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  1. I want to be able to afford a place of shelter for my family that reflects the hard work that I do every day and the wage that I bring home so that my wife could choose not to work while she brings up our kids. Is that too much?
  2. I know, I remember all the good feeling at the beginning of the Blair years, can't believe the contrast with the general mood at the end of the regime! What a balls up on so many levels- not at all easy these days for those who work hard and don't bring home 100k.- ah well still got me 'elf
  3. South east actually, quite like it south of the river on the whole... don't actually wok in the city though so thinking of moving south west ish for better transport to the West End- Oh by the way another viewing today- was out so don't know what the response was.I'll let you know how it all pans out
  4. And you should see what that gets you!- Of course I spllt it 50/50 with the Mrs but still it's higher than it's ever been- If no one can buy they have to rent and with increased rental demand prices go up...we're at record levels atm and I can't see them going down any time soon. This is the problem with earning around 'average wages' in London- you don't get near to an 'average standard of living'. Of course our standard of living is pretty high by world standards- but still.
  5. Oh I do need to say more- I don't have any connection, Family/Friends living anywhere near Hearts- nice try- still doesn't add up.
  6. And the season ticket on the train? circa £3000 per year? So that's 850pcm x12 = £10,200 + 2x£3000 travel = 16,200 1,300pcm x 12 = 15,600 Need I say more?
  7. Thanks for all the helpful replies-to be honest that wasn't really why I posted in the first place! I can figure most of this out for myself and will certainly find a suitable place to live with a little bit of effort and compromise- I think my OP might have had too much exposition (just trying to give some back ground info)- The main point was to show you that my LL was SCARED and the EA agreed in front of said LL and in front of me that things were 'really tough'- It's a good sign no? None of the false optimism-houses only ever go up BS... just a frazzled looking EA agreeing that it al looked a bit s^^t out there.
  8. Yeah- know what you mean- thing is all my family and friends ie: support network for the kid and people I want to be around are either in London or SE (which is just as expensive). both me an Mrs RH also expect our wages to increase the next 10 years in our current professions- working for 'Tesco or someone' might not have the same prospects. However, it is a fair point and well worth considering properly. RH
  9. Actually.... rater Verb, intransitive (a) to misfire; (fig) to backfire, misfire gain Noun, masculine (a) earnings, worker's wages, wage; ~s company profits; gambler's winnings fin Adjective (a) thin layer, paper, material fin Noun, feminine (a) end; The form hates could be: • (as hâtes) from the subjunctive of the verb hâter • (as hâtes) from the present tense of the verb hâter • (as hâtés) the past participle of the verb hâter The form gages could be: • (as gagés) the past participle of the verb gager • from the present tense of the verb gager • from the subjunctive of the verb gager Don't think they have accented letters in scrabble- even international scrabble Sorry, bit of time on my hands today! RH
  10. Nice- didn't think of that. It's not in the same bank- (they only check the current account) but that is a good idea- will look into it if I can. I might also be able to get my Dad to be a guarantor but quite frankly it feels a bit crap to have to do that as I like to be able to stand on my own two feet!! RH
  11. Hi all, It's been years since I've posted here- I've been lurking a bit to keep up with the HPC news, and to reinforce the notion in my own head that there will be a crash or at least a healthy reduction in prices...it's hard sometimes being a house price bear (as I'm sure you all know) especially when most of your peers bought in the last 5 years and quite reasonably (?) look for anything to reinforce the notion in their heads that prices will not fall...it's only natural I guess, but sooo frustrating. Any way, I'm going through something that might be of interest to the forum- (Mods: move to 'anecdotals' in due course). Currently living in a 1 bed rental in a not too salubrious part of London- but less than 10mins to the city by overground. Flat's nice- Mrs is preggers though so we were thinking of moving to a bigger place (gotta love the flexibility of renting!)- but before I could ring the Landlord (nice bloke- always reliable) he rang me and gave us two months notice because he's selling up (fairly out of the blue)- so I ask him... out of interest, what he's putting it on the market for... £250,000-... 'Interesting' I say...'he'll have trouble' I thought First, he offered it to me off the market- fair enough- but in truth we couldn't/ wouldn't have got a mortgage for it-(and although i didn't mention it I wouldn't buy anything atm anyway). I have maybe 15- 20K for a deposit which is not nearly enough when taking into account all the other costs of buying and our household income is ?only? 55,000K so we'd have to borrow over 4.5 salary. All that for a 1 bed in a shitty place that we wouldn't want to bring up a kid. Meanwhile, we start looking for a two bed to rent and f%^k me it's expensive out there!! £1200pcm and upward (and that's for a tiny place with an 'open plan' kitchen/living room-or as I like to call it 'a sofa in the kitchen'... or shitty ex council/ student digs in New Cross or something).,. So we go for a £1300pcm one which was slightly more acceptable... We then have to get the whole Maras credit check thing done... It turns out that they look for you to be earning at least 4x the yearly rent (or in other words, the rent should be only 25% of your income)- in this case they would look for us to be earning 62,000 pa. Oh! With a household income of 55k we can't 'afford' to rent at anything above 1145pcm!- so looks like we'll be looking further out of town for lower rent and paying a higher cost of travel (over all about the same monthly outgoings anyway and a lower standard of living with more time spent on a train!) So a month went by and there have been all of two viewings on the place we're in at the mo- and I'm guessing no interest because the LL came round the other day with a new estate agent. We get chatting and I tell him about the crazy rent- (we had a pretty good deal with him). I say 'bl00dy hell, it's too expensive to buy, too expensive to rent- it's crazy out there'... LL says 'I know- actually we're thinking of selling our other place as well- (he lives with his Mrs in Zone 1) we're pretty scared about this market at the moment. EA says- 'Yes it's really tough out there..we are selling some but it's taking a really long time' Then to the LL- 'I think we should step out side and have a chat'. (probably gonna tell him to drop the price if he had any sense). So there you go- too expensive to rent- too expensive to buy for a young (ish) couple on average wages having a kid and working in London- somethings gotta give! RH
  12. Long time no post! But this is my worry atm. I sold pounds for Euros at about 1.12 (bit late I know!) I'm getting married in France in September and I panicked about the cost skyrocketing in front of my eyes. All I could see then was disaster for the Pound...Now I look and we're back up to where we were when I changed up!! It's crunch time for me... do I jump back into Pounds today making a small loss on the deal and be rid of my Euros whilst we go back up to 1.2 or higher or hang on for a better rate? All I can feel now is Euro disaster, is there any strength left in the Euro at all? Damn I've got bad timing!
  13. ______________________ * 3rd place is wonderful and I hope we beat the Soviets--they are 2 golds behind us. Yeah..Who are the Soviets?
  14. There seems to be some rather uninformed views here on the African continent and the vastly complicated reasons for the problems it has. Recommended reading The State of Africa: A History of Fifty Years of Independence (Hardcover) http://www.amazon.co.uk/State-Africa-Histo...e/dp/0743232216
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