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  1. Dogbox, the pied piper of Saidia. Wahaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. NURSE............................................... Quick, the screens.
  2. I do know some one who has made good returns from sales in Turkey. Turkey has had its ups and downs and like any market and it takes a shrewd investor to make a return. Bootiful real Bootiful
  3. Thank my father you have arrived labinot to sell us Turkish properties, may I purchase five of your finest. What would we have done if you had not come at this crucial time when Turkish property is in such short supply. The above marketing campaign must have cost a small fortune and taken weeks to prepare, so on behalf of all of us here on housrpricecrash.......... NURSE................... fetch the screens, I've had an accident
  4. 7IV are trying to cover it up so they do it all over again (no smoke ) you cant blame the webmaster for removing the thread if there has been a solicitors letter. I think its time for my medication NURSE...................... fetch the screens
  5. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...howtopic=105028 Well thats charming However I have seen this happen on singingpig and other forums. Its another case of 7IV getting what they want.
  6. Read the thread gavinm42 and stop thinking its all about you. I posted in response to Michael Sands who has a Saidia resort he is trying to flog on this thread, he thinks it's the best investment in Morocco, in my opinion it isn't and I want people to know. If you have invested in Saidia stick with it, you'll make a return eventually.
  7. I've heard dogbox is so embarrassed these days he puts on a false beard and combs his hair differently before he reads this forum. And what happened to Soup?
  8. Yes indeedy, and I think half a dozen of them have changed their minds since then! but if we could only get another three people to invest in Tangier, we could have a proper game of football.
  9. Michael, so what if they pull a rabbit out of a hat regarding time scales, it doesnt matter. Saidia is not the best place to invest in Morocco Who in there right mind is going to invest in such a troubled resort Most people want to invest in Tangier http://www.propertycommunity.com/forum/mor...st-morocco.html "Make money on there property", dont make me laugh, over the last three year prices have gone down on Saidia, its a good job there isnt a world recession or they would carry on dropping WAAAA HAAAAA HAAAA HAAAAAA NURSE--------------- fetch the screens for this one
  10. I remember you Big Loq, and I repeat, Saidia is not the best investment in Morocco.
  11. Saidia is not the best place to invest in Morocco so stop leading people on. If you want to advertise pay for an ad you cheap skate
  12. My mistake about agriculture, but not about LCC which you have not mentioned.
  13. You know if you could get your facts right you'd be dangerous The main employment in Morocco is agriculture not tourism or the civil service. LCC's have increased this year with Ryan air going for Paris to Tangier and UK to Agadir to name but a few. Morocco will take a hit from the credit crunch, but nothing like you are saying. If you want us to beleive that you are the doom and gloom king you will have to stop talking BolloXs.
  14. You are just trying to flatter me now aren't you,------ you smooth talking Ba$ard. That's why I'm bored.
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