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  1. Isn't AD in America at the moment? ... if so GB could be speaking the truth
  2. Oh dear... did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed today? Good for deadman, his gains are real, the flipping bulls over the years have been endlessly boasting about their paper gains. I wonder how many of them actually realised there supposed wealth? (This is a rhetorical question... I ain't bleeding interested if any Bulls did)
  3. I'm sensing that some people here are disappointed by this months figure. Are we as impatient as the sheeple who took out huge loans to buy stuff, because saving was too boring and they wanted/needed instant gratification? It's 13% down in a year... we should be celebrating.
  4. People were asking for trouble keeping their savings in an Icelandic bank, my savings are secured safetly in the First Bank of Nigeria.
  5. Doing the math £143m/32k = £4468. I obviously don't understand how this works, because no way can the average loan be £4k. Can someone set me right please?
  6. I suppose another 20 house sales might bump the Sept figures up a few quid
  7. BBC quoting total mortgage lending of £143m, only 5% of July.... huh???
  8. I don't see a problem here. The banks had/have no idea how MBS, CDS, etc worked, but they bought into them; so why should the banks worry about the bailout, and whether it will work or not? I think we're over analysing things, we should keep things simple and stop letting the facts get in the way of an opportunity to make some money ... it's all about confidence
  9. Thanks, but I can afford my own sofa as I don't have a mortgage for 5x my income. Plus I think the booming economy just went BOOM, along with house prices.
  10. Quite right, as a cash buyer I should be able to get a bargain, I have £1.50 in loose change down the back of the sofa ; or should go I stretch myself to £2 and buy something foreign, e.g. America?
  11. Apparently he thinks the answer to the credit crisis is to lend even more money??
  12. Out of interest, at what point will trading in HBOS shares be suspended, and who makes the decision?
  13. TEXT-S&P cuts HBOS plc to 'A+' from 'AA-' Any ideas on the effect of this announcement?
  14. BBC reporting 57% fall in HBOS shares... dam this 15 min delay on Google
  15. This is looking like a repeat of yesterday; mid morning the price drops through the floor, then a rebound at midday. At least someone is making money out of this mess. link
  16. Thanks for the explanation. Although it'll take a while for me to get my head around this??
  17. Probably a dumb question, but 325 what? £, $, Yen, %? K, M, Bn?
  18. Markets expecting 4.5-4.6%.. More bad news
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