other than the landlord living there. Am planning to contact the soliciter for the bank and let them know - thanks very much for this advice!!!!!!!!! Do you know how much time they need to give us to move out in the sad case that it comes to the bank repossessing? Am a bit scared of not paying the rent - guess I'm a wimp!
  7. Thanks both for your useful comments. I also got some advice that I would have to leave if the bank possesses the property, but that I could take legal recourse against the landlord for breech of contract. Hopefully it won't come to that! Humpilina
  8. To my fellow housepricecrash participants I have been renting a flat since April of this year, with a minimum tenancy period of 6 months (it says in my contract that the landlord needs to give 2 months notice for us to vacate, though only can do this AFTER the first 6 months). Today a 'claim form for possession of the property' was delivered in the name of our landlord. A bank is claiming possession of the property due to arrears related to the mortgage. A court date is set in July, where it says in the documents received that it will be determined whether the landlord has to leave the property. Does anyone know whether I can be asked to leave the property as the tenant, even though I signed a tenancy contract which at minimum ends this October (i.e. six months from this April when I started)? Many thanks Humpilina
  9. Hi everyone, Is there an amount of time by which the landlord needs to return your deposit? My landlord has not yet viewed the state of the property and 13 days have passed since I've moved out. Also, if the landlord takes money out of my deposit that I do not agree to, can I get the remaining amount right away while I contest the other amount? Thanks for any help.
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