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  1. I admit I have't read all 10 pages of this thread, but I've seen enough posts from people saying that it's upto the individual whether they work 48 hrs +, that the EU is destroying our right to work more is wrong. Franky I disagree; the employer fully knew that when they employeed you for the job there wasn't a hope in hell you could carry out your duties without going over 48 hrs, that you would rely upon the overtime to make ends meet. This is what in part made the housing boom... people expected the wage of someone working 1.5 times the hrs of one person. The EU have done us a favour by saying enough, is enough, and stopping this exploitation of people. That house prices, etc, should be inline with someone working for a days worth of work, not a day and a half.
  2. I know that we ALL fail, I've been reading the numerous threads from bears who have been redundent recently. I'm sure many more us will be posting into these threads in the coming months. As a nation I rather we accepted our past mistakes, and got on with rebuilding an economy based upon real wealth creation. Our service based economy was hiding the true reason for the decade long rise in GDP, debt.
  3. err... our economy was built on a debt driven consumer binge. People who would borrow more, can't, and those that can borrow, won't. When Brown fails, this country has to relearn how to make things the rest of the world wants to buy. It's going to be drawn out and very painful.
  4. The most offensive ad's on HPC are the one's extolling investing in BTL. Chubby chops, being an anti-social ***** (it's as if they know me), and dating Sarah Beeny (she must be hard up?) are lame in comparison *I guess using the word '*****' is ok, if it's in the ad's they display here.
  5. I liked GavLaw's response... simple, to the point, and accurate. Being able to sum something up so succinctly in only a few words is a sign of education.
  6. You should take up reading tea-leaves; that's one heck of an analysis of a single sentence. Try this ... The AST agreement means no one wants to raise a family in rented accommodation, especially if it's owned by an amateur playing at being a landlord. ( We know, as we've raised a family in rented property for the past 6 years, and we didn't/wouldn't go near a property that was owned by an amateur, it's far to risky) To all you budding property millionaires out there; please, please, please, go out tomorrow and buy a house. The quicker we cleanse this island of numpties who believe the rubbish put out by Inside Trackers, or whatever the muppets were called, the better. As for the OP's original figures: 1. £1,500 p/m rental income on a £200k house makes my sides hurt. What do you think the average wage is going to be after this Depression is over, £60K p.a.? 2. Capital growth of 20k over 5 years, 2% p.a., with no account of inflation. 3. No voids??? 4. No fees associated with the purchase or disposal of the property. ... 55. Talk of leveraged investments, when the world has imploded because of leveraged investments... Madness; BTL is a get rich scheme where the only people who benefit are the builders who can build and sell substandard houses/ flats to people who aren't going to live in them, and the shylocks who sell BTL to numpties as an investment vehicle.
  7. You seem like a wise individual... would you like to buy a Tulip from me?
  8. So what if they are, what's your point? They deserved to be conned, deserved no protection...
  9. A normal one. The guide and reserve price are different. Generally the guide price is set low in order to lure buyers to auctions with the prospect of buying a bargain. If the reserve and guide price were one and the same, then it would be easy for people to collude and purchase stuff at auctions for the minimum amount.
  10. Ok it's small and pink, and a garage would be handy for the little red car, but the biggest problem is the 'bunker' right next to it. Demolish that and it might be worth a look. edit: I just noticed that you can get a double bed into it as well
  11. very true... so it would be worth a lot less then, which puts the price back to 1880 +/- 20 years.
  12. Anyone know what happened to the back of this house?
  13. Yep, been there, saw it, got the T-Shirt My point is more about the VI's who compare peak to trough prices of other investments when making the case for property as an alternative to pensions etc.... They usually do comparisons over a 10 year period, e.g. the value of tech stocks from 1998 to now. Here is an example of, and there many more, of property not gaining in value over a 20 year period. Great investment... not
  14. I thought this was worthy of it's own topic as I keep hearing BTL, VI's etc talking about being 'it' for the longterm, and making references to the lack of gains to be made from stocks, shares and other more conventional investments over the last 10 years. In the late 1980's when I was living in Newport this property would have sold for about £57,000. So if you bought this property 20 years ago you wouldn't have made a penny. There are plenty of other examples in Tommyboy's auction thread that have also dropped back to late 80's prices. If you don't believe me, check out the graph on the frontpage.
  15. This one made me think; in 1988 I was living in Newport, just down the road from Cardiff, £57000 is about the price that it would have sold for in the 80's boom.. HPC hasn't fallen to 2000, 2001 etc prices, it crashed to prices from the last century
  16. In 2007 flats in this road were selling for 353,000 to 900,000, Houses were 900,000. This is about a 60% fall in price from 2007
  17. It's not surprising that this one is vacant and unsellable, there's a great big electricity pylon in the back garden.
  18. No105 sold in 2004 for £97,000, possibly the neighbours My apologise, I was wrong in my earlier post about this being a 'bit of a bloodbath', it's a big feck off bloodbath with wings on.
  19. No 82 went for £90,000 in 2005, this may be next door?
  20. It's turning into bit of a bloodbath... BTL, an absolutely brilliant idea
  21. This is probably a stupid statement to make, but who cares? What exactly do they have to lend to each other? Does it matter what rate LIBOR, BOE base rates, etc. are if there's only £10.50 in the system to lend to borrowers?
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