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  1. He's backing down now "I have got a house, and you haven't, na na na ner naaaaaaa! Anyways when we were talking I said house prices would not drop by 20 grand, you go into this national average point scoring mumbo jumbo. All I said was, will my house drop by 20 grand or my parents house. I don't think so! Will there ever be another price crash? No Why? because the bank of England rule interest rates unlike the government did in the 80s and 60s crash's I am not giving you £200 but then again I might so I can help you buy a house, because your not going to get one any other way" I like
  2. I have replied to my friends e-mail with all of the reply's from this thread, and what do you know? he's backed out of the bet he finished off by saying: "Plus have you made any money from property? I know me and richard have! You are like a clown" and "Your getting nothing out of me fat boy, You can talk the talk and walk the walk about property but I don't live at my parents and have the time to study into it. I have my own house to run" further comments HPC'ers????
  3. Sorry, am already in there. He has bet me £200 that Hp's will not drop. so I've put some targets in there, I've bet him, based upon Halifax reports that HP's will drop by £20k within 10 years. Now Halifax is now showing the average property is worth £163,714 take that too 143,714 bit of calculation thats means i'm looking at a 13% drop within 10 years to win myself £200 Who bets I win???
  4. Oh by the way he claimed HP's were still going up based on this article: http://uk.biz.yahoo.com/050411/323/fg2b8.html He didn't even read the bloody thing thoroughly before thrusting this in my face
  5. Have a friend who is a FTBer just bought in Feb, He seems to think I am stupid to continue living at home at 23 and saving £750 per month toward my deposit after HP's drop. My gf is still @ Uni and should graduate with a 2:1 in IT in July and complete her PGCE in spring '06, I'm planning to buy in Summer '07 An e-mail from him: "I am talking about a 20 grand drop or something, if house priced drop like they did in the 80's I will give you £200" "Plus I think you forget the change in law with the stamp duty, This will affect the house market in April as first time buyers are a step closer
  6. This one would do me fine for the summer only £1.6m how much for the same house in the UK? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-378...y&chnl=overseas
  7. Unfortunatley I have no idea about how much they paid for them :angry:
  8. Two identical houses for sale on a half built new estate. I'm guessing the owners of both properties are BTLers First house: £149,950 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-407..._t=buy&chnl=buy Second House: £139, 950 (These Owners want to be out of the market ASAP I think) http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-411..._t=buy&chnl=buy This blatently shows home owners think a HPC is on its way, why else would one owner undercut the other by £10k? Apart from a paved driveway instead of a "Tarmacadam driveway" please explain to me what you get for your extra £10k? - bugger
  9. I'm thinking of setting one up how about: www.youmustbef*ckngmadtobuyahousenow.com sums up the current situation me thinks
  10. Obviously it wasn't a serious question, I was being sarcastic!!! Area is North East of England I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the double page spread. Every House "NEW", "NEW", "NEW", "NEW", "NEW", "NEW", "NEW", "NEW"
  11. Following on from GOONER, I receive a local free newpaper with a section dedicated to homes for sale by estate agents. I received the first one of the new year this thursday. There was a double page spread from one estate agent alone with at least 50 houses for sale that were NEW to the market. YES THATS 50 I couldn't believe the prices, at least 5-10K off from prices in the summer. They're falling over themselves to sell whats going on?
  12. This one really baffles me, A new block of retirement flats have been built an a brand new estate which still has new unsold properties for sale. These retirement flats are for sale at the £100K mark and have been up for sale for about a year now There is a huge sign on the side of the flats sayng "60% Reserved" I beg to differ as the amount of flats without curtains amounts to 45% of the flats in this block Whats that suppopsed to tell potential customers? "We've made a mistake, got the cost of building these flats back and any profit we DO make is a miracle and would be welcomed?"
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