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  1. The areas that I'm looking to buy in have a lot of basement flats... in my search I've come across a lot of them, which is why I ask Thanks for all of the information, you've completely turned me off of them. I guess it's top floor, roof terrace now!
  2. This is all good information, thank you. Yermum - well, I am relatively in my youth, just turned 27 and I still act like a 15 year old boy. Sukuinage - I agree with you, but I am sick of renting and am looking to, in the nicest way possible, benefit from other people's losses. I feel like such a vulture for saying so - but I will be making very cheeky offers and will be hunting out desperate sellers/and am considering buying at auction. Richb - good points...
  3. Agreed with many of the thankful comments here... I'm very grateful for the wealth of knowledge that can be found on this board!
  4. From what I've seen so far - I live in Finsbury Park, north London. The side I live on is considered the better side as it goes into posh(er) yummy mummy granola territory - Crouch End. A new restaurant has opened, the second of a very small chain, on Stroud Green Road. What strikes me is that the independent Greek restaurant that was there beforehand was always empty, went out of business, and all throughout the summer there was advertising in the windows saying that a Thai/Vietnamese restaurant would be opening soon. Over the past week, a new fascia and shop sign has gone up and all of a sudden the space is being taken over by this pancake house chain. Around the corner from me, a small Turkish restaurant has been repo'd by the bailiffs - the second time in 4 months. I get my hair cut by a student at a fancy pants salon in Covent Garden; she assists the more senior stylists and she says that it's been incredibly quiet, even though they are approaching the run up to Christmas where everyone gets their hair done for the holiday season. On a similar note, the lady that does my nails has had very few clients and over the past 5 weeks has had plenty of cancellations, with people saying that they can't afford to have their nails done every 2-4 weeks any more.
  5. Hello everyone, I am Canadian, yet looking to settle in London for the next 5-10 years. In Canada, we don't have this phenomenon of lower ground flats - for renters, there are basement flats, but you would never find a basement apartment for sale as they are built/cut out of a single family home for renters. The only thing that I can think of to compare to our basement apartments, are lower ground flats here. Personally, I don't consider them to be as worthy of a purchase due to the fact that most of them are sunken and the light exposure isn't very good in a lot of the flats that I've seen - but the bonus is the garden that generally accompanies them. I'd be very happy to hear your thoughts and if you have considered buying a lower ground flat... please help the foreigner!
  6. Just told me that "rents in Finsbury Park are going up due to the fact that there are not a lot of houses to buy on the market" - so when I asked him about the various articles written in the press over the past couple of weeks which indicated that rents in central London are going down, he spluttered and said that it didn't apply to this area due to the good transport links blah blah blah... When will these skeezy little bast@rds learn that if they were to tell the truth, their honesty might help them rather than hinder them in terms of developing a good relationship with clients?! Unbelievable.
  7. sami

    Ah lovely! Thanks for the info. I as well live in North London (Stroud Green) and am always keen to hear about the goings-on this side of the river!

  8. sami

    Hello Red, where do you live in North London? I was reading one of your posts and you mentioned that prices were tumbling in your area... thanks :)

  9. Good friend of mine - an estate agent (a nice one, not a wa*ker) - was laid off today. He worked for an agency that sold upscale homes in a wealthy part of London....
  10. Good advice, Teddy. Will definitely consider that.
  11. Just announced on the Beeb... Will try to find a link...
  12. In one of the London crap free papers today there was a short article about rent increases and how homeowners were passing on the increased mortgage costs to tenants...
  13. It's funny, hey?! I live just up the road from the Old Dairy and I was pretty flabbergasted when I saw that. Sure, the building is nice, but it looks like there's no outdoor space and Hanley Road isn't the greatest - and then there's that busy intersection right down the road... Nice one on the link, tinecu.
  14. In N4 - Islington/Finsbury Park area of London, rents are on the up.
  15. Anyone else looking around N4? I'm looking at starter homes between 250 and 350K - and using the great Property Bee app, a good percentage of the homes have had 10-30K knocked off of the original asking price.
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